Can I Get A Job using Social Media? – Discover How

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Someone asked me a question, “Can I get a job using the social media?”

I replied her “If only you could know the secrets.” Every day I see people get jobs using social media and it has forced me to write about it.  Desperate measures require desperate actions. “Everything is possible to them that believe that they can get a job using the social media”  I just had to twist a portion of a holy book to stake my claim that you can use the social media to get a nice job. It is unfortunate that most job seekers see the social media as a place while away time and catch fun.  Also a place possibly to look for the opposite sex and get hooked up.

The economy is getting worse, experienced workers are getting sacked and are sent back into the job market to compete with the ones with little or no experience. What is now the fate of the fresh graduate or the old graduate without any job experience?

The social media as a job hunting tool will help you explore other options, but unfortunately most job seekers haven’t really discovered that. A few job seekers are even oblivious of the fact that sites like linkedIn can land them a super paying job. The truth is that most companies keep active social media profiles, but only a few know how to get across to them. Below are the steps that can land you a job using the social media.

job using social media

“Can I get a job using the social media?”

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Keep a professional profile

If you think of using the social media as a job hunting tool, then you must portray yourself to be professional. You don’t look for a job but yet appear a troll online. I remembered when a panel of interviewers asked me for my Facebook username, I almost wet my trousers because I had committed a lot of atrocities with that account. Trust me! I lost that job just like that. I had to open up another and became a saint immediately. I started contributing and dishing out wonderful posts that got shared and you could guess right; I was contacted by someone who added me up and gave me a part-time job for that moment. The internet never forgets, keep your profile professional. What is the first result that comes out, when your name is checked up on Google? Try it and know whether you impressed yourself.

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Sell Yourself

Are you on twitter, Facebook and other social media sites with lots of followers, and all you do is troll celebrities who are already made? Check yourself once again!  I think you are in a gold mine without knowing. I saw a guy who kept tackling various firms who were in distress with “If I were the marketing manager of …. I would have….” And he would end up tagging the company he targeted. His tweets were always re-tweeted, and that was how he got himself an interview and possibly a job using the social media. There are lots of forums, blogs in Nigeria that are being visited by top officers of various companies. Instead of becoming a troll (like I used too) bring out a tactics to support your offline job-seeking hustle. Using the social media as a job hunting tool is the next big thing that is here with us. I landed my present job because the hiring manager read my blog in my presence and saw my capabilities. There and then, I was offered the job.


Selling yourself can be achieved by various mediums;

  • Connect with people right set of people

If you want to go through linkedIn, then your network should revolve around people that matters. You can see their activities and know when to send a direct mail.

  • Follow them on social medias and get industry news

Instead of stalking celebrities who will never hire you, you should channel such energy towards firms that can put food on your table. Get to know them, latest happenings with them and stay connected.

  • Engage in meaningful conversations online
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Argue critically about your industry in forums and contribute significantly to discussions. I wish you know the caliber of people that go through most of these forums in Nigeria; you would be amazed and have a change of heart.

  • Let everyone know that you are a job-seeker

Make it open. After any contribution, strategically let people know that you are looking for a job. Don’t just write “I am a jobseeker, help me.” Nobody will take you serious. They have to see the stuff you are made up of, before they give you a chance to impress.

  • Start a blog about your industry

This worked for me and I am proud of it. Whatever field you want to venture into, writing about it will surely give you an edge when it is time to show yourself. It is just a way to show your passion and knowledge. Your blog post might be shared and it catches the eyes of a hiring manager, which spells Good-luck for you. See===> 5 REASONS YOU NEED A BLOG



Social media is playing a great role now. So I repeat the question I asked before, can you get a job using the social media? Share your opinions using the comment section. Don’t forget to share our post to other people who might need it. Thanks.

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