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GrubHub Refund Method: Free Food and Money Back

Like many refund methods, the GrubHub refund method gets you free food and money back. You might also want to know that GrubHub is owned by Just Eat Takeaway.

On your first refund, GrubHub will issue your refund automatically when you navigate to the get help page. If you want this refund exploit to continue multiple times, you would need multiple accounts registered under different IDs, including the credit card you register in the account.

GrubHub refund method

What is GrubHub refund exploit?

GrubHub refund method or exploit is a refund trick that gives you free food and money back using

You only have to create new multiple GrubHub accounts to exploit this trick indefinitely. GrubHub becomes stricter with your account when you after a few refunds, so you can only do as many refunds using one account with the same ID.

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The irony is that even though you think you are scamming GrubHub, their current policy may also be scamming you.

For example, if the food you other is indeed spilled or not completely cooked, you get a refund but not the tip. Sometimes, GrubHub gives you a 50% discount for your next order, which means you lose but with a meager compensation that ties you to the company. Even the Grubhub refund method Reddit confirms this argument.

The tip you give the driver during the order with a complaint is not refunded unless you file that you want it back. Suppose you forget about the tip. You basically lose a few bucks going into your next order or gaining nothing from your money.

To some Americans, this GrubHub refund is a scam while some see it as a response to GrubHub’s rip-offs. But anyway, you are getting free food and your money back if you do it the right way.

At some point, GrubHub will frustrate you to forget about an order you complain about for a refund. Once this happens, it is a sign that you need a new account ID because GrubHub could be suspecting too many refunds in your account, and think you are exploiting.

Grubhub refund method

No more stories, so now, I will show you how to also get your refund from GrubHub while retaining the food:

  1. Create multiple GrubHub account

You need as many GrubHub accounts for this method if you want to make unlimited refund tricks and get away with them all the time.

If you do not have multiple IDs, including credit cards, you could simply buy GrubHub accounts for like $2 via any dark web or exploiting forum. These accounts have working credit cards linked to them, so you just use those IDs to order and tip the delivery guy.

For every account, your first two orders must he like genuine. That is, you do not request any refund for the food.

This makes GrubHub trust your account against your subsequent refund method.

After your first 2-3 genuine orders, initiate the scam method to get GrubHub’s free food and your money back.

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When the driver arrives, tip them to make the order look real. But if you would be using a complaint like “order never arrived”, you do not want the driver to see you. So, ask the deliveryman to leave the food at the specified address. Note that this method can cost the driver their job.

  1. Request GrubHub refund

After about 30 minutes from the time you received and consumed your order, it is time to introduce the GrubHub exploit method.

Sign in to your GrubHub account and select the order you will request a refund.

Note that Grubhub at its discretion may decide not to refund your money if there is something wrong with your order. Your story must add up and be convincing to avoid being tossed around by the support team trying not to give you the refund.

Visit to submit your complaint/request for a refund.

Your complaint can be something like:

To cut the long story short, the food I ordered and that was delivered to me was poor quality. This inconvenience means I probably should have checked the restaurant reviews because I am really disappointed and need my money back.

Keep your complaint simple to avoid complicating yourself with unnecessary explanations.

From this point, GrubHub will refund the entire meal. They may try to contact the restaurant but this is not always the case.

If you call GrubHub’s customer service, you would be talking to a live human, so tell them the same story about how you were delivered a poorly cooked food or that the order was missing what you asked for.

Avoid excuses that affect the driver, including “order never arrived”, “food spilled”, “driver delayed”, etc.

  1. Rinse and repeat

You can only make as many refunds, and you need new GrubHub accounts to rinse and repeat.

If you believe that GrubHub deserves to be exploited, then go ahead and run this refund method. Note that this also results in reduced settlement for drivers for their work. GrubHub will also be stricter when refunding, so if you happen to be a victim of poor food in the future, they may not give you the deserved refund or compensation.

Do not exceed 3-7 refund requests per month per GrubHub account.

How long does GrubHub take to refund?

GrubHub exploit

GrubHub takes up to 5 business days to process your refund. However, some financial institutions or your bank can cause the refund to take longer due to how they operate.

You can tell when your refund will reflect in your account by checking the date of the refund confirmation email you receive from GrubHub (the date when GrubHub initiated the refund).

The refund transaction might not appear separately on your bank statement. Sometimes, your GrubHub refund will disappear from your statement or adjust to reflect the newly updated order amount.

If your refund is taking too long after GrubHub confirmed it, contact your bank directly to find out about their refund processing times or policy.

If GrubHub does not refund or give excuses, you can file a chargeback. If you paid with PayPal, it could even be easier to dispute the transaction for a refund.

Is GrubHub or the restaurant responsible for your refund?

It depends on who – the restaurant or GrubHub – is at fault to determine who is responsible for your GrubHub refund.

GrubHub is responsible for your refunds when your complaint has to do with them. For example, the deliveryman never arrived or the order spilled or y received the order very late.

If your complaint has to do with food quality, the partnering restaurant is responsible for your refund. GrubHub may subtract the refund from the restaurant’s monthly payout, which affects the restaurant.

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