House of Lust – Sex Stories Series

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The reporters outside Lagoon Hospital were too much, that discouraged me, I mean I was dressed in a black apparel, I couldn’t be photographed looking that way, Jumoke’s house was not too far from the island, so I drove there to get some clothing. Jumoke has a high sense of fashion, somewhat near my level, we did trivias about designers, new clothing and all. I was even surprised she ain’t even gotten to know yet,i rang her doorbell, and coming out of her room, she screamed, hugged me and started dancing.

“That my pay has to rise oh, you know our senators get paid more than the U .S president ” She said, laughing. 

She was surprised I did not dance with her, or join her conversation, or even laughed back, so she came over, like the Jumoke I had always known, and sat me down, asking me what was wrong.

“Jola had an accident. It’s bad” I said, standing up. Only then did Jumoke realise that I was even in that gown I was wearing, she muttered something and then said we’d better get dressed and go to the hospital. I changed swiftly, she changed as fast as that too  and we took off. The reporters almost mobbed me, my driver came down to help act like a bodyguard. At a time, it was clear for me to make a move, I ran into the hallway. I stopped at the reception,and asked for Jola’s room, and I located it after some time. On reaching, Stephanie and some family members sat in the reception to the room that Jola was admitted. On sighting me, Stephanie stood up and walked towards me, sobbing and she hugged me, and whispered into my ears,

“I pray you really have nothing to do with this, because top notch executives are on this case, and even though he never told me where he went during this period, I know he was meeting with you. “

Stephanie knew about the sextape, but if she had it,she wouldn’t be asking if I had anything to do with the accident,she would be threatening me to tell her the truth, so I relaxed for a while, and assured her I had nothing to do with the accident. I called Tech, he asked why I wasn’t home yet, and I told him I was with Jola, he didn’t seem happy after I said that, and then he hung up. I sat down on a bench, I was uneasy I didn’t want Tech to be arrested, yes, I think Tech did this. It’s not rocket science.

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After a while, I went home to question Tech,leaving Jumoke in the hospital, but on getting home, he was drunk and fast asleep, so I laid on the bed too,not minding if he stinked, and then I cried hard, very hard, wondering what I was becoming and how many more people will die because of me. I cried so hard that I couldn’t cry anymore, and then I slept like a baby.


Tech woke up before me the next morning, I could see because by the time I woke up, he wasn’t by my side. I reckoned he went to the gym downstairs, so I just moved to the kitchen to prepare something, I met April there, already preparing breakfast.

“Good Morning, April, how was your night?”. I asked, moving around the kitchen to check on what we were short on supplies on.

“Very Good, sis, I won’t ask how yours went, u came back early this morning” She replied, trying to get why I didn’t stay to celebrate.

At this point, I found out we had run off a lot of groceries, and that i’d need to get a re-supply, but Tech was the one who pays the bills, and I was practically broke at that moment.

“Jola had an accident this morning, I went in to see him , it’s was very bad” .I replied, now looking directly at her, watching how she concluded about her business in the kitchen with finesse.

“Eeyah, was he drinking? ” She asked

“I am home, what’s for breakfast? “, I could hear Tech shouting in the parlour, so I moved to the parlour, hardly answering April’s questions.

“Tech, am so sorry about last night, so so sorry, thing is Jola got involved in an accident,  it is very bad, Police are all over the case”, I said, moving my eyes trying to tell him to talk to me if he knew something.

“Let’s go upstairs, Whitney”. He replied.

On getting upstairs, He kissed me, said congratulations and continued kissing me. I could get why he was happy, but I needed to know if he knew anything to know my next move in how to cover everything up. So, I stopped, kissed him and then move to the far end of the room, filled a cup with whiskey and gave it to him.

“Tech, Talk”. I asked, with that time of a girl begging for gossip.

“About what?, Whitney. The only thing we should be talking about is your victory and Jola failure in both the senatorial election and the S£x tape” Tech responded

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I didn’t say anything, he moved to take another cup of whiskey, so I held up the drink and poured it to his cup.

“I fixed a meeting with him, after the bastard agreed to take 100 million as ransom, because he knew he was already losing, so he came over and while he was seated l, my tab was hacking his vehicle and then at a point. I opened the door while operating the tab, Am such a Genius , and so after drinking a lot of bottles of whiskey, you know I don’t get drunk easily, I moved to his car, pulled out the brake, leaving him with a brief car filled with his biography from Google, the rest they say is history, I also hacked the CCTV in the bar immediately  to clear all videos . So I am terribly clean, I did this all for you “.

He moved to kiss me, and for once I noticed how dangerous tech was,and I feared him at that moment, swearing that I wouldn’t get in danger with him, and only those who come to offend me will suffer from his hands.

” The police will definitely call us for questioning, it’s inevitable, I was his rival” I said, scared.”

“Don’t worry, the culprit will be caught today, just watch the news at 6 pm”.

He moved me to the bed, pulled my gown, kissed me from my head to my kitty cat, I undressed him, and then he moved into me, thrusting so hard and angry, as if he wanted to kill Jola over again, I moaned louder, still trying to reduce my moans because I knew April was awake. I could not help it though, I was getting banged by Tech…

To Be Continued…


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