6 Effective ways to Generate Article Titles for your blog post

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6 Effective ways to Generate Article Titles Easily for your blog post

Generating article titles easily for blog posts is one of the biggest challenges faced by writers and bloggers. For many bloggers and content marketers, it is a question of ‘what should I write about next?”. This usually comes with lots of negative vibe such as a decrease in followers, reduced traffic, and even decrease in revenue generation. Coming up with great article topics for your blog post is something that shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

In this post briefly, I will be explaining in details, how you can be able to generate article topic for your blog post with ease. But remember that you should be an exceptional writer to use these tools

You can use the following tools to generate your next blog posts Idea.

tools to generate article titles easily


Using Quora is one of the best ways to bring up article titles easily to write about. This site aggregates question and answer is a way to get lots of ideas for your content. Running a little search on the Quora database about your topic will give you lots of questions that people have asked about the topic. It also goes ahead to give you extra views from the answer of professionals.

To use Quora, you need to log in with any of your social media accounts. The moment you are logged in, you enter your topic and view the top FAQs, this will help you get your next article topic.

For example, if you select “Digital Marketing Agency” in the marketing strategy, you will find the following results:

One of the top questions found is “What are the tools to set up a digital marketing agency”

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This shows that people are really interested in the topic and would value answers.

If this question fits your niche perfectly, then for the article title of your blog post, you can then come up with the tools needed to set up a digital marketing agency.

The idea is to search for questions that have the most activity in your niche, you can then go ahead to create your article around it. There are thousands of people waiting to read your answers. So it is unlikely that you will run out of ideas anytime soon.


It is an aggregator website that posts all the top stories from the best blogs on the web and gives out “what’s happening” for all topics imaginable. Alltop filters all irrelevant topics, and you are left with the best of contents online. So if you are looking for a place to get ideas for your article topics for your blog posts, this would do the magic.

One way to stay on top of the news is to subscribe to interesting blogs in your category. You would also need to create an account for this. It would help notify you when something interesting pops up.


If you hate the guesswork game and would love to know your contents that have gotten your readers glued to your site, then you should try out Buzzsumo. You can use Buzzsumo by searching a topic of your choice, and see which of the contents get the most social media shares.


This is another way to come up with fantastic article titles easily for your blog posts. It is a content marketing software that allows you find, and publish great contents.

Even when you don’t plan to curate, and you are just looking for ideas, scoop.it is the perfect tool to achieve that.

By using the search bar on the site, you can find tons of possible article titles for your blog post. It will show all the top post in your category. You can then browse through the top articles there, and see the topics you can write about. The level of analytics for the article titles for your blog posts that you have seen might not be in-depth. Scoop.it is still a great tool to use.

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I never believed that Twitter could help me with article titles easily for my blog posts, till I researched about it. It has an advanced feature that helps you know which content is trending currently.

By going to search Twitter.com, you can just enter a topic and find all the top tweets in real time related to it.

You can go through the timeline and see which tweets got the most retweets and favourites. That way you can then get a perfect article title for your blog post and create content around it.

As a content marketer, content is king and it brings in the revenue. These tools come in pretty handy when revenue matters. Are there some other tools you know and would love to share? Please use the comment section.

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