House of Lust – Sex Stories Series

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By 6pm, I went down curious to know who was going to be arrested, and so  I moved downstairs, leaving tech behind in the bedroom. April was watching some drama on a different channel, I took the remote and changed it to the news channel.

“Na wa o, Must you oppress? , I was watching something before you came in, what kind of Shii is this now?.”

I ignored her rants, because obviously she didn’t matter at the moment, I was waiting to be surprised, the news program had started and the newscaster was just introducing hers when April went to the TV and switched it off. I was so angry, I didn’t even know if I had to go in a fight with her at the moment or tell her she was living in my house, so i decided to do the two.

I moved to her and slapped her in the face, knowing she wouldn’t dare to retaliate, she screamed and then I told her to behave herself while she stay in my house, and when I was almost done making my point, My phone rang,and so I moved away from April who was still in shock that I slapped her for the first time in a long time. The call was from Jumoke, I knew she had news, I just didn’t know if it was about Jola situation or if she knew the person who was responsible through the news.

“Hello, Whitney, Hello, Whitney can you hear me” She said, in quite a haste.

“Jumie,calm down, it’s me, Ki lon shele?”

“Padi mi, they said that Rauf Rahman is the one behind the accident oh, Jola’s accident, I swear go online and read about everything, people sha,so Rauf Rahman was…”

I ended the call at that point, and ran upstairs to use my laptop, I got to the room and met Tech already awake,I just stared at him and kept staring, Tech is a genius, he knows of my encounters with Rauf Rahman, and he doesn’t want him to come back to haunt me, that why he implicated him, this is the real meaning of killing two birds with a stone.

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“You heard the news abi?” Tech asked

“How did you achieve all this?”. I asked.

“I can hack him, his email, everything about him, I just placed a message there, and the rest they say is history, and Jola was having an affair with his wife, I found out from his mail, he was requesting for a divorce, and his wife has disagreed, she’s pleading, she said Jola was a mistake in one of the messages,i fixed everything for you, just for you, now you can do your business without being afraid”

“I love you Tech, but this ,isnt this too much?, you are risking everything for me” I said, surprised that he could go that far for me.

“I love you, Whitney ”

And he didn’t say more that that.


After thanking my supporters and addressing the press, sympathising with the Edward’s family, i set about who to employ on my team, first, I needed someone like Tech to be my Head of Technology and Internet Affairs, Tech said he got me covered there, and then the Head Of Security, I shortlisted Moses Ajayi, one of the leading security experts around, and then Press Secretary and Personal Assistant, Jumoke Olaniran herself.

Moses Ajayi stalled on the request, before accepting my proposal, and once he came in, I briefed him about myself and ensured i was 100% assured of his loyalty. He promised to be loyal and then, that was all I needed to hear. I had put together a strong team that will conquer all other defense in time to come.

I visited Jola sometimes later, he had gotten better but he was still bedridden, he was a shadow of his athletic self,not as good looking as he looked when I first knew him, or even the ladies man he was. He played with a game with me, and I didn’t even lift a finger to retaliate, and still his life was down the drain.

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He asked his wife to leave us in the room, and as soon as she left, he said he knew Tech was behind this,and that he never knew I was a monster, I sighed, and told him

“I know you still have copies of the sextape, now I don’t know if you will ever walk again, but if you do walk,and come to threaten me,i will make sure your wife and the child she is carrying lose their legs,and I am not threatening you, am just saying, good bye sweetheart”

Jola never walked again.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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