5 Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

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5 Tips to Help You Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria

For graduates who need to get a job abroad from Nigeria, I believe this article would come in handy. I have had the opportunity of asking questions from people who were fortunate to get a job abroad from Nigeria. They gave me some excellent tips, which I would want to share right in this article.

how to get a job abroad from Nigeria

Getting a job and working in a foreign country has lots of advantages in your professional development and finance. Lots of Nigerians, who have the idea of getting a job abroad, either plan to work on permanent or temporal positions.

The choice to become an expatriate isn’t something to joke with. Remember that most countries have more advanced technologies than Nigeria, so you need to be ‘special’ to get hired. I lots of Nigerian graduates throw in their resumes to many foreign job sites and hope to get a callback. The truth remains that the foreign job market doesn’t work that way.

Due to the economic situations in Nigeria, many of Nigerian graduates are now seeking employment options in the rising market, such as Dubai, United States, Europe, and Oceanic countries. The reward for getting a job abroad is huge, but you need to do it the right way.

Look at Tips to Get a Job Abroad From Nigeria


Target Countries with Shortage of Skilled Labor

Countries with low population and labour market should be considered first. These countries are more open to accepting workers from countries like Nigeria than countries with a surging labour market and working-class population.

The idea of getting a job in the United States, and the United Kingdom from Nigeria sounds tempting, but your chances are at 0.01%.

Why struggle to get a job in these countries with surging working class population, when there are other countries that need your skill and presence?

Countries like Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Germany and etc. all have packages that enable foreigners to come into the country as skilled workers. The program has its own requirements, and you should make your research on it. Every year, many Nigerians get a job in these foreign countries with little or no stress.

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You Should Have Great Skill-Sets

The countries that I listed above, only accept workers with great skill sets. Whether graduate or not, once your skill is listed in the skill-shortage list, then you are good to go.

Several times I have seen many Information Technology skills top the list. The world is revolving around I.T, and many foreign firms are open to accepting people with such skills.

Just last year, two of my friends who are Software Engineers were called up by a German firm to come work for them. It was an all-expense paid employment. There are so many other skills that get attention, but I think Information Technology skills top the list.

I suggest some of the skills mentioned in this post

Align Your CV with the Country’s Standard

It is worth knowing that every country has their own standard way of writing their CV – it is up to you to research about it. If you wish to get a job abroad from Nigeria, then be sure to comply with the standards in your country of choice.

I believe that most foreign countries use the European format, which you can get “By commenting below ”.

It is quite tasking to design such a CV, but the result is worth it if you strike a balance – i. e between your skills and the country you wish to apply to.

Your CV should be sent in alongside a cover letter that clearly explains two things;

  • Why you should be hired above their nationals
  • Why you wish to leave Nigeria and work in their country.


Once your application sounds great and your skills are top notch, be rest assured of getting a callback.

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Experience and Educational Level Matters a lot

To be able to get a job abroad from Nigeria, two things would aid you.

  • Your Experience in your field
  • Your Educational level.

Unless you are applying for an internship position – which is easier, but be sure you are well equipped in the departments mentioned above.

Online Application is great, but Offline is better

This might be money consuming but it is surely the way forward. The fastest way to get a job abroad from Nigeria is to step your feet in the country of choice. When you have the experience and the skills to match, putting up a physical presence will help you faster.

It is easy to get a business Visa of 3-months, which will give you time to scout for jobs in your country of choice. Be sure to come back as soon as your visa expires.

In a situation that you can’t afford the expenses that come along with offline scouting, you can make do with online applications.

I won’t suggest the use of agents. But if you get a reliable agent with good connections, then your job has been made easier


In summary, if you wish to get a job abroad from Nigeria, then you need to have the Skills, Experience, Information, and finally the Connection. Whichever one you have, it requires time to achieve. I will still come up with some of the skills that can help you achieve your dream of working abroad.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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