House of Lust – Sex Stories Series

I took my gown and dressed up as fast as I could. I located my handbag and went out of the room. I followed the hotel second exit, wanting to be subtle at least for now. I boarded a cab to G.R.A and started researching about Sen. James Oseni and his campaign team. They led a lively campaign, not our dead serious process of campaigning.

I didn’t know what to do at this stage, I would have defected to Sen. Oseni’s party, but I didn’t have any leverage, the fact Alhaji never opened up to me on the debt crisis. I had to get the news out of him and I didn’t know how.

“Some people are following us”. The cab driver had noticed, and he started driving fast so as to make sure he had them out of sight. The other driver was good, very good. The driver of the other car never lost sight of us.

“Stop the car, I want to know who the person patronized,”  I told the cab driver. No one would want to kill me, I hadn’t offended anyone to take it to that level. I came down, the cab driver told me to pay him, as soon as I paid him. He sped off.

I leaned by a pole on the street, and waited for the car to close on me. The car stopped just by me, like the driver in there was patronized by a LovePeddler, you know that view. The car glass whined down.

“Whitney baby, I am back baby,” Tech said. I sighed, relieved that it was just him.

Halima and her two friends came down from the car. My dress was stained, I understood why she would do this though. To prove a point to me, She maybe wanted me to be scared of her. I knew that won’t be possible though, I can’t be scared of Halima, I have stayed with her for two years now, and I knew her in and out, at least.

“You were always meant to be dirty, Birch ” Halima Said, laughing. Her other two friends, fringes I would call them, she only conversed with them whenever she needed help and they always ran like dogs to her in a situation like that. Tope and Jennifer were part of some female cult, I didn’t care to know the name.

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They are not your regular girls though, I wasn’t still scared of them, we were in public and I would fight, at least try to fight them before they hurt me.

“Halima, Don’t act stupid. You are only behaving this way based on the anger accumulated from the other day, I heard your rumors are flying, it would be nice if I was actually banging Tech, but I am not.

She and the other girls laughed. The laughter wasn’t because I looked funny, or from what I said, it was because they felt I insulted them. Did I?

“Halima, make we break this babe head, who she dey follow talk like this ” Tope ranted. Jennifer didn’t talk much, she only acted. Halima signaled Jennifer, and she started walking towards me. The observers started moving backwards. I was in this alone.


She was about to hit me, when another car drove to where they parked. Some guys came down, one of them was Tech. He came with his friends, maybe he got wind of Halima ‘s plan, I thought.

“Hey, Jennifer, leave her alone, Na Halima dey send you message like her 5 year old sister”. Tech said,moving to the scene. Jennifer still didn’t talk, you would take her for a mute person, if you didn’t know her well.

Halima, still shocked, started crying. Why was she crying? She was the one forming bosette now. Tope was pissed that Halima was crying, she told her she was moving, and asked if Halima would like to follow them back or continue crying like a Indian soap opera lead character.

“I love you, tech and I am doing all this for you”. She said before entering the car. They drove as fast as they could from the scene before security personnel would infiltrate.

Tech just saved me, at least. He deserves my audience.

After that incident, I and tech became very close. We hung out regularly at different events as he got tickets through the influence of his dad. I got to know him better, He was a caring person, down to earth, and also He was a top notch hacker. That was why they called him Tech.

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I remember him hacking Unilag systems. We had run out the semester attending events and exams were closing in. I remembered telling tech I wanted time to at least study for the exams, he wouldn’t hear any of it,he said whenever that Time comes, he would surprise me.

Three days into the exams, He called me to come to his house outside campus. I got there with some of my study materials as I knew I would start to reading immediately I got there, He wouldn’t convince me to go out. I met him in his parlour. He had his apple laptop with him, the only time I had seen him with his laptop. He studies Computer Science.

“I don’t know why you hate reading sef, Watch and see how First Class students like me survive “. Tech had a GPA of 4.86, I wondered how he maintained that GPA Till now. He hacked into the university systems to acquire questions. He told me to time him, he’d get it done within 10 minutes. I dropped my study materials, sat next to him and started timing.

I didn’t understand the rubbish he was doing, I just kept listening to the music he was playing in the background. Single Ladies by Beyonce, Funny though, we ladies loved that song until Beyonce got married to Jay Z. I also noticed how furnished his apartment was. He had every expensive electrical appliance, this boy was balling.

Ten minutes in, He hadn’t gotten into the school’s system. He was surprised, still, calm wondering why it was different this time. He Continued trying for 20 minutes more, I took my study materials to his room, at least, if he wasn’t ready to read, I was.

He came into the room later with my examination questions he saved to his laptop. I couldn’t believe it, as I thought he was bluffing earlier , I stood up, and jump on him, Our lips touched. We started kissing.

P.S: We didn’t have S£x that day, I wasn’t dating him yet at that moment, and he promised we would have S£x whenever we started dating, he just wanted me as his friend.

To Be Continued…


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