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Two months to go to the Elections, I had done a lot of work, the party supported me a lot, I had never gotten so much support all my life. My campaign Slogan’s Reviving Mushin, I promised them infrastructure, Support to the women and the girl child, and reducing theft and other vices. Jola was ahead of me because he knew a lot of people that knew people that knew people. I had people like that on my ship, but the Governor debt scandal was staining Jola’s campaign, Alhaji Rauf Rahman was sinking down like the titanic and he didn’t have anything to say. No press secretary to release reports countering others. The people of Mushin lobed me, they loved the fact that I was young, intelligent, and beautiful.

I paid a famous fashion magazine to make me their cover, Tech’s money of course. I looked elegant and the caption ” Beyonce’s Face, Nicki Minaj’s Body, Hillary Clinton’s Brain”. It sold copies like never before. They got it right, I was that beautiful, if not beautiful than Beyonce, and my body abeg,i was Sekxy. My press team had many strategies, I was proving to be hard to beat because of my eloquence in public and also my consistency in my message. Tech and I, attended multiple events, the latest hot couple the bloggers always wanted to write about. Everything was going well,everything.

Tech’s father requested to see us, you guessed right. He wanted us to get married, and we hadn’t even planned for that at all. He wanted the best for his son, and why not a senator? If he only knew, the silver lining he wanted in his son’s life was nothing but a smokescreen. We got to the family house (Mr & Mrs Makanjuola,Tech parents)  located in Victoria Island, His parents were sitting at a shade outside the house, chilling with a pack of juice and fried chicken, they waved at us, prompting us to move to that section. I wondered if it was my house, My mum would make sure the interior of our home be squeaky clean for them, we wouldn’t even dream of meeting outside.

“Ha, So this is the Whitney, I admire the concept of your campaign “. His mum said,not entirely thrilled. I knelt down and greeted her irrespective of her mood and moved to his father and dud the same. He was actually more welcoming.

“So why’d you chose to become senator, what inspired your decision”, His dad asked. I took a deep breath, and started talking like I had memorised everything before I came. By the time I was done, he was smiling, he liked me. I could tell. His mum picked up a newspaper and started reading, pretty much all the time, the conversation was between myself, Tech and his father. His mother only contributing whenever tech calls her attention,but one moment,she spoke up. Tech father had just asked If our relationship was leading to marriage pretty soon, she didn’t even allow me answer before shouting ;

“Haha, Gbolahan, don’t rush this kids, marriage this early, Tech still has a lot to think about”. She said. His father didn’t reply, expecting tech to talk. And he didn’t disappoint.

“Mum, when the time for marriage comes, we’ll come to you, and it wouldn’t be early, I am 28 already “He said, placing his hands on my shoulder. I felt protected from his mother, from then on.

We left his family house later that evening, his father contributing financially to my campaign. Tech maybe felt shy to talk about marriage with me,after the incidence with his mom. I knew i’d say yes, if he asks. It’s better not to rush it though. I have got a campaign to think about.


A Story Written By Jeus…
On one of my visits to mushin to garner some support, I met Jola with his soon to be Wife, Stephanie, doing some campaigning. There had been a terrible riot in mushin at the time, Yoruba and Igbo fighting in market places, it was so terrible, reasons why I came around, reason why Jola was probably campaigning. He and his wife was in a stand addressing the large audience and I was driving by. I decide to stop and try to win people, try to convince them I had the spirit of sportsmanship. I came down from my car and joined the crowd, they lost concentration on Jola’s speech soon as they saw me, I loved it but I told them to concentrate and listen. He was addressing the latest murder on mushin, A little boy was killed and his mother was on the stage, I think he was asking for enhanced security as something he could offer.

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He spotted me, and called me to come join him on stage. I moved to the stage, with my escorts around me, I signalled them they didn’t need to follow me as far as they had done, but maybe they didn’t get the signal. As soon as I got on stage, I hugged Jola and his fiancee, exchanged pleasantries. He handed me the microphone to address the audience. I greeted them and then moved to the woman who lost her child, dropped the microphone and spoke to her. After a few minutes of talking to her, I picked up the microphone and supported Jola’s view for enhanced security, notifying them it had always been part of my campaign. I handed the microphone to Jola, with the audience applauding me. I was about to come down from stage, when Jola said.

“Oh sorry, seems someone wants to ask a question from the crowd, can you give them your attention for a while”. I made a gesture, that meant “Why Not?”, and went forward to collect the microphone, I welcomed the person, asked for his name and told him to ask his question.

“If you really care about security, why don’t you just step down and support Jola’s Edwards, non offence, but months ago, you were just a secretary, you have no experience whatsoever , Thank You “. This had to be a plot from Jola, I sensed it, he put on a shocked face like he was so sorry. I just took the microphone, and went down to the crowd. I went straight to the man, and with the microphone aloud, I explained that even great presidents were once civilians, and inexperienced people sometimes did the best Job, because they’d always want to give their all given that it was their first time, and that at this time of terror, all we need is support, not who qualifies most. I Apologised for the pain the man might be feeling at that moment, and hugged him. I climbed back to the stage amidst applause, gave to microphone to Jola, and moved back to my car. The crowd were coming towards me, I hugged the people I could because they were too much at that moment.

Jola was calling the audience to get back to order, I waved as my car drove off.


My mom and sister April travelled to Lagos as soon as the election drew near, my mom was from enugu while my dad from Lagos. April just graduated from University of Buckingham, Mass communication. She was lucky I got a good job immediately she needed to go to school, sponsoring her was pretty easy. She wasn’t working though, as she wanted to go back for her masters. My mom loved Tech, my sister too, they both had this rapport. She supported us getting married. Tech had told her at the right time, he’d propose after she persuaded him not to waste any time. Jumoke had started work at my office, and she was even the one that told me that the wedding was holding the next Saturday, Sorry, Jola and Stephanie’s wedding.

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On the supposed day, Tech and I went straight to the reception, took some photos on the red carpet, sat for a while, Tech took some drinks and I prompted that we went back home as I wasn’t loving the fanfare, maybe i was jealous, I once dreamt It would me and Jola. Tech moved with me to the car, and as he was about to start the car, someone from my party came out asking if we were about to leave. I replied yes and he said we should wait a bit to take pictures with the couple, to signal the party supported. I told him I would come in soon,that I just needed some time.

Tech noticed my mood and asked “You aren’t happy with the wedding ?”, I didn’t give him any reply, I just frowned and looked away, what he did next was surprising, he whined up our car’s tinted glass and started to kiss me while drawing my versace gown up, he kissed my neck, my forehead and continue kissing me, after a while, he slid his fingers on my Kittycat and started thrusting slowly. I let out a moan, he  was moving his fingers so fast, with his second hands caressing my breasts, he worked this magic for some minutes and then stopped, kissed me on my forehead and told me he loved me and asked if I would love to marry him, he brought out his fingers from my Kittycat, behold there was a diamond ring in his hands.

“Yes, Tech, I would marry you”. We continued kissing.


After Tech Marriage Proposal, His mom started moving close to me,She had no choice than to make me an ally and I played well with her .His father continued to fund my campaign, which was playing out well. Tech decided to open an agency, a modelling agency, which I encouraged because I knew it would be of great use to me in the future. These political old dogs love to move with young girls and those girls will be from my husband’s agency.

I also created a foundation for young kids, sponsored by the party. During the time the foundation opened and before it became popular, we had reached out to about 300 kids in mushin. Jola wasn’t sleeping though, he sponsored sharing of Grinding machines, sewing machines and created a workshop for the women who had no educational qualifications. Our constituency had the greatest competition in the whole of Lagos, Jumoke worked tirelessly, like it was her mission to swear me in. She fed me a lot of information about the Governor’s camp, and so, I knew the happenings in his office. His campaign team were nor skilled enough to mask his flaws and even if they were, it’s seemingly impossible to achieve because his flaws were high profile and it’d be too hard to mask.

Tick, Tock. One month to the elections,  Everything was in place for win if not that Jola Edwards was my competitor. The mock polls had him in first with about  52% of votes, I admired him, his courage, his persistent nature and the “semi god aura” around him. I even didn’t think I would feel bad if he eventually won the seat, because with my amount of work and the nature of Nigeria Democracy standards,i might be offered office as a commissioner in the next government administration. About a week to go, and I got a call from Jola, he wanted us to meet privately at a restaurant in Ikeja. I informed tech, who encouraged that I went at least, I returned his call,and placed a date for the meet.

To Be Continued…


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