House of Lust – Sex Stories Series

A day to the election, I went to a voting centre to watch citizens register, I didn’t cheer them because my people at the management team told me to look Bold but sad, it would score me some sympathy points and if jola was around hailing them, he’d seem a proud person to them. I also ensured there was stomach infrastructure for the women around and then proceeded to register for the voting process that will happen the next day. People were hailing, shouting “Omo Wa, o Ti wole tan “, I smiled and waved at them, shared a kiss with tech, who in turn waved at them.

The next day, it was time for the presidential elections, I went in to vote and left as soon as possible, they started collating a day later and our party led through out, even after the massive rigging done by Rauf Rahman’s party. We still led for the next two days of collation, we won at the end leading with about 4 million votes. The next on the agenda, The gubernatorial election, after the break from the presidential election, I and tech went to vote, and that day, I met Jola at the voting centre. He came from his car, he and his wife Stephanie who was pregnant, They moved to our direction and Jola shaked Tech first and then moved towards me, with his wife following his movement. He congratulated me and my party on winning the presidential election, I smiled back at him. I still hadn’t told tech about the sextape so I didn’t like the fact that they were around us at all. Jola did his usual thing and told tech if I had told him about what we discussed the last time I met with him, there in the presence of Stephanie. Tech smiled, and said I told him about it, trying to defend me. Jola smiled, and looked at his wife who in turn smiled, 

“Aren’t they the perfect couple, Stephanie, do you think I can defend you like that” Jola asked his wife.

“You keh, Jola, Shey if you saw my sextape, you wouldn’t have sent me packing since ” She replied, subtly.

I looked at Tech, who was frowning at that moment. I drew his hands for us to move and vote, signalling that I will explain everything to him when we get to the car. He didn’t listen, and took my hands of his, moved towards Jola, putting his hands together as if he was about to punch him, and then he slowed down and said,

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“I would give you a beating of your life, but then I would let you win and that will also let you go off easily, A grown man like you can’t even win without bullying women, I don’t know what sextape you guys are talking about, but this should be the end of it”

He moved back, looked at me and then to Jola’s wife, and shook his head, before telling her,

“I don’t know where ladies like you come from, and how you can be happily married to this bastard, but birds of a feather surely fly together, Happy Married Life”.

Tech took my hands, and started moving to vote, Jola and his wife started laughing, After voting, Tech called my driver to come drive me, he said he wanted to be alone, that he’d come home later in the day .


I called Jola as soon as I got home, to at least get everything off my head, my marriage wasn’t official yet, and it was already dwindling. The cook came around, asking me what I wanted to eat, I told him to make Poundo and Efo soup,     one advantage since tech wasn’t around, we wouldn’t be eating all this his spaghetti, chicken, rice. Jola picked and then apologised for what happened earlier, saying he just wanted to remind me.

“Jola, can’t you just leave me alone, how do you know I would win sef, the election hasn’t started yet”

He sighed, replying, “Whitney, you have everything in place for you, your mum just died, sympathy points won, and then everyone wants the underdog to win, so it’s better I eliminate you now, instead of later”

“Jola, I won’t beg you to not release the sextape but one thing I know is, if you don’t release that sextape, you are a bastard, I don’t care anymore, you have ruined me enough, if you draw this final blow, i’ll make sure I ruin you too and I am not joking here, idiot “. I cut the call, and then proceeded to have dinner.

Tech came in later, he saw me eating and joined me in the dining room, i asked the cook to bring in more food, I was surprised that Tech was eating swallow, I wanted to smile and tease him, but then I noticed how much I had hurt him. After eating, he thanked me and then moved to our room.  He just came out of the  shower, when I entered our room. I moved to him, and started begging. He continued wiping his body, after I saw he wasn’t listening. I started sobbing, this got to him, as he came near me, asking why I didn’t tell him, that he wasn’t angry about the S£x, what he was angry for was that I was keeping it from him. I had no excuse, so I just said sorry and started kissing him around his body, he kissed me too, on my forehead and then on my lips.

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He pushed me to the bed and we started kissing,slowly he dipped his left hand into her thighs rubbing on her clit slowly and gently,I moaned as he grabbed my Bosom  closer and increased the momentum of our kissing. I pushed him back on the bed, and then he started lifting my two legs up,. He slowly inserted his Joystick and pushed deeper into me, i pulled him into me, leaving his chest resting on my soft big Bosom,he then played with my Bosom, sucking on them passionately like never befoee,with my two legs still up,he kept thrusting harder into my wet juicy Kitty-Cat, my body became so warm and uncontrollable .he then stretched my two legs widely apart allowing my Joystick go in deeper, making the S£x more painful.

I moved on top of him and pumped and pumped her as i continued moaning. He dragged me gently from the bed and made me to position herself on both knees slightly bent. Then he entered me from behind, and then the doggie started . I kept my hands on the bed woodwork and pushed back on his chest a the S£x became hotter . I wrapped my hands around his neck he continued thrusting in and out. Thereafter, he inserted his finger and began rubbing my clit at the same ramming into my well.

He cummed after a while, and then we both lay on the bed. He said something before falling asleep,

“I am behind you, no matter what happens”.

To be Continued…



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