Hacker Tips to Guess Someone’s Password Correctly

This publication is written from a hacker’s perspective to show you how to guess someone’s password. There is no guarantee that you will succeed but it is possible to get them all correctly with some hints.

Note that you can also call yourself “a hacker” if you guess the password right. After all, hackers are only known by their abilities to “crack things” like passwords generated by other people or with the aid of a computer.

The steps highlighted in this publication are reader-friendly. This is to say that you do not require special skills or tools to guess the password—anyone can follow and apply the tricks.

how to guess someone’s password

How to guess someone’s password

Understand that guessing people’s passwords correctly can be a little tough, especially when the password is case-sensitive. Follow the tips below to guess any password correctly:

  1. Obtain name clues

You want to be able to read clues to get to the root of any person’s password. Remember, our tricks depend on “guessing”, and not exactly cracking.

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Begin by guessing personal names. In one of the passwords we cracked that inspired this article, we figured out that women in particular use personal names in their passwords.

Some people will not use their names in a password, but it is trying though. The name you use to guess someone’s password will not just be any name but must be significant. Examples include:

  • Favorite sibling’s name
  • Ex’s name or nickname
  • The person’s spouse or significant other
  • Name of their favorite pet
  • Favorite athlete’s name
  • Childhood nickname
  • Current nickname

Remember, the name has to be something significant to them. The problem here is that some people add numbers at the end of these names. For example “nickname of ex (tarty)” + “535”. So that password will be “tarty535”.

  1. Use their significant or commonly used numbers

You need to think about their important numbers to be able to guess their password correctly.

Both males and females have specific, unique numbers they use across most of their passwords. Some even started using the number since childhood, but they can sometimes tweak the number. Suppose the number is 212324, the only change that may come in here will be “00” or “##” in the end.

Figure out this magic number and try to break into their account or device with it. You would have to start a conversation with them where you eventually say, “That reminds me. We all have this unique number we love, what’s yours? Mine is 344245.”

You may also need to add this lucky number to the name of the specific name you guessed. Note that you would need to have a sheet containing every password possibility.

Some of the numbers people love to uniquely combine for their password include:

  • Birthdate: written as 11/03/99 or 110399 or 11-03-99, etc.
  • Phone number (you may be guilty too)
  • House address number

Note that they sometimes shorten the number in their password or remove the final 1-2 digits to try to avoid using their exact phone number. You can also half their number. Suppose their phone number is 10 digits, the first 5 could be their password.

  1. Go after their favorites

The things your friend or sibling cares a lot about could be the password you are looking for to unlock whatever you need to unlock.

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Normally, it is easy to figure out someone’s favorite stuff. You may just ask them or determine it through the things they freak about the most.

Favorite things to use to guess someone’s password include:

  • Favorite pet
  • TV show
  • Frequently talked about movie
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite book
  • Role model
  • Favorite colors
  • Most preferred car or cars

Again, these favorites are easy to figure out. It does not also have to be just what you see here. It could be anything they talk about the most. They may even have the name of that thing written down somewhere.

  1. Clues from hobbies and interests

A person’s hobbies and interests can give clues towards finding their correct password without rocket science. The point of this idea is to focus on their hobbies and interests only if they are the kinds like the editor of this article is freaky about hobbies.

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Start by combining their favorites related to hobbies and interests, including:

  • Athlete and favorite sport

Sometimes, they can combine the athlete and the sport, so that password will be something like [athlete’s name] + [sport name]. Example: “ronaldomadrid”.

You can also guess others like:

  • TV show and favorite character
  • Favorite swimmer and swimming, etc.

Try this out according to the sports most popular in your region, or that they talk about the most.

  1. Leverage commonly used passwords

Even though using common or easy-to-predict passwords are advised against, people still use them, especially to lock their phones or sign up for less significant apps and games.

According to Fox29, commonly used passwords you can guess to unlock someone’s property include:

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • 12345
  • 12345678
  • 111111
  • 1234567
  • 123123
  • 654321
  • 123321
  • 666666
  • 1234567890
  • Qwerty123
  • Abc123
  • Password
  • Qwerty
  • 1q2w3e
  • Qwertyuiop
  • Iloveyou

People who use passwords like this generally think it will be hard for others to guess since they appear “too simple to be guessed”.

Usually, if someone is using a simple password, it will be a combination of numbers and words. The ten digits we have count from 0-9 and each of the numbers or number combination is a possibility.

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It also seems more people are now combining letters and numbers but people using a PIN to lock their devices obviously use only numbers. PINs would typically be 4-6 digits, and common PINs will contain numbers doubles like 22, 11, 00, etc.

Suppose you are trying to guess the password for an account of someone online. This will be harder because most websites guide people during password creation while some even have systems that detect and decline the use of simple, common passwords such as 1234, 010101, 11111, etc.

  1. Use the hint feature

Some password pages have options to get a hint. This could be a hint describing the person’s interests, which you can leverage to guess the password correctly. Windows 10, for example, has an option to get a hint if the password is forgotten. The hint will then guide you to guess the person’s password even without asking them.

If you do not know the interest of the person using the hint function, you want to start a conversation with them that will get them to reveal the password without knowing.

Let’s say the hint talks about the person’s favorite pet. You would then bring up a discussion about pets or even talk about your pet. Tell the person your pet’s name and ask to know theirs—viola, you have the password you are looking for.

Do not seem suspicious when you get the data from them. You could even ask them to spell it out for you to be sure. Do not bring up conversations about passwords after that. Some people will be smart enough to use that as a clue to change their passwords.

Final thoughts

Remember, these are just clues you could follow to guess another person’s password correctly. Other more incriminating methods are brute force, dictionary attack, phishing, and keylogging. This publication is only interested in guessing the password, so we are not interested in those more technical solutions.

If you are trying to spy on your kids or someone using your phone or tablet, consider installing keylogging apps from your app store to record every keystroke of their activities.

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