How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria – Step By Step Guide

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It is no longer a story that the number of Nigerians traveling and those preparing to travel is astonishing. Would you rather sit back instead of helping Nigerians to travel in and out? Regardless, this is not a question demanding an answer from you. I’ve organized this detailed article to show you how to become a travel agent in Nigeria overnight.

How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria

In 2017, Nigerian airports recorded nearly 7 million people departing through the airport. Surprisingly, almost the exact number of travelers arrived at Nigerian airports. This stat is amazing enough to prove to anyone the importance of starting up a travel agency in the country.

There is this thing that makes the travel agency business in Nigeria to be worth a try. This is the fact that it does not necessarily require a large workforce or machines to function effectively. Concerning training, the travel agent training in Nigeria isn’t like a course you study in college. In fact, you can simply work this out by reading online courses and questioning proper places like this blog.

Individual Requirements to Becoming a Successful Travel Agent

Starting up a travel agency requires beyond just the money put into the agency business. There are certain individual traits it requires and these are all surrounded by focus and customer-friendly features. Understand that setting up a travel agency in Nigeria is similar to carrying out several customer services. An example is that you must possess excellent speech qualities. You must also be educated and most importantly, be able to bring yourself down to level up with intending travelers.

Ready for the stress of the first few months? You have to because these are the stages when you have to build yourself for the better good.

I won’t fail to mention that you must keep temperance in check, especially with the staff. Sometimes, things might not go so well that you think it’s down to them. Well, even if it is, be mindful of how you deal with the situation.

Options for Starting Up a Travel Agency

There are two widely known options you can opt into the travel agent business in Nigeria.

  1. Freelance Travel Consultant
  2. International Travel Agent (Licensed with IATA)

Freelance Travel Consultant

This option deals only with local flights within Nigeria. The job is easier when you’re opting for this. Basically, this operating this sort of travel agency allows you to work from home leisurely. You won’t have to worry about things other than connecting with clients and explaining what they ought to know about a tour.

What makes this option easier is when you work as a group. For instance, you might not be able to handle the influx of clients over a period of time. As such, you would require extra hands to help you sort things.

If your budget is low, then this should be your pick. It saves cost and cuts down stress.

Go on to several websites to make researches. Have excellent communication skills and be able to give a potential traveler a good detail of the place he/she intends to fly to. Remember, having a good knowledge of various locations is necessary and this can be achieved with thorough timely researches.

International Travel Agent

As the name implies, this goes beyond Nigeria and is very tasking. You have to register with agencies like IATA for a license. This post does not contain much on how to get travel agent license but we would help you find out from trusted persons.

Going international? Find out the agencies to register with from us. And trust me, you won’t regret any bit of the decision.

How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria in a Short Time

1. Ask Questions

This is the very first step to take concerning how to become a travel agent in Nigeria overnight. To make things even easier, undergoing travel agent training in Nigeria would go a long way. Yes, most of the travel agents in Nigeria that I know in person went through online courses and in-person chats. This helps and still helps them to grow their travel agency business to a greater level.

Wondering where to ask the questions? Think no more because I have suggestions here.

  • Ask us.
  • Hook up with an established travel agent.
  • Find and join travel agent groups and forums.
  • Read online courses and spend a few Naira on eBooks concerning travel agency.

2. Undergo Travel Agency Training in Nigeria

As earlier stated, you don’t have to study for 4 or 5 years to be fully qualified academically. For those whose field of study in colleges do not tally with this career choice, there is no problem. There are options to select from and these include:

  • Serving and learning from an already established agency.
  • Partaking in travel agency programs.
  • Purchasing online courses.

3. Formulate a Realistic Business Plan

After the training, a business plan should follow. In short, a business plan is necessary for every business. It is what sets the business on course to success. It allows you to write down your visions and follow them up for a successful career.

I attempted a travel-related deal some time ago but it collapsed within a short period. What could have been the cause? Of course, the passion was there accompanied by intelligence and such displays how necessary a business plan could be. Get one and save yourself the futuristic whatever that might hinder the flow of the business.

4. Pick a Location and Buy Equipment

There are states in Nigeria with a very low number of travel agents or agencies. The people occupying these states in Nigeria tend to always go to states like Lagos and Abuja. The mindset is that where they currently situate does not have the proper channels for them to inquire from or make traveling possible with.

This is when you need a good location survey to read the possibility of succeeding in such places. The popular locations might be lovely ideas but the competition is high. Anyway, just carry out a simple survey and you should be good to go.

As f0r equipment, you need them whether you wish to operate as a freelance or international agency. However, equipment for freelance will be low cost than that of an entire travel agency establishment.

5. Register Your Agency

How to Become a Travel Agent


What comes to mind is how to get travel agent license in Nigeria. This isn’t something difficult, so you don’t have to panic about any stressful paperwork process.

Now, the agency that comes to mind is IATA. This body is a worldwide body that governs travel activities. To get to them, you must be registered with several other minor bodies and have a certified name. For instance, you have to become a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Company with CAC.

This apart, IATA would require you to meet certain standards beginning from the online services nature, business premises, and few other certifications.

6. Associate with Other Agencies

Associating with several other travel agencies in Nigeria will help to build your authority. I recommend this to anybody who wishes to venture into the travel agency business in Nigeria.

Services Rendered by Travel Agents

Wondering what it is that you’ll do as an agent or agency? Well, there is a lot to do. Here is a rundown of what your duty as a travel agent would be. Be sure to take them seriously because these are what defines the career as a business.

Flight Ticket Sales

As a travel agent, this is the trademark responsibility resting on you and the business. Travel agents can purchase tickets for flights to sell to intending travelers. This, of course, yields profit because the ticket sale does not sell at the same price again. As you can see, making multiple sales means greater yields to the agency.

Do note that your IATA certification is very necessary to obtain the tickets for reselling. To sell out fast, promote the agency and do other minor adverts for popularity.

Event Ticket Sales/Accommodation Booking

Travel agents help to book accommodations for travelers. This is more exciting when you have external links or connections with the people situated in the location for the accommodation. And when the accommodation discussed concerns Nigeria, you know you’re at the top because it will be easier to gather the information needed for the traveler.

Some of the events that pull money in this responsibility are world cup matches, boxing, celebrity shows, and other top events. In fact, events are what mostly yield the pay here.

Tour Travel

For tourists, you’re the last hope. The expectations are that you’ll be able to provide the much-needed information concerning tourism. Also, ticketing to such locations is all up to you. It’s then your duty to ensure that every needed info is set for visiting clients.

Flight Consultations

How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria


Travelers would often inquire from your agency about travels and info is expected. This is especially the case with travelers who are strangers to the location. They are of the belief that you have the answer and yes, you have the answer. Afraid you won’t be able to provide answers? Make researches and everything should be just fine. Also, try your best to hook up with travel agencies away from Nigeria. Trade the info on Nigeria with that of their locations for the sake of clients.

Business Requirements for Travel Agency

There are basic things needed to propel the business to a great height. It’s deemed that one is not aware of how to become a travel agent in Nigeria if he lacks these.

Go through and set a target expense for them.

  • An office space
  • Computers
  • Online presence with an authoritative website
  • Other Office equipment
  • Office Stationeries
  • Landline phones (necessary for bigger ventures)
  • Staff – Hired or permanent
  • Certifications
  • Power source

As earlier stated, register with several agencies. To be aware of the proper agencies to register with, ask questions. IATA registration fees shouldn’t cost a fortune. Just know how to get travel agent license and you’re good. Once again, this page can help you go ahead with the licensing and all.

Average Working Hours

How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria

The estimated working hours are about 12 hours on a daily basis. This means that half of your day averagely dies with this career. You can always exceed this hour on certain days to find out things that will build your business.

Most importantly, make time for yourself and employ quality hands to lessen the burden.

These working hours are so cool that you can involve other activities to help bolster the finance.

How to Boost Your Travel Agency Presence

To complete that knowledge on how to become a travel agent in Nigeria, understand the art of business promotion. Agencies other than travel agencies in Nigeria need to advertise.

I can say certainly that the internet is winning daily. Yes, pick a spot online and stamp an authority. I know of a few sites that started late but are huge competitors today. I wouldn’t lie, but if you have the financial resource, burn it on ads and watch the returns thereafter. Have I talked about owning a website? Please, get one because it’s very important.

There are websites that constantly search for businesses to update on their base. A lot of them are crawling the web and many agencies are reaping the benefits. Find them and upload your company details on sites. It will eventually help clients to contact the business.

Final Thought

It is important to note that before starting up a travel agency in Nigeria, determination comes first. Trust me, passion matters less and we rank it low in this business. Allow your entire self to understand the business and learn from every tiny angle.

About travel agency training in Nigeria, undergo at least a program to help your knowledge. In as much as it’s not a necessity for the business, it is necessary.

Always come back here whenever you have questions for this business.

Here is what this business requires now as the basics to grow. Learn it and apply it wisely in the business.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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