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FTID Refund Method: Is It Flawed or Still Works?

This tutorial explains the FTID refund method. It is quite a complicated method but can be successful if you do it right or get lucky.

FTID is generally flawed and inconsistent, and may not be worth your time and effort.

The author may have done a great job discovering and adding this method to the community but its low chance of success gets you wondering “if it is a refund method at all”. Yes, it is a refund method, it works and serves its purpose well enough.

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FTID refund method

What does FTID stand for refund?

FTID stands for “fake tracking ID” in refund method. You run FTID by requesting a refund for an item and receiving a return shipping label from the company.

You attach the shipping label to an envelope after removing certain info from it, typically junk mail, instead of returning it to the company, making it look like the company received it.

The reason for removing all of the info, except the barcode, is so that the company does not know who the envelope belongs to. The barcode is there so that the label is scanned as shipped for you to get the refund.

If no info at all, the chance that the company will open the empty package and check for what is inside. You get busted since it is empty without the item.

All you want is the “delivered” message on the tracking number. The company will even throw the package away since it is an empty envelope with just the barcode on it, thinking it is trash.

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You then contact the company and say that you returned your stuff but never got a refund. You provide the tracking information that shows that they received it.

Since the company does not have any record of processing the return, they will refund you because it shows that they received the item.

How to do FTID refund method

Follow the simple steps below for the FTID refund scam to work:

  1. Remove details from package and forward empty envelope

The whole point of FTID is to get the tracking number to show “delivered”. This refund method is carrier-based, so even the deliveryman is not affected although employees could be questioned.

Now, you could even use temporary ink on the envelope, such that if you allow any info on the envelope, it will disappear after a while.

  1. Contact the company

After a few days, contact the company. Complain to them that an item you returned has not been refunded.

The company will try to investigate your complaint but the fact you did not actually send the item but have a delivery confirmation will thwart any attempts.

The company does not have a physical or administrative record of the package. They will also search the warehouse but to no avail.

  1. Receive your refund

Since the company cannot find the item, they accept responsibility for the loss. They do not also find any employee to blame, except the one person that scanned the barcode.

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The company will manually process your refund and apologize for the inconvenience.

What is a FTID refund

Alternatively, you can try the FTID refund method version below:

  1. Prepare a fake envelope

The point of this method is also to show the tracking number as “delivered”, making the company believe that the not-returned item was actually returned by you.

Of course, you do not want them to have any record of the package in their warehouse. The solution is to prepare an envelope and remove all identification information that can link it to your order.

You only need the tracking number so that the item returns to the correct destination.

  1. Fake the package

Give the package a valueless identity, such as making it look like an advertisement. You can place a sticker on it, advertising a non-existent company. For example, “Joe Biden Pest Removal Service”.

The company is not interested in the services, and so the recipient dumps it in the trash because it makes no sense to the company.

  1. Contact the company for your refund

After a few days, and confirming that the envelope has been delivered, contact the company and inform them that you have not been given your refund despite returning the item.

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Provide the tracking number for the company to confirm that they received a package from you to their warehouse.

They will immediately investigate the situation but since there is no information linking to the order, their attempts are thwarted and cut short.

The company will try to manufacture excuses to decline your claim but they will eventually process your refund since they find nothing on you. The company loses and you get your money back, plus the item.

Reasons FTID is a weak refund exploit

FTID is not just complicated but a refund method with flaws. The major flaws include changing the address of the receiver on the label, returning an empty box with barcode only, and the item weight.

Changing the address of the receiver on the label

Changing the address of the receiver on the label will remove all your details linking to the order while leaving the tracking number on the label. You also have to change the address of the receiver to another destination so that the carrier delivers the package to the changed address on the label.

However, the tracking will still show that the item has been delivered to the correct address but the company does not get to find it, and so they become responsible for the loss.

Unfortunately, how this process actually works is that all packages received are scanned during the collection at the depot of the carrier and at the delivery point.

Therefore, modifying the label will not convince the driver to deliver the package to a different address. Perhaps, only a driver who wants to lose their job will be so careless.

Normally,  a scanned package is sent with respect to the tracking details.

Returning an empty box with barcode only

The idea here is that you remove all identification information, including the tracking number, except the barcode. You then send the empty box to the company with hopes that they will only scan the barcode and then process the empty box as “received”.

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Since the company is receiving the box with no sender information, they will leave it in the trash. You then contact them after some days to complain about not getting a refund despite returning the item.

Obviously, the company will confirm receiving the item but cannot find it.

The problem here is that companies often scan the barcode and identify the sender immediately. Unless the box is handled by someone who does not know their job, they will check the barcode and, perhaps, confirm the item.

Item weight

Carriers handle consignments by also weighing them at their depot. And if you are requesting a refund, the company will verify every detail with the carrier’s manifest.

The weight will be significantly different, forcing the company to verify what they are dealing with.

Final thoughts

It seems the idea FTID is all about luck and grace after all. If you are going to do it the FTID way, do not think of being successful, or you will be pained by the failure.

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