See How People Hack Bank Accounts from their Laptops

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How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria From your Laptop

You may have seen Yahoo Boys bragging about how they hack bank accounts, let me explain how they do it in this post. It would be literally impossible for you to get this information from anywhere on the internet but you are getting it here for free. In this article, I’m going to show you how to hack a bank account in Nigeria.


how to hack a bank account in Nigeria

Hacking a Bank Account Explained


An account is a place where people store money (duh!) and this is account is managed by a bank (thus it is called a bank account). These banks usually assure their customers of security and all other things, however, it turns out that hacking a bank account in Nigeria is as easy as baking a pie.

It is so easy to hack a bank account in Nigeria that I was able to collect 50,000 Naira from an account recently. It was just my little experiment and I returned the money to the owner immediately.

However, I’m going to show you how I was able to hack the bank account and you can be able to do it too. Although I wasn’t caught in my little experiment, you might not be so lucky. So if you are going to try this out, be ready to bear the consequences if the hack is traced back to you. This method is really simple and anyone can try it and get as much money as they want from someone’s bank account.


How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria

Before I share my method, I’m going to show you an old method used by people to hack a person’s bank account. It is really hard to get anything through this method as people are now more aware.

The old method

I’m sure you’ve come across certain text messages like

“Your BVN needs to be updated or your account will be blocked. Call 090xxxxxxxx to help you update it”

This method is used to get the details of the client. Before using this method, there are several things you need to get that would make the hack successful.

  • A  Bulk SMS website (you will send the message through it)
  • Mobile numbers of people
  • A laptop (you’ll need this to make transactions)
  • A card verification software (to confirm the authenticity of the card).

How To Get Started

  • To get started, open the bulk SMS site and type in the message below

“This is a notification from the Central Bank of Nigeria that your account is currently being hacked. To make sure your money is secure, please call Mr. Julius (Your account manager) on 090xxxxxxxxxx to provide further assistance.”


bulk sms to hack a bank account in Nigeria

A Bulk SMS Website




  • When done, add all the mobile numbers of the people you want to send it to and press send.

When it delivers successfully, you wait for the people to call. Through this method, you can easily get a good number of people calling with the belief that the message is legit. When answering their calls, you will have to use a professional tone so as not to give yourself away.

You will offer to solve the problem for them and request for the 3 things below

  • ATM Card number
  • The expiry date of the ATM
  • CVC (the 3 digits at the back of the ATM).



A credit card sample

A Credit Card with CCV at the back


If you are able to get them, stall your clients by telling them you will get on the issue or you’ll call them back to provide further assistance. Then, go to any shopping site and buy whatever you want.


You can transfer the money to your account. You can use a payment gateway like Paystack to transfer their money to your Paystack wallet and re-transfer it to your own account.


paystack interface image

A Paystack Payment Gateway


Most times, I use their cards to buy things online from foreign stores that don’t require OTPs. (OTP means One Time Password).

It’s that easy…



As said above, it is extremely difficult to hack a bank account in Nigeria with this method as people are becoming aware and wouldn’t readily give their details to anyone who sends them a message.

My Method

This new method is most likely to work and mind you, it is the simplest way to hack someone’s bank account.

Create A Fake Shopping Website

The first step is to create a fake shopping site. This would cost you some money but hey, you will be getting a lot more if you are successful.


a fake website used to hack a bank account in Nigeria

My Fake Website


On the website, you’ll be selling expensive things like phones or perfumes at extremely cheap prices. You can claim that you are offering massive discounts and offer to sell very expensive items for as low as N500. The people who wish to buy would have to input their bank details before the items can be delivered.

To them, it’s too good to be true and they would be ready to buy. At the backend of the site, you will collect all the bank details that are registered on the site.



Promote the Site

To get people to use the site, you will have to make them know that the site exists. This is why you have to promote the site. You’ll still have to spend to promote the site or you can just go to Facebook, Whatsapp, Quora, and Instagram groups to promote the site.

Collect the Details

People, especially Nigerians love cheap things which are why it is so easy to hack a bank account in Nigeria. The cheap price tags will attract a lot of people and they will start dropping their card details, mobile number, and other personal information just to get the items.

You can download all the details they provide for use.

Things To Avoid When Trying to Hack a Bank Account in Nigeria

When trying to hack someone’s bank account there are several things you should avoid. If you are trying to hack an account that is registered with Zenith, Fidelity or UBA, you would just be wasting your time as these banks have a strong security system.

Also, several payment gateways like Paystack would send an OTP (one-time password) to the owner of the card before the transaction can be completed. This OTP is usually sent to the owner’s phone which you don’t have access to and it can ruin the whole operation.

If you want to be successful, you will have to keep trying different systems until you get the one that works.

Through this method, you can easily hack someone’s bank account in Nigeria without being a professional scammer.

If you need more information on this, you can use the comment section below. Remember to share so that others can learn and hustle. If you share this article on social media, I will teach you personally.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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