House of Lust – Sex Stories Series

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It was Alhaji!!

I sent my report yo the relevant press outlets denying that the Governor had anything to do with the debt, trying to point the blame at the Commissioner OF Finance for not planning well. My write-up was so good, the story had started to die down. Nigerians do not care for a solution to a problem, they just want to know who’s at fault.

Alhaji Rauf had called me, telling me I had done a good job, fixing a meeting with me at 9pm that night. I thought, it was time to feed jola from his own plate. I cleared my table, doing a lot of paperwork just to clear my head. Men! They can be so deceitful, only when a woman is so FOOLISH to trust them.  I was foolish, not anymore.

I saw Jola at the end of the day. He was smiling and playing with the other staffs as he usually does when office hours were over. They thought he was their friend who was about to represent them in Senate. Poor Fools, If only they could see beyond the Smokescreen and note that Jola was just using them to campaign.

Our eyes met, he waved at me, telling me to have a nice day. I hissed, “I am going to have a nice night,Fool” I muttered.

I got home, still angry. I went to the kitchen to prepare some meal. I found out I had run out of groceries and I had to buy some, I was famished, I hadn’t eaten all day. I changed from my office wear to a T-Shirt and denim and went out to get some foodstuff.

I stay in  G.R.A, Ikeja. A three bedroom flat provided by Alhaji, at least, the one good thing I saw he insisted on getting me. I had told him that I couldn’t stay alone in a flat with three bedroom. He wouldn’t hear any of it, and he got me that flat, and he said it was part of the perks from getting to know him better.

I stopped at Shoprite, and bought some groceries, noticing there was a guy at the other end who wouldn’t get his eyes off me. I always enjoyed this type of surveillance but it usually leads to nothing. I was too busy, there would be little time to feed in any relationship.

He started to work towards me, He was cute and dressed in a nice suit, real muscular with some black shades on. I didn’t care to look in his direction as he closed up on me, you know this ladies shakara.

“Hello Miss Whitney, Please would you follow me outside , Senator. James Oseni is in the car, he wants a meeting with you”.

See my life, here I was, thinking that a prince charming was coming to ask me out. Psst!!! Must everything in my life be about politics. Meanwhile, I never understood why the gubernatorial candidate for our rival party (Accord Republican Party) would want to see me. I went with the bodyguard after paying for the groceries I had gotten. The only reason I wanted to hear from him is just because I could sense betrayal coming from my camp.

They had a salon car outside, no one would know James Oseni was in the car with the glass tinted. It looked just like “Mr. PRINCE CHARMING” wanted to give me a ride. I went in, saw the senator sitted, playing solitaire on his laptop.  The bodyguard started to drive.

“Good Evening , Whitney, nice meeting you, I am a fan of your press releases, I like your Column in the National,” He said, still playing the game. I nodded, and smiled, not saying a word.

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“Your recent release about the debt crisis, we all know that’s a lie, it’s genius though, the article you wrote, if I was not a Politician, I would have believed the story immediately, You know, you can be a powerful woman, you already have an influence on the audience “

Now, someone was saying what I wanted to hear. I was engrossed in the conversation, trying to get where and what he was driving at. He exited the game, dropped the laptop, and looked at me.

“I don’t want Alhaji Rauf Rahman running for 2nd term, even if he does, I want his campaign ruined. I know you know the truth about the debt scandal, I want you to release the truth, defect to my party, elections just 6months to go.”

I get your thought, another man’s trying to use me to get whatever he wanted. I stressed to him, I wouldn’t betray my party irrespective of if I knew the truth or not, and that he shouldn’t even rely on me considering.  His car stopped at my block, they had been following me all this while. As I was about to alight from the Car. He said to me ” I want you as a Senator in my cabinet, you are not too young, your C.V says you are in your 30’s and you come from the same constituency as Jola Edwards. I want you to run for it, my party will support you, just do as I have asked”.

I came down from his car and they sped off. “What am I going to do”. I thought to myself.

I got inside my apartment, my head filled with thoughts. I started cooking, I just had to eat before I get ulcer. Senator Whitney Saliu-Johnson from Mushin Constituency, WOW, that’d be very nice. In no time, I prepared chicken soup, took a box of juice from the fridge and started eating there in the kitchen.

I put on the TV, and switched to MTV BASE, I didn’t like watching the News, weird, I know right. I just get the supply of Nigerian dailies every morning and I scan them on my way to work. I got a text, it was from Alhaji, he asked that I should get a lingerie before the meeting.

Very Silly, I thought. I wasn’t getting a lingerie because I wanted to bang him, I dint blame him though, Since I said I was tired in his office, he thought the S£x we had weighed me down.  I knew Alhaji’s Wife, Mrs. Dolapo Rahman. She liked my work and we always had a long chat anytime she came by the Governor’s Office. She was very beautiful, I wondered how she was coping with this weakling of a husband, at least, She’s First Lady Of Lagos State, maybe that’s what all Governor’s wives care about.

I napped for awhile, woke up and had a quick shower, changed into a gown. I made sure I locked my place well, I should be expectant of anything now, I stopped a cab and told him my destination. I started thinking about how to play my card.

I got to the hotel exactly 9pm, this was a new hotel, so his one of his bodyguard was waiting outside for me, he took to the room and stood outside. I entered the room, Alhaji was stark Unclad, this had never happened before, he would always take wine and ask me to shower before we got down to exchange of power.

He asked me to pull of my gown, I sized him up, he was rolling on the bed like a baby, his Joystick looking like an over sharpened pencil. He saw I had no lingerie on, he didn’t care, he was already too Hot. He grabbed my hands as I moved towards the bed, turning me upside down and then placed his hand in my head, forcing it to the bed. He immediately inserted his Joystick into my dry Kittycat, there was no pre-intimacy and I couldn’t get wet over the thought of banging him.

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He started thrusting fast, the S£x was painful, very painful. I begged him to take his hands off my head, he wouldn’t listen. He was carried away. I was relieved when he He laid on the bed panting like he just ran a marathon, I laid on the bed feeling like I was just raped. I wasn’t happy, in fact I was angry, he didn’t need to S£x me that way.Anyways, it’s time to make progress,  It’s time to tell him about Jola.

I waited for a while, Just as long for him to take his shower, drink his wine. He laid on the bed again, looking into my eyes, frowning.

“I am sorry If I was rough, sorry” The Governor said. I liked the fact that he apologised at least , but what’s done is done. I told him  not to worry, resting my head on his shoulders, we were in this position for awhile before I spoke out.

“Jola Edwards is planning something against you, he leaked the Debt Crisis news to the press”. I said slowly, feeling I had all of his attention. He took my head off his chest and started to laugh. I didn’t understand what was funny at that moment. He continued laughing, filled his cup of wine and started drinking.

“I told you I would give you a second chance, and yet you are still trying to implicate someone, Jola has told me everything, how you seduced him and told him you wanted me out of office. “

Jola Edwards, I never knew he was as smart as this, I would have planned well, he was very composed and still when he wasn’t around, his shadows were around me. I didn’t even think of myself, I thought of the foolish Governor.

“He also told me you would try to implicate and put everything on him. I couldn’t understand why you wanted me out. I haven’t done anything to offend you, so I called you here to ask you, but you have chosen to expose yourselves “.

“Alhaji, you believe Jola over me. This is unbelievable, the fact you can’t see what’s going on, and you are the Governor of Lagos, Governor my Buttocks”. I replied.

This got him angry, as he slapped me on the face twice, dragged me to the door, threw my gown to me, telling me to get out and also asking me to submit my resignation letter the next morning.

I didn’t cry, didn’t feel bad. He slapped me twice, it’s time to return the favor threefold.!!!!

To Be Continued

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