Exposed!!! How to become a yahoo girl

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After writing how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria, I have decided to show how to become a yahoo girl. What if I told you that it is simpler to make money in Yahoo as a girl than as a guy – I know you will doubt me…

You don’t need to think much; when you operate as a yahoo boy, you will want to start looking for cloning apps to change the tone of your voice on phone. You would also want to start using a girl’s picture to pretend that you are a girl. The reason is “why is it so?”


Learn the Formats you need to Cash out Big from Yahoo!!!





This is because it is easier to scam people as a girl than as a boy. There are no different ways to become a yahoo girl aside what I have written in the Yahoo boy post, but trust me to expose more secrets to my fellow hustlers.

At the end of this post, I will make it easy for any girl who reads this post to become a yahoo girl without stress. Make sure you thank me for reading.

How to become a yahoo girl – from novice to expert

As a girl, there are many avenues for you to scam people. You don’t need to suffer like the guys are doing, looking for only white people to scam. Most yahoo girls actually make more money than the yahoo guys. This is because they don’t depend only on white people to make money. They make money just from anyone around.

Yahoo Girl scam format

The yahoo girl has her own scam format that doesn’t affect only white people. I will show you how you can use what you have to get what you don’t have. As a yahoo girl, you can be making about 20k Naira daily if you work very hard. This post isn’t for born-again people, you must be street smart to be able to function very well.

What is the yahoo girl format?

The yahoo girl formats are the tricks that the girl will be using to make money. In this period of social media, you can make so much money for yourself if you know what you are doing. I will list the number of scam formats that my girlfriend used to buy her “iPhone X.” That was how she wasted the money because she would always find a fresh client. See some of the steps below;

Local Dating Scam Format

Every day by day, there are many dating sites coming up for anyone who wants to become a yahoo girl to make money. These dating sites are giving room for boys to be hunting for girls almost all the time. As a result of that, several boys are falling prey to girls who are very sharp online. Let me share a story so that you can understand what I mean by the local dating scam format. It is one of the best scam formats for anyone who wants to become a yahoo girl.

In 2017 I opened an Instagram account (a fake one) and made it so professional. I used my GF’s pictures and edited it well with the Snapchat filter – you couldn’t even recognize her in real life. Then I started looking for whom to play a fast one on. Luckily I saw this man who was very old but was looking for a young girl to sleep with. He sent me a message and we started chatting.

When it was time for the video call, I gave it to my GF; he requested that he wanted her to come down to his state. All she requested was the transport; the next day, she got a 30k alert – we used the money to enjoy ourselves.

There are many other local dating sites to get Magas, and they are;

  • Waplog
  • Badoo
  • Instagram
  • Facebook groups
  • Instamessage
  • Tinder

To get more, please go to play store and search for them. You can also Google search for them to see more dating sites that can be easy for you. There is no need to use Yahoo plus, since you can always make money with this one.

Chat Room Hustle Scam

If you have the mind, then you can consider this other scam format. It is very simple and also secured. In this case, you are dealing with white men directly. Like I said before, this post isn’t for yahoo girls who are doing “Holy-holy”, it is for those who wants to make money.


Steps to start the Chat Room Hustle Scam

  • You must have a laptop with a front camera
  • You will visit Eurochatroom
  • Set-up your profile
  • Start recording video and making money.
A chat room for yahoo girls

This is the sign-up page for the Eurochat room

If you drop a comment, I will show you how it works in details. The viewers there will always tip the girls with the best videos. In a day, you can make up to about $500 if you are serious with this business. Becoming a yahoo girl isn’t a simple job, you must be just so serious.

The Love Dating Scam Format

Now we will enter into the best business of the day – which is the love dating scam format. While it is easier to make it big as a yahoo girl using this format is because you don’t need to hide. You can make it clear to your client that you are a “Young” African girl who is looking for sexual adventures.

You let them know that you can do anything to please them. But when you are saying all these, make sure you avoid the following;

  • Don’t be desperate
  • Use a super beautiful picture
  • Always type in good English

There are some tools that you will use to make sure that you achieve all these. The tools will help you make sure you don’t make mistakes.

Tools for the yahoo dating scam format

Dating site apps

There are several dating sites that will allow you to meet your potential client. You can either download their apps or log onto the website. There are several websites you can meet potential white men who will fall in love with an African girl. Some of the websites are OkCupideharmony, and EliteSingles. It isn’t just limited to this alone, you can also google for more website. But the ones listed above are the ones that I have tried and it worked well for me.


how a Grammarly account will help your yahoo girl business

The layout of a Grammarly account. It will help correct your spelling errors

Having a Grammarly account is very easy; all you need to do is just install it on your phone. The basic aim of a Grammarly account is to help you correct your writing mistakes. It is also the same app I use to edit my write-up, that is why you can barely see mistakes in this write-up.

VPN (AKA Virtual Private Network)

We have some of them like Tunnelbear, anonymous, and others. Since most of these sites don’t allow IPs from Nigeria to access their sites, we use the VPN to change our IP to that from America or Canada. It will help you penetrate any site and chat with your potential clients.

How to Start the Yahoo Dating Scam

You would have to set up your profile to look very beautiful. For a start, you will have to make it clear that you are an African girl.

Look for potential people who might want to chat with you

Be nice to them and respond very intelligently

Always tell them that you are a Nigerian but currently schooling in the US

Remind them that you would be rounding up your studies the same month; that you only came to find true love on the dating site.

If they accept, give them your Facebook ID.

Chat with them but don’t agree to meet with them in the US.

After two weeks, tell them that you’ve gone back to Nigeria but you will still love to meet with them.

If they agree after much discussion and send you money … DELETE THEM AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT CLIENT.

At a point, you will also have to use your own creativity. This will also help you achieve your goal to become a successful yahoo girl.

This was the secret my girlfriend used to make about $10,000 in just 1 month from 3 different men.

If you have questions, don’t drop your number! Just use the comment section to ask the questions and I will respond to all of them.

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If you don’t want us to work together, then don’t send an email. I don’t do Yahoo plus, I do legit hacking of accounts and wire-wire. 


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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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