7 Steps to getting a job through connections

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How to get a job through connections

If you are desperately looking for a job and wish to get your prayers answered, then you should consider getting a job through connections. It is indeed one of the simplest and easiest ways to get your dream job.

Forget all you’ve heard about having a wonderful resume, cover letter, and all interview etiquettes that you’ve learned in the past. Getting a job through connections is certainly the smartest way to get yourself a job without any form of stress.

In this article, I will be showing you the 10 steps to use, if you ever think of getting a job through connections. When your aim is using connections to get a job, you should think totally out of the box. You wouldn’t reason like millions of job seekers who go to job sites and send out their resumes carelessly. There is a predefined approach for those who want to use the connection method to get a job.

These methods worked for me – despite being an introvert, and I believe that the same method can also work for you. The bottom line is that you can modify some of them to better suit your current situation.

getting a job through connections

A graduate meeting a potential employer

What are the steps to getting a job through connections?

Prepare yourself

Preparing yourself to get a job through connection is basically making yourself worth something. Most graduates believe that getting a college degree is what is required of them to get a great job. Only your college or university degree doesn’t give you the edge you need to stand out from other graduates out there.

You should have some fantastic skill sets that will make any employer droll to hire you. There are certain skills you need that will add that extra glamour to your resume and make you easily hired. Depending on your area of specialization, you can get skills in Information Technology, Administration, and etc.

Prepare your introduction Speech

Before you meet potential investors who would eventually invest in your skills (hire you), you must be able to catch their attention within 5 seconds of speaking to them. You must state exactly who you are and what you intend to offer within the first 10 seconds you start speaking.

If the person you are speaking to isn’t technically inclined, you can readjust your pitch to make it more generic. There should be more of numbers and facts instead of generalizing without proof.

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“I am well skilled in inside sales and I can sell ice to an Eskimo. I would love the opportunity to show you some of my sales skills Sir. I was wondering if I can have such an opportunity.”

Attend Networking Events

These are the best places to meet people who can hire you right on the spot without too many protocols. You sincerely need to identify key events where you can meet top decision makers and pitch your skills to them. If you intend on getting a job through connections, this is where your journey begins.

The number of events and networking opportunities relating to your industry you attend will give you enough leverage. If you don’t have the money to attend expensive events – where you’d most likely meet the right people, you can start from cheap and free ones. There might also be opportunities in those types of events.

Give out your Business Card, not resume

Most graduates who intend on getting a job through connection make the mistake of handing out their CVs at every event to potential employers they contact. You have to look professional – that is the reason I suggest you get yourself a business card.

When you go to events, pitch yourself first before handing out your business cards if required. Your resume has no business at any networking event. When you give out your business card, do well to collect from the other person. It will help you during your follow-up period.

Reach out to the Right People

It is normal to collect lots of business cards when you attend such events; but if you aren’t in for just “any job”, you might want to consider the people you would call back. I would suggest you call your connections that can link you up to jobs that are within your skill sets. That way, you can fit in and adapt easily.

Getting a job through connections is no guarantee that the job would remain yours if you fail to perform. That’s the reason it is important you build the connection with contacts that are within your industry.

It would be weird as a good business development person to build connections with those in the I.T industry. I have no idea if it would work out at all.

how to get a job through connections

A job networking event

Pitch your abilities, not your resume

Most people end up reciting what is right inside their resume. They have no idea that it means nothing to the HR or CEO who is listening. If you ever have the chance to stand in front of a decision maker try as much as possible to tell them what you can do.

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“I have the ability to bring in four million Naira monthly in sales as a business developer” is a good opening line.

“I made five million Naira last month with a budget of five hundred thousand Naira” can also be a decisive line to attract attention.

So whichever industry you see yourself, there are many great opening statements that can give you the job.

Have a Great Resume

It wouldn’t be good to impress orally and fail to do so otherwise. Before you think of getting a job through connections, you must have a fantastic resume that speaks volumes.

The issue about having a great CV and a good cover letter not only helps you where you can’t speak for yourself. It also hastens up the decision to get you hired.

I can help you write a good CV, so you can check it out and recreate your resume to become professional.

Getting a job through connections has been my major way of getting a job, and in fact, the simplest way of getting a job. As long as you follow the rules in the post, you are sure to have a job that provides you with a monthly source of income.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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