How I made over $1000 from freelance writing jobs in 5 months

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How I made over $1000 from freelance writing jobs in 5 months

It is funny how I look back and discover that I have been doing freelance writing jobs online for the past 7 months. Time really flies!

Freelance writing is a job I never imagined myself doing as a network Engineer by profession. In as much as I hated reading, I never imagined myself executing freelance writing gigs. I have discovered a whole lot of things that others won’t bother to share – for those who would want to become freelance writers, I think you should appreciate this piece of discovery.

I am very proud to be associated with freelance writing jobs now and I am pretty sure that coming months would be terrific for me. However, it hasn’t been as rosy as freelance beginners would have imagined. It has been a period of ups and downs.

These 7 essential lessons I learnt below helped me achieve success with minimal effort while ensuring that the gains outweighed the inputs I gave to my freelance writing jobs.

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# Point 1: Treat First-Time Clients as Kings

There are lots of freelance writers out there who are willing to give you a run for your income. This means that getting writing gigs is one hell of a task. When you finally get a client who believes in you and is willing to give you a writing job, *Never disappoint him/her*

The secrets to making thousands of dollars in freelance writing are via referrals and returning clients. The moment you disappoint a first-time client, be sure to know that the next freelance writer on the line is taking over and you are never going to get more referrals from the client you disappointed.

You can disappoint returning clients a bit – they might be willing to patch up because of the nice previous experience they’ve had from you before, but your first time-clients don’t know you, and the first impression is key.


#Point 2: The More You Write the Better You Become

Most times I get lots of commendation from clients who think I am so talented in writing.

In case you don’t know, I am a young guy who started writing professionally just some few months back and I am no different from those who have started writing for ages (aside from the publicity they’ve gotten). I also won’t pretend that my writing is perfect because my first draft is usually error-filled; but one thing that is crystal clear to me is that the more you write just anything, that is better you become as a writer.

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I explained more of it in this article; you can click to read it “How to Become a Better Writer”.

The highest number of articles I wrote while trying to perfect my art of writing a few months back was 5 of them. I was writing for a digital agency who explained that the more I wrote, the higher my chances of earning. At a point I became sick, ideas dried up, but these days I write about 8 articles and it’s like nothing to me. The end result is that I end up churning out quality articles to my clients’ delight.


The best way to learn a skill isn’t by learning it, it is by practising it.


#Point 3: Your Best Work Might Be the Free Job You Did

Now you might be itching to know how exactly how I made such a “little amount” within that time frame. I call it little because it is actually little to some writers who have gotten to an enviable position. But in the country I come from, that is a pretty good sum of money.

The job that gave me such a contract was actually a free job at first. He was treated like a king, and it became a contract for me. I met him on a Facebook group where he complained about getting quality but cheap services for an animation story he wanted to write for kids.

I told him I was willing to do it free for him and he should rate me when I am done. Personally, there were no ulterior motives when I said free. True to my words – I completed the first book and submitted to him. I got a call back some few days later from him, and we negotiated a contract till the 10th episode in the series of the same book.

Be sure you already know “How to Write a Good Sales Pitch” for other clients you may encounter along the line.

No free work is much as long as it puts you in the right position for negotiations and also a wider audience. You can also write a free guest post, submit it to big blogs and see the wonders in targeted exposure.


#Point 4: Be Open to all Jobs at First and Selective along the Line

A freelance writing job for beginners is a number game; he who has the most clients at first is poised to be the winner. When starting off your freelance writing business, be sure to take all jobs you can handle regardless of the job fee.

This puts you in a position of gaining the higher number of clients, who in turn will become returning customers (if you did a good job). When you have built up a fantastic client base – it is advisable to review your writing terms.

If a client can pay you $10 for writing – he/she can also pay you $20, if your writing is captivating. Never be scared to review your writing charges along the line.

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TIP:==>> Be sure you did a good job and you have gotten the right number of clients.


#Point 5: Never Take a Writing Gig You can’t Handle

Several times I have helped out some freelance writers handle the freelance writing jobs they collected just because of the money.

If you don’t have someone to help you out after you have collected the gig, be sure to avoid such practice. Remember that first impression matters. If you make a mess of your first impression, you would lose the client forever.

Take up writing jobs you can handle; be ethical in your dealings with clients. Serve them like they are kings and watch them stuff your pockets with lots of dollars.

#Point 6: Freelance Writing is all about the Results

Do you want to ensure that you keep on getting writing gigs? Do you want to raise your writing income? Why not stop thinking about all these and focus more on your clients who dish out those dollars.

  • Were they satisfied?
  • Do they love my work?
  • What should I have done better?
  • How can I improve to serve them better

These questions should always flood your mind, not the other way round. The more you get the desired result for clients, the higher your chances of getting more dollars into your pockets.

I love executing freelance writing jobs! it is one of the best online freelancing jobs anyone can do

Writing is fun and simple. If you can perfect the art of business writing, copywriting and other forms of writing; then it is obvious you have gotten a good passive stream of income monthly.

There are several ways to earn online, and being a freelance writer is certainly the easiest of them all. These are my lessons and I hope to hear yours too.

Use the comment section and tell me your own experience and how much you have made so far?

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