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How to get money from a man without asking

There are some tricks that will allow you to get money fast from your Boyfriend or Husband, but this time, we are making sure he gives you voluntarily.

Are you fed up of cleaning the house, preparing meals, looking beautiful and also your work and earn money at the same time, but you do not know how to get money from your man? Well, this article will open your eyes on how to get money from a man without asking.

Even with the job in which a lady or woman does, they still need to be taken care of by a man, irrespective of the kind of job they do. However, if your man finds it very difficult to give you money even with how you worry him about money, you will need to check out the steps on how to get money from a man without asking.


make a man give you money without asking

Don’t Beg for Money, learn the Tricks


In most cases, men give their women enough money or better say satisfy their needs so that they would have no reason to go outside the home to cheat on them. Meanwhile, the onus now lies on the woman to get money from their man without asking, especially if their man is very stingy.

The only instance where a man may call you a cheat or a gold digger is if you show him that you love his money more than himself, apart from that, he will never see you like one and may even go to the extent of giving you his whole salary. It is all about how you get money from him without asking.

Those set of women who knows how to get money from their man, do not even ask for it before they have the money given to them. There are some steps in which you have to follow if you are in search of how to get money from a man without asking.

Tricks to Get Money From a Man without Asking Him Directly



  1. Carefully analyze his current situation

How to get money from a man without asking? You will need to first carefully analyze the situation so that your request will not seem stupid. Also, thoroughly understanding the condition will also help you not to even look selfish and materialistic over your love for him.

Let us take, for example; you want a new handbag. You are advised to be aware of the material status of your man, is he someone that values bags a lot? You should try to understand how financially stable he is at that moment before proceeding to make moves on how to get money from a man without asking. If your man is in the best position to give you money for you to purchase a new handbag, then you can begin to make your move.


  1. Be faithful and loyal

No man will be willing to give money to a woman he knows cheats on him. When you are committed, you are giving your man every reason to be giving you money even if you do not need it for anything. When you are faithful to your man, you are assuring him that he is the only man in your life and he will never want that to change, so he is willing to keep that intact by giving you money to satisfy your needs.

You do not expect a man to be giving a cheating woman large sums of money. The love the man has for a cheating woman is close to zero, and he will never give such woman money even if she asks for it. So to get money from a man without asking for it, you will need to be faithful and loyal so that he will have every reason to give you money and satisfy your needs.


  1. Be appealing to him

One of the surest ways to get a man to give you money without asking for it is by being sexually attractive. Men generally love to see sexy women dressing in a sexy way. They are willing to do anything to get and keep a woman who is sexually attracted to them. As science would say when man testosterone is high, his hormones become happy, and he is bound to do anything to keep that up.


In most cases, wear something sexually attractive when you are with your man. Make him feel like he is on top of the world with you, and he will surely give you the kind of money you never even demanded. Also, you can go ahead to cook a romantic dinner on the night for him whenever he comes back from work. This singular act will make him see that you are the woman for him, and he would always give you money so that you would forever remain his own.


Also, try to look beautiful all the time. No man will be with a woman who cannot take care of herself or who has body odor. That is why it is best that you take adequate care of yourself if you want to get money from your man without even asking for it.


receiving money in a relationship is important

Money Quotes


  1. Avoid demanding

In most cases, we do not always get the things we hope to get all because we do not know how to ask for it politely. We make the mistake of demanding, showing evidence on why we need a particular thing, and we end up disappointed when we do not get an immediate answer to what we ask for. If you are seeking on how to get money from a man without asking, then you should run away from phrases such as, I need, I deserve, You must and so on. If you make the mistake of demanding a particular thing from your man with the above phrases, you are moments away from being rejected.


Psychologists have proven that to get something from a man without asking; you should never sound or act rudely. As a woman, you should even go as far as flattering your man just because you want a particular thing. Try to make him understand why you need his help and also tell him with all honesty and love what he stands to gain if he does what you are asking for.


When you need something from a man, approach him with a loving and sweet voice, tell him how he has been useful to you and goes ahead to inform him that you want to look more beautiful all for his sake. When you do that, there is even a possibility that he would give you more money than what you also need.



  1. Never make your hints too abstract

How to get money from a man without asking? It is psychologically proven that if a woman directly and continuously demands money from a man, the man will begin to see reasons that his woman does not love him anymore. What you should focus on is that you do not need money at all. You will need to play smart if you must get money from a man without asking.


You can ask smartly, for example, your friend’s husband purchases a new car for his lover. You can then tell your man that you wish to ride in a car like that someday. Your man will surely be left with no choice than to begin to make plans to get you the vehicle you have spoken about or even a better one if he has the money.


The same thing applies to dresses; you can tell your man about your love for a particular dress while pinpointing on the kind of occasions you plan to wear it to. When you do this, your man will also be left with no choice than to give you the money you need to purchase it.


Meanwhile, it is certainly not wrong to request money from your man because he knows it is his responsibility to take care of you. However, when it becomes too much, then there is a problem somewhere.


  1. Assist him in paying some bills

You may not be living with him, but when your man takes you to a fancy restaurant; you can make the payment for the bills. When you do that, you are giving him reasons to make you happy the more and satisfy your needs when you finally need something. Your man will not see you as a liability but an asset to cherish. That action will enable your man to know that he is not alone in the relationship and that you love him so much. Whenever a chance presents itself, you can take advantage of it by requesting for money to perform specific tasks, while explaining to him that you are short of funds then.


Also, away from paying some of his bills, you can buy him expensive gifts sometimes to firmly cement the love you have for him and make him believe that you are the right woman for him. When you buy a costly gift for your man, he would forever remember it and will always want to make you happy by giving you even the things you never requested for.


  1. Tease and thank him

Make him see the reasons why you are the best woman for him. In most cases, say something like, “I am lucky to have a man like this; you are the best.” Always endeavor to thank him even for the things he is yet to do for you. This will make your man love you more than you also expected.


If you don’t ask him money directly, you can check out some of these best asking for money text messages, he would definitely understand you need the money and lend you some help.




It is never difficult to get money from a man without asking. It is advisable that you follow the above steps if you are looking on how to get money from a man without asking. Also, never feel shy to request something from your man that is because it is their responsibility to love and take care of your needs.

The most important thing is for you to show him love and attention and be sure to get money from him without even asking. If this article has been helpful to you, why not share it with your female friends so that you can educate them as well on how to get money from a man without asking.

Considering all that I have written, do you think a man can give you money even without asking after doing all these?

Let me see your opinions in the comment section.


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