How to Hack Gmail Account Password

Sup, hustler? When you know how to hack Gmail account password, carding Amazon, carding, etc. will become easier. You can cash out quickly from any of the scamming formats you use on your client.

how to hack gmail account

To hack a Gmail account password, you require Gmail hacking tools, the email address of your client, and you must have an idea of programming. However, in this article, I am disclosing how you can hack a Gmail account with no programming skills.

Is hacking a Gmail account illegal? Yes, hacking a Gmail account password is illegal. But as a hustler, you must hack a Gmail to access the information in your client’s email. The information in your client’s Gmail account is OTP, security question verification, AT&T – Verizon alert, etc. And you will also gain complete control over the credit card of your client.

I believe you are ready to learn how to hack a Gmail account free. In the sections below, you will learn how to hack Gmail account.

How to Hack Gmail Account Password

In this section, you will learn the various ways to hack Gmail account password. If you do not have a computer, do not worry; I have included guides that Android users will use to hack a Gmail account.

Below are the ways regarding how to hack Gmail account:

  • How to Hack Gmail Account Using Kali Linux
  • How to hack Gmail account with Android phone
  • How to hack Gmail with password manager
  • How to hack Gmail with keylogger
  • How to hack Gmail Using packet sniffer
  • How to hack Gmail Account using 000webhost


How to Hack Gmail Account Using Kali Linux

how to hack gmail with phone

Regarding how to hack Gmail account, the Kali Linux works in two ways, as brute force and phisher. However, I will teach you how to use Kali Linux for the brute force attack to hack the Gmail password of your client.

Below are the tools you require to hack a Gmail password with Kali Linux:


  • Kali Linux
  • PC
  • Password List

To hack Gmail using a brute force attack with Kali Linux Hydra, you require the simple steps below:

Open Kali Linux or Hydra

In this tutorial, I am using Hydra in Kali Linux.

Launch Hydra

To open Hydra in Kali Linux, Open Applications » Start Kali Linux » Click Password Attacks » Select Online Attacks » Hit Hydra.

Download Password List

We have several passwords list online for you to download and you can optionally add your own password to be used for the brute force attack. I advise you to save the password list to the desktop for easy access.

Insert the Code

Open Hydra and add the piece of code below:

hydra –S –l Email –P /root/Desktop/Wordlist.txt –e ns –V –s 465 smtp

Hydra in Kali Linux uses this command for the brute force attack, which can take several minutes to hours depending on the passwords in the password list. If you do not download the password list to desktop, replace /Desktop/ in the piece of code with the directory you downloaded the password list.


How to Hack Gmail Account with Android Phone

how to hack gmail account

To hack a Gmail account password with an Android phone, you need an Android phone, an Android-supported hacking software, and the email address of your client. If your smartphone runs an operating system other than Android, I advise you to get a small Android phone.

If possible, get an older Android version such as Jelly Bean and KitKat. I also recommend an Android phone with at least 1GB of RAM because the software we require to hack a Gmail account uses a lot of resources to run.

Briefly, let me expose how to hack Gmail account password with your Android phone in a few steps. First, let’s look at the requirements.


  • The email address of your client
  • Android phone
  • Termux
  • Password list

hack gmail with html

Now that you know the requirements, let’s delve into the steps to hack Gmail account of your client with Android.

Download Termux App

Surprisingly, Termux is available on Google play store. And you do not have to buy the app from any vendor online. Just type “Termux” in the search bar and click on the first app with a black icon.

Insert Command

After installing the Termux app, launch the app and input the code below:

$ apt update && apt upgrade

$ pkg install git

$ git clone

$ Is

$ cd wbruter

$ ./wbruter gmail


Now, enter the Gmail address of your client, which Termux will perform the brute force attack on.

Download Password List

Go online and download a password list. Just search for a password list and download any of them. Go back to Termux and select the password list file path (where you downloaded the file in your android). Termux should now begin the brute force attack on the Gmail account of your client.

You can download more password lists online in case the current password list does not contain the password of your client.


How to Hack Gmail with Password Manager

Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. each have a password manager that stores the password of your clients. If your client stays in another country, and you can’t have access to his/her phone or computer, then this method to hack Gmail is not for you.

how to hack gmail account password

Your client must be closer, and the client could be your sugar mummy or your sugar daddy from clubs. Of course, it must be that you have to make money from your sugar mummy or sugar daddy.

Before you have access to the Gmail account password of your client, his/her phone or computer must be unlocked. You can merely tell the client “please unlock your phone or PC, I want to view your pictures. Thanks”. After viewing pictures for like 30 seconds, you have to switch to their browser.

Just tell the client that you want to search for a live event online.

Below is how to hack a Gmail account password using password manager in a browser:

Launch the Browser

If you are with your client’s mobile phone, go to the app menu and search for their browser. If you find Chrome on the list, I advise you to use Chrome because most people use Chrome for everything on their phones. If it is Windows first look for Microsoft Edge, but if it is a Mac computer, look for the Safari browser.

Open Password Manager

In this article, I will teach you how to use password manager to hack Gmail using 4 types of browsers. Below are the top browsers we will consider:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Microsoft Edge:

To view the password of your client’s Gmail account in Microsoft edge, below are the steps:

  • Open Microsoft edge
  • Click the three dots at the top-right
  • Scroll down and click Advanced Settings
  • Click Autofill
  • Click Manage Passwords
  • Find Google account and click View Password.


To open password manager in Chrome for your client’s Gmail password, do the following:

  • Launch Chrome
  • Click the three dots
  • Click Settings
  • Click Passwords
  • Scroll down and select Gmail

If the Chrome browser is a new version, it will request a password. You can simply lock the phone or PC of your client and ask him to please tell you the password that you mistakenly locked it.


To open password manager in the Safari browser on Mac, do the following:

  • Open Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Passwords

When you click Passwords, Safari will request a password. Lock the PC or phone and ask your client for their password. Simply tell your client that you mistakenly locked the device. When they tell you the password, use it to open their Gmail account password.


Below are the steps to open password manager on Firefox for the Gmail account password of your client:

  • Open Firefox
  • Click the menu option [≡]
  • Click Logins and Password

From the list of saved passwords, you can search for the Gmail account and click to hack the Gmail account password.


How to Hack Gmail with Keylogger

In this section, I will expose how to hack Gmail using a keylogger. It is a bit complex, but comprehensible if you follow every step correctly.

how to hack gmail account password

Unfortunately, you can’t hack Gmail using a keylogger with an Android phone. So, Android users would have to consider other steps in this guide regarding how to hack Gmail account.

A keylogger is a program that you will install in the computer of your client to record the keystrokes of your client. For instance, whenever your client clicks a particular key on the keyboard of their computer, a keylogger will save the entry.

Some of the keylogger programs to use are NetBull, BlackBox Express, Spyrix, Lola, and Actual Keylogger. Note that during my experiment, I used NetBull.

Below are the steps to hack Gmail account password using keylogger:

Activate the Keylogger

You can download any of the keylogger programs online, but make sure to learn how to use the program you select.

Install and activate the program on the computer of your client and it will start capturing the keystrokes as they enter their Gmail account password.

For a faster result, I advise you to logout of the Gmail account of your client. If you do not logout the Gmail account of your client, the keylogger will not have keystrokes to record. You can logout your client’s Gmail account by clearing browser cache and cookies. Simply go to the settings menu of your client’s browser and clear cache and cookies.

Hack the Password

Some keylogger programs can send keystrokes directly to your email address. But most keyloggers with this are premium. If you can’t get a premium keylogger, you have to manually access the computer of your client for the keystrokes that he used to enter his Gmail account password.

When you access the program, click View Logs or Log Viewer and find the records that refer to the Gmail account password of your client.


How to Hack Gmail Using Packet Sniffer

With the packet sniffer method, you can hack the Gmail account password of your client. The problem with using packet sniffer is that it is a 50/50 method that requires a connection on Http://. Whereas Google Gmail typically uses https:// to connect.

how to hack gmail

Regarding how to hack Gmail account using a packet sniffer, you have to connect to the same wireless network of your client. This method to hack a Gmail is best if you work at a company that deals with the account of business partners. You can then hack their account for bank passwords, credit card reset options, etc.

Below are the requirements:


  • A computer
  • Wireshark
  • Cookie Cadger


Install Wireshark

You can download Wireshark from the official site Make sure to download and install the latest version because it comes with better features to enhance hacking the Gmail password of your client for the scam.

During the installations, endeavor to select and install WinPcap and Tshark. If you do not install WinPcap and Tshark, your computer will be unable to collect the cookie data from the network of your client.

Download Cookie Cadger

The Cookie Cadger is a JAVA program that you require for your computer to intercept the cookies on the wireless network. I.e., it will read the information sent from the network of your client since you are connected to the same network. Download the Cookie Cadger from And you will not have to install the Cookie Cadger program.

Connect to the Same Network as Your Client

When your client is connected to a Wi-Fi network, join the network.

Open Wireshark

Now, open Wireshark and allow it to run in the background.

Open Cookie Cadger

The Cookie Cadger is the program that will intercept the cookies of your client for you to collect their Gmail account password when the login. When you open Cookie Cadger, click the drop-down list and select the wired or wireless network that your client connects to.

Find Gmail Cookies

You can locate the cookies of your client’s Gmail using the domain filter options. You will find the filtered domain in the second column and it should be labeled as “” or “”.

Load the Gmail Cookie

When you identify the cookie for Gmail, click Replay This Request to load cookie data and it will take you to the inbox of the client’s Gmail account. You can quickly change the password before your client logs out of his email account. When your client logs out of the Gmail account, you will be unable to access the Gmail inbox, so you must be quick.


How to Hack Gmail Account Using 000webhost

In this section, I will teach you how to hack Gmail account using 000webhost. It is a simple method for hacking a Gmail account password that requires a free hosting account with 000webhost.

how to hack gmail account

First, you have to get a free web hosting account with 000webhost. If you have no programming skills, I will simplify this method to your understanding. Or, you can ask your friend that knows know about website hosting to help out.

Note: This method to hack a Gmail account password works for Android and computer users. This method relies on hacking Gmail account with HTML and it requires a notepad app/software.

Below are the requirements for hacking Gmail account password using 000webhost and HTML:

  • Notepad
  • Free host with 000webhost
  • Fake Gmail login page
  • Computer or smartphone
  • A browser
  • File extractor (WinRAR)


Download Gmail Login Page Online

Go online and search for “fake Gmail login page”. After downloading the file, scan for malware with any Malware scanner such as Avast, Kaspersky, and AVG.

Extract and Edit the File

You require extracting software like WinRAR to extract the fake login file/script. After extracting the file, open the file using a notepad to edit the script. You can download any notepad from the app store for your computer or mobile phone.

Locate the login script which could be, depending on the site you download from. Note that the site will also specify the login URL within the script.

In my script, for instance, I will be searching for You can simply search by typing the link in the search bar of the notepad you are using. If you are using a notepad on PC, press CTRL+F to activate the search bar.


To duplicate is simple; visit with with a browser that allows you to view page source. If you are using an Android phone, download HTML Website Inspector – View and Edit Website HTML from the app store.

But if you are using a computer, visit with any browser such as Chrome or Firefox. When the page loads completely, right-click on your computer and click View Page Source or View Source Element.

Select the piece of code and copy to a notepad and name it “ServerLogin.htm.”.

Host the Files on 000webhost

Do you know how to host a file on 000webhost? It is easy; search “how to host a file on 000webhost” online. But first, you have to open a free web hosting account with 000webhost.

After uploading the files to your host account, you have to obtain the URL. How do you get the URL? Below are the steps to obtain a unique URL for the file. of course, it is this URL that we need to hack a Gmail account password.

  • Login to the cPanel of 000webhost and note the parent folder that you stored the uploaded files.
  • Navigate inside the public_html folder by double-clicking and you should see the files there for your URL.

Shorten the URL

Now, you have to shorten the URL using link shortening services such as,, etc.

Edit HTML File with a New Login

Now, you have to edit the HTML with a notepad. In the search bar of the notepad, input “Action” and press enter and it will direct you to action=“”. You have to replace the entire URL with the URL from 000webhost that you shortened. You should now have something like action=“”. Save the file as serverlogin.htm and upload it to your hosting account on 000webhost.

Send the URL to Your Client

Everything is ready you have to send the shortened URL to your client telling him/her to use the URL to login to Gmail for a bonus. You can lie about anything for the client to login with the URL.

When the client opens the URL, it will redirect to the login page of Gmail. While they enter their password, it will save it to your server, but everything will still look normal. Simply navigate to login.php to retrieve the Gmail account password and use it for carding, blackmail, or any billing format.


The purpose of this article is to educate the general on how to hack a Gmail account password. Hacking a Gmail account is illegal and you are responsible for the consequence.

Final Thought

In this article, I explained 6 ways to hack a Gmail password with either a computer or a mobile phone. Using my techniques to hack a Gmail account works, but only when you follow the steps carefully. And you also require personal intelligence if you must hack the Gmail of your client.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in hacking a Facebook account. I have also covered top guides such as the FBI format for yahoo, opening a fake FB, and the formats to collect bank account from your clients.

After mastering the art of hacking a Gmail account password, you can use the idea to recover hacked Gmail accounts for people for money.


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