How to Detect Fixed Matches

Are you looking to win millions on sports betting and trying to discover how to detect fixed matches? If you are, let’s proceed because I will reveal the best and easiest methods of detecting fixed matches.

With several millions and billions of dollars flying around each year and accusations of match-fixing prevalent, punters often lose out to bookies. Match-fixing has existed since the dawn of sports, although it is not nearly as prevalent or as simple to detect as it formerly was.


What is match-fixing?

Fixed matches are competitions or games in which players must play to a preset outcome or final score. It is usually done to compromise the integrity of a game, whereby one sports team is favoured over another for one reason or the other, especially for monetary purposes. There are various possible reasons for matches to be rigged, but nearly all of them include sports betting.

If you go back over the history of sports, you will come across several extremely renowned and contentious match-fixing stories. Today, most fixed matches include tennis, basketball, soccer, or football, as it is known in most nations worldwide. Apart from learning how to detect fixed matches, you can also learn how to hack bank accounts in Nigeria.


How to Detect Fixed Matches

There are varieties of ways to know how to detect fixed matches. If you are used to watching sports, you would have come across situations whereby you will wonder what your team is playing.

Meanwhile, while most smart individuals can detect fixed matches easily, some professional companies have been given the responsibility of discovering matches that have been fixed. This is one proven method on how to detect fixed matches.

Before and while a fixed match is ongoing, there are a couple of red flags you can look out for to determine if a sports match is fixed or not. They include:


Line ups

The initial red light that determines if a match is fixed or not is dependent on their line ups. If one side rests its most important players for no apparent reason during a critical match, there is cause to be concerned. A fixed match is one in which one side fields their weakest players in order for the other team to score easily.


Players’ speed

Another way to know how to detect fixed matches is based on the player’s speed. Certain players are instinctively quick and aggressive. If they are not as aggressive as they used to be on a particular match day, there are strong indicators of a fixed match.

Normally, the most deadly players are informed if teams want to manipulate matches. They are directed as to what to do and when to do it. So, if you notice they are not performing or showing any form of desire as they used to, it means an offer has been made to fix the match.


Keep an eye on the goalkeeper’s, defenders, and officials’ body language

The amount of goals scored by a team is determined by three important individuals: the defenders, the goalie, and the referee. Before the match is set, these three people are summoned to a meeting to discuss the result.

When a goalkeeper’s integrity is questioned, he will allow as many goals as possible to enter the net. Furthermore, defenders may commit penalties, become slow, or make major errors, allowing their opponents to score when they are bribed. When the rules do not require it, a referee will impose a penalty or a dangerous free-kick for a particular team to score.


Scoring Time

In fixed matches, goals are scored shortly after the game begins and towards the conclusion. If things do not go according to plan, the referee will prolong the additional time to give a penalty as stipulated.

Usually, goals are not scored in the initial few seconds, but this may be manipulated for the advantage of the betting business. Additionally, if a player in the arrangement receives the ball, he is free to score at will, and this is another way to know how to detect fixed matches.


A weak team posing a threat

Prior to the game, one side had 24 odds of winning, while the other had an odd of 1.1; nevertheless, as the play begins, it becomes clear that the team with the higher odd is winning.

As if it was not enough, they score five goals against a superior opponent. This becomes clear that the match has been fixed, and the smaller team has been given the free will to win the match.


Listen to what the players say

Listening to what players utter is another way on how to detect fixed matches. Most players often provide hints on match-fixing without being aware, but we often do not listen to notice it. So, before starting a match or while the match is ongoing, ensure you are glued to your TV set to hear what the players utter.

By mistake, they may utter that their team is no match for the opposing team, which indicates that they will probably lose the game.


The league is not fully regulated

Fixed matches occur in places with poor regulation of football. Asia and Africa are the regions where fixed matches are prevalent. This is because coaches, players, and officials are not highly compensated and rely on betting to make money.

They may arrange for a weak team to win for both sides to profit from their betting. Although this does not happen in all parts of the world, it is surely a good way to detect fixed matches.


Is Match Fixing Illegal? – How to detect fixed matches

Fixed matches are very unlawful, and they also violate the sport’s and competition’s regulations. Sports have developed into one of the world’s largest entertainment businesses, and scheduled matchups sometimes help keep spectators engaged. Referees and officials sometimes play a significant part in match rigging since they have the power to make specific decisions that influence the result of a game.

The sports betting industry is always on the lookout for unusual behaviour during matches and tournaments. If found guilty, teams, coaches, and players may face a hefty fine or ban.


What are the reasons for match-fixing?

There are many reasons for fixed matches, but the primary motive is to facilitate gambling or monetary benefit for the parties involved. Bookmakers are there to earn money, and knowing the result of a particular match increases their chances of winning a particular bet.

It’s often difficult for those in the gambling business to convince a whole team to participate in their plan. Typically, specific players or coaches will be approached. Individuals may be compensated for their assistance in fixing a match. Usually, fixed matches include soccer since it seems to be one of the simplest sports to influence.



Match-fixing is a highly hazardous and risky industry to be involved in since there can be some fairly severe penalties if you are discovered. Whatever the repercussions, it is a reality that matches are still fixed, and millions of dollars are still being made every week.

In fact, knowing how to detect fixed matches can become a serious business for both individuals and organizations in the sporting world. There is a huge chance of making millions each time you detect a fixed match, which plays out the way you predict it.

On the other hand, being aware of how to detect fixed matches is quite challenging and risky. You may land in serious trouble, especially if you are caught by the authorities or provide a wrong calculation.

With these points made above, the stress of detecting a fixed match has been lessened, and the probability of predicting some games correctly is very high.

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