How Learning an ICT Course(Programming Language) Made Me My First Million.

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Several times I have written about lucrative courses that can make you rich in Nigeria, and Information Technology has always topped my list. Just yesterday I got an Email from an excited reader, and I am about to share now. Remember to pursue your passion with dilligence.

“Some few years back I graduated from the university with a degree in Mass Comm. Sincerely I wanted to be a broadcaster or even a presenter at most. I finished serving and did all I could do to make myself stand out in camp. I participated in several things while in camp, and I continued getting recommendations from people.

I thought the recommendations were great, till I finished serving and was faced with the Nigerian job market. At first, I thought it was my CV that was stopping me from getting a job. I did all I could about it, and even employed the services of a CV writer. He did his best, and it actually got me a job.

I started to work as a radio presenter in one of the radio stations in Lagos with a salary that wasn’t enough to buy me a new phone. I came across Nairaland, and enquired what the owner does, I was told he was a programmer, and I decided to learn what he learnt and create my own forum (maybe I might become rich like him).

I started searching for articles on how to become a programmer. I knew I was trying to imitate someone else, but it was just a risk I was willing to take. If I fail, I fail but if I succeed then it is good news. I started out my process by registering in an IT firm based on your recommendation (it was difficult due to financial constraints, but I had to endure). Working during the week, and studying during weekends were hell because no time to rest.

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I concluded my training after 8 weeks, did intensive practical and internship the training school helped me secure. After 6 months of all these, I resigned from my job and secured a job with an ICT firm. My pay was increased greatly, and I immediately upgraded my laptop and bought a new phone (it was actually necessary for my job).

I continued learning and went deeper into App development, and I continued doing what I loved doing. I developed some applications that are currently in use, and I kept developing.

Here comes the good news!! In one of the seminars I attended an event at Eko hotels in Lagos state, I discussed with a man about an idea I had. I never knew he works for a major bank in Nigeria. He gave me his number and asked me to call him.

I went to his office on Tuesday, and we discussed the project. It took a while – proposals upon proposals just to convince them. I made a presentation to their management, and luckily I was accepted after negotiations were reached. I will be deploying the solution in a few months.

The amount is mind-blowing, but I will be working with a team of other experts.

I would have still been working as a presenter in the radio station with lots of fans all over Nigeria on Instagram and Twitter. But I knew I wanted money and not social media fans. This is just an encouragement piece for those who are about to give up. Programming is the main deal, and you should check it out.

If I can do it, YES YOU CAN.

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 Yours sincerely

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programming made me rich

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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