Ways to Get Your Husband’s Attention

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No marriage will be interesting where both spouses are losing the room. How is this? Where your husband’s attention is now a thing to worry about, would there be restfulness?

From the very moment you lose sight with him, another woman comes in like a thief at night.

Forget what you see on movies daily, especially the Nigerian movies because reality most at times differs.

Losing your husband’s attention could come with a price, a hard and hurting price. It could sometimes be caused by your best friend, your most trusted.

As a woman in love, do not think that your husband will return his senses, he won’t. Maybe he will, after cheating outside.

In case you lost your husband’s notice for you, just practice these few things and trap that man back.


Why Your Husband Loses Focus on You

Do not sing and preach that your husband loves you so much. He does love you but! But! But! Anything in life is possible. Apart from the life you are living, every other thing in it is very possible.

As a woman, you know there is this dangling trust issues that you should not avoid. If for instance you let your female friend stay around your hubby comfortably then you must be sure that there is or there are things you beat her in. If it is smiling that you are good at then smile it. Little things could lead to very critical conditions.

But why exactly does your husband suddenly cease to pay much attention to you? Ever thought of it?

Well, a lot of factors considerably cause it and they could be;

  • How you treat him on bed
  • What you can present to build the family
  • The smell of the wrapper you tie in the house during nights
  • How beautiful you make every moment with him look
  • Your ability to manage and be economical
  • Your money making skills!!! (Very important because if you are rich, there is no husband that will not respect you)


Easily Get Your Husband’s Attention Back

It may not be an easy ride to get your husband’s attention especially if he is a stiff man. The good thing is that you are still the talisman of that relationship. Wonder what it means for you to be the talisman? It literarily means that you are the magic of your home. Could your lifestyle affect how he sees you? Did you do anything he dislikes? If any, push on and have that man back.

Dismiss the fact that he appears irresistible and just unleash that charm that brought you together then.

So, how do you use that charm to get your husband’s attention back? Okay, here;


Look More Beautiful than Ever

This is one of the silly mistake most ladies make. By silly, I am referring to how women decide to fully think less of themselves. Do you think that your husband does not care about your look? Even if he says “I do not care how you look” this does not mean that he will love you looking older than the age he married you for. To look more beautiful than ever does not just mean going for a plastic surgery. It means acting sweet and doing things that will make your husband jealous and want you more. Although women get jealous more often than men, men too also get jealous. Your husband is not a stick; he too has feelings just like you.

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In most families, you would be hearing quarrels up and down and you are like “This man is wicked.” The man may not be at fault here but the woman, the beloved wife. Imagine tying a wrapper that burns the whole house with a bad smell on your waist. Your hubby might not complain about it but why? Because he fears that he might distort your feelings. Most men today expect their wives to know and do the right thing.

Here are few things you can do all the same to regain your husband’s attention;

  • Wear the latest
  • Smell nice (Especially when you are tying wrapper at night in the house)
  • Change even your accent
  • Talk and laugh more with your girlfriends over the phone (This is best while he is there present so that you will give him something to ponder over)
  • Put on revealing dresses at home
  • Play more of Candy Crush when you are bored and leave the game sound at the highest to disturb his ears (The funniest thing but you need something that will disturb him)
  • Take some time off the social media (If you are registered to any)

At this period, he is looking for anything to blame you with. Your hubby seeks to justify himself so that he can have more reasons to give if eventually asked what went wrong.


Don’t Pressurize Him for Answers

Trust me, when you question your man too much, you will end up annoying him the more. When you keep questioning him every time, it will change nothing. It will instead serve as an informant to him that you are feeling the heat. What heat? Of course the turbulence your husband leaves you in. Do you think that he is not aware of what he is doing? Do you think that he is not conscious of himself and the uncertainty he leaves you in? He is definitely aware and he is just forming a strong man for nothing.

This is one of the reasons why I advise women to make their own money. In a time like this when you want to display your levels, money will spoil your show. How? If you have your own cash, no matter how little, you will boss out the situation. Worried that you do not have money or for some reason you are not working? Alright, I understand if you don’t have your cash I have some cool ways of making money for you!!!

In my subsequent posts, I will introduce you to ways of making money as a wife. You know you can make money from your husband, right? Funny but true. Your husband can easily become your ATM if you know how to play him well. I want the post that will contain this secret way of making your husband your ATM to come hidden. So, always check in here so that you won’t miss that breathe taking post!!

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Take Some Time Away from Home

Oh yeah, take some good long time away from him. Sometimes it is necessary to miss something than have it around for so long that you no longer know it worth.

Be it as it may, a little time away from home can always do the trick. Yes, it can but this does not mean disappearing from your home. Should I say some sort of vacation or a nap-like kind of visit to your childhood home? I think this should get the idea across to you. Inform your husband about this because he might think otherwise.


Why You Should Take Some Time Away from Your Husband

To take a short leave does not mean that you should kind of abandon the situation. The situation is that you are trying to get your husband’s attention back. He did not just lose it, something warranted it and it is time to fix.

So why should you take a time away from home?

  • It reemerges the old feelings in the relationship
  • After a day or two, your husband will feel your absence
  • Some time off will reignite the appreciation you both have for each other

While off home, always call in once in a while to check on him and do not disturb him. Does this seem so impossible? It might but it is sure going to have him give you a phone call. Once the phone call lands asking how you are doing or faring, bring on the idea of him giving you emotional pain.


How the Aftermath of this Period Can Bring Money to You as a Wife

We have always been talking about money and money and money. Do not you think that after the emotional stress, you can always charge hubby? Charges for emotional stress suffered. Don’t laugh. You need it. Ask hubby to compensate the hurt that he made you suffer.

The very nice thing about a relationship is that it can always be made healthy. Forget that people say it is a difficult thing. Your lifestyle with your husband and his lifestyle with you can always change things.

As a wife, live a life that will build your relationship and cleanse it of any detriment. This is the help you need. It will wholly help to fix your husband and also buy you more of his attention. In essence, hurry now and get your husband’s attention back before another woman helps you to.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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