Format to Collect Bank Account from Client [Verizon, AT&T]

Sup, hustler? I know you require the format to collect bank account from client, especially the stubborn clients. Not to worry, I have discovered a method to collect Verizon and AT&T details from clients. After reading this article, convincing clients for their bank details – Verizon and AT&T will become easier.

format to collect bank account from client

You require a convincing language and, of course, your number 6 to collect bank account from clients. I find that people do not know the proper ways to convince their clients, as a result, they withdraw from collecting bank account. Well, I have worked hard to correct this error and make collecting Verizon and AT&T accounts from clients become a, b, c.

In this article, I have introduced the latest format to collect bank account from client. Unlike before, my new format will take you at most 2 weeks to collect Verizon and AT&T details from stubborn clients.

Quickly, in the sections below, you will learn the format on how to collect bank details-Verizon AT&T from client.

Format to Collect Bank Account from Client

To collect AT&T and Verizon from your client is not simple. Sometimes, even after asking your clients the yahoo questions, it is still challenging to collect their bank account details – AT&T and Verizon. This section of my guide exposes the format to collect AT&T from client and format to Collect Verizon details from client.

Below, I will drill you on the top yahoo formats that require collecting bank account – AT&T and Verizon.

Let’s learn the format on how to collect bank details – Verizon AT&T from client:

  • Phishing Format to Collect Bank Account
  • Blackmail Format to Collect Bank Account
  • Dating Format to Collect Bank Account
  • FBI Format to Collect Bank Account

Phishing Format to Collect Bank Account

format to collect bank account from client

First, we will consider the format to collect bank account from client using the phishing method with a stolen phone. In this format, I will teach you what to say to your client and what to expect your client to reply.

There are 3 ways you can phish a client for Verizon and AT&T account details. They include messages via email or SMS, phone calls, and fake website. Below are the steps to phish for bank account:

Collect Bank Account with Messages – Email and SMS

First, you require a customized email or SMS sender name. You can buy a customized SMS sender name from Bulk SMS, TextMagic, etc. or you buy a custom email address. Make sure that you customize the SMS or email address to look like that of the bank of your client or like official AT&T or Verizon. Now start a conversation:

You: Hi, [name of client] we recently noticed an error with your account.

Client: What error?

You: You can no longer transact with the account, but you can access the account from your end.

Client: (Panicked) What do I do?

You: Send in your AT&T and Verizon login details for us to verify the account.

Note: If it is bank account, request the bank account details of the client.

Collect Bank Details Via Website:

Here, you will create a fake website or hire a developer. The website must be designed as e-commerce website selling items that do not exist.

You also have to add a payment gateway and a code that will store the bank details – Verizon AT&T of your client.

After transactions, visit the file path that stores the bank account details for client’s password, username, CVV, expiry date, security question, etc.

Collect Bank Details with Phone Call

First, get a customized phone number for the location of your client. For instance, if your client resides in the US or the UK, your phone number must be that of the US or the UK.

After connecting with your client, find out whether he/she uses Verizon or AT&T. If not, find out the name of their bank. Then, get the contact details of their bank, Verizon, or AT&T and customize your phone number to look the same.

Now, call the client and inform them that you are a representative calling in regarding their account. You can also tell them to verify the number, and when the verify, it convinced them that you are a real customer care representative.

Finally, tell them that there is a problem with either their bank account, AT&T, or Verizon and ask for the account details to fix the error.

Blackmail Format to Collect Bank Account

The blackmail format is similar to the FBI format for collecting bank account details from client. You require a blackmail letter and personal information of your client to collect his/her bank account – Verizon and AT&T details. Moreover, you do not require a customized email address as in the FBI format on how to collect bank details-Verizon AT&T from client.

format on how to collect bank details - Verizon AT&T from client

We have 3 major blackmail formats for collecting AT&T and Verizon account details from clients. They include:

  1. Defamation blackmail
  2. Emotional blackmail
  3. Sexual blackmail)

Defamation Blackmail

For the defamation blackmail, you have to threaten to tarnish the image of your client. This format works after you become friends with client online and collect their personal information. You will use the information to lie that you know the client in person via the blackmail email.

Note: The client is not supposed to know that you are the same person that is chatting him/her on social media.

Now, compose the email and threaten to expose what the client did not do to the public. You can lie that the client is a murderer and you can use Photoshop to edit fake images of your client being a murderer. Once the client complies, ask for their bank account – Verizon, AT&T, etc.

Sample defamation format asking for bank account:

“Mr. Parson,

I recorded the murder you committed on [date] at [location]. Your name is [client name] and your address is [client address]. I also know the names of your family member [mention the names].

I will be releasing the photos in the next 24 hours if you do not comply. And I will attach the images of your face in the next email I will send to you after 48 hours. But first, you must comply with my demands within 24 hours. Otherwise, I will make you become a wanted man by the cops, and people will hate you.

What you should send:

Bank Account Details:

Account name, account number, SSN, credit card number, CVV, ZIP code, bank name, and PIN.

AT&T Details:

Username, password, Zip code, and security question/answer.

Verizon Details:

Username, password, Zip code, and security question/answer



Anonymous Witness


Emotional Blackmail

The emotional blackmail is another format to collect bank account from client. You have to sign up on dating sites or any social media and make friends with lonely people between the age of 55 and 80.

Since they are old, young people no longer want to love them. So, you will deceive them that you love them and always send them naked pictures that do not belong to you. After about 2 weeks, tell the client that you want out of the relationship. They will beg you not to abandon them. Now, you can as for their bank account as the only thing that will keep you. They will ask what you want to do. Tell your client that you need it to buy a visa to visit them.

If they have Verizon and AT&T account, do well to request for the username, password, and security question/answer.

Sexual Blackmail

The sexual blackmail format to collect AT&T from client is almost similar to emotional blackmail. However, you require the naked pictures of your client in sexual blackmail. As usual, you must find a client to date online and make the client love you.

After about 2-3 weeks, you can start sharing nudes with your client and they will do the same. Make sure to download real nudes online that matches with your fake identity.

Now, threaten to release the nudes of your client online. Your client might act as if he/she does not care. But after a few hours, they will beg you not to share the nude. You can then ask for their bank account details: Verizon, AT&T, etc.


Dating Format to Collect Bank Account

format to collect AT&T from client

The dating format to collect bank account from client is the broadest format. It comprises the dating billing, construction format, accident format, medical format, etc.

In the dating format, you have to start a close relationship with your client. And you must prove that you really love the client. A dating format for collecting bank account details often takes about 3-4 weeks. So, you have to be patient for your client to love and miss you.

For the dating format to work, you require certain things in place. Below are the requirements for dating format to collect AT&T, Verizon, and bank details from client:


  • VPN
  • A fake social media or dating account
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Grammarly premium
  • Sites to collect fake pictures


Before you commence the dating format for collecting bank account, Verizon, and AT&T from client, you need fake social accounts. You also need a VPN to hide your IP address while signing up and while chatting with your client.

After you connect with a client, enable your Grammarly premium if your English is bad. If your client understands French, Chinese, etc. you need a tool for their language.

Below is the dating format to collect AT&T from client and dating format to collect Verizon details from client:


Dear Lover,

I hope you are doing great out there. I miss you and hope to spend time with you someday, despite the distance.

I have never made demands from you, but I feel I should, at least for this once. I do not know how you will feel granting my request, but if you do not feel comfortable, please let me know.

Soon, you might be unable to chat with me because my phone is getting bad. So, I plead that you give me either your AT&T or Verizon details to buy myself a cheap phone from the store.

I also need your bank details to make payments from here for processing my visa. And yes, I want to meet you, but if you are not okay with that, at least feel okay sharing your Verizon and AT&T account with someone who loves you.

I love you.


Babe, if you are sending Verizon or AT&T account details, you are to send only the password, username, and security question/answer.

Your baby

[your name]


When your client sends you his/her bank details, Verizon, AT&T account details, you can wipe the account. But you will need a picker that will immediately collect the items from the US and ship to your country.


FBI Format to Collect Bank Account

Like I mentioned earlier, the FBI format on how to collect bank details: Verizon and AT&T from client and the blackmail format are similar. However, clients often fall mostly for the FBI format because of the customized FBI email address and sender ID.

format to collect AT&T from client

In this section, I will teach you the FBI method to collect bank account details – Verizon, AT&T, etc. from your client in the US.

Below are the requirements for this format to work:


  • Customized FBI email address
  • Grammarly premium
  • Personal information about your client
  • A fake social media account

First, you will connect with a client on social media or any dating platform (Facebook group, etc.). Secondly, you will make friends with the client, but it will not be an intimate friendship. Now, always chat with the client and discuss culture, beliefs, etc.

Get to know the client even better and exchange your personal information. You can lie to the client about your address, occupation, family, your partner, likes/dislike, etc. While the client gives you their personal information, you can also search their timeline for more information about them.

Finally, send the fake FBI warning message and letter to your client and threaten them to send their bank account, Verizon, AT&T, etc.

Below is the FBI letter format to collect bank account from client:






[Name of Client]

Subject: [Fake Criminal Charge]

Mr. or Mrs. [Name of Client], the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is taking its time out to message you regarding a fraud on your bank account dated [add date]. It is for your good that the agency is messaging you to request your cooperation.

Recently, we traced a fraudulent transaction worth $3.5 million to your bank account [bank name of your client]. Since it is fraudulent, your bank blocked the transfer alert from reaching your phone or email. We have asked the ban to freeze your account while allowing you to still access and check your bank account balance. Of course, the agency seized the opportunity to track your whereabouts.

Before we begin a manhunt, we would charge you to cooperate and provide the agency with the required information to aid our investigation. Failure to do so will convince the agency that you are aware of the fraud.

Below are the details required for investigations to commence:

Bank Account details: Account number, Address, SSN, Zip Code, and PIN.

Credit Card Details: Card Number, Expiry Date, and CVV.

AT&T Details: Username, Password, Zip code, and Security Question/Answer.

Verizon Details: Username, Password, Zip code, and Security Question/Answer.

(Any excuse you make without cooperating will be used against you)


Name of Fraudster: [Name of Client]

LCN: 7853PF


Sincerely Yours,

Christopher A. Wray [Current FBI Director]



Note: Before you send this letter, make sure to send the FBI warning message. Click the FBI format to see a sample of the FBI warning message.

When you receive the details, you may use to card Amazon, card, etc. or sell on the dark web.

And if your client sends his/her Verizon or AT&T account details, quickly buy a phone and ship to a picker. The picker will then ship to your country. It is advisable for hustlers to have personal pickers across countries.

format on how to collect bank details - Verizon AT&T from client

A Phone from AT&T-Verizon

How to Order Phones on Verizon After Collecting Details

After collecting postpaid Verizon account details from your client, it is time to shop with the account.

Remember to collect the username, password, Zip code, and question/answer from your client before you proceed.

Now, find a picker in the US and inform the picker that you will send him/her a phone to ship to your country.

Get a VPN and visit the Verizon Wireless website and start shopping:

  • Click shop.
  • Choose Phones and Devices from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Smartphones.
  • Search for the phone you want and add the phone to Cart by clicking Add to Cart.
  • Provide the Zip code for verification
  • Click New Customer or Existing Customer depending on your client.
  • Set other options and click Checkout.
  • Set your shipping address and order the phone.


How to Order Phones on AT&T After Collecting Details

Place Wireless Order

  • Visit
  • Choose a phone.
  • Provide the ZIP code for verification of the store you want to collect the phone.
  • Select your location.
  • And continue to check out and submit the order for the phone.

When sometime, AT&T will send an email to the email of the client regarding the arrival of the phone at the store. Now, find out the AT&T locations and ask your client to inquire from them about the phone. He will then ship the expensive phone to you while you send him some money in BTC or PayPal wallet.

Pick Up

You can pick up the phone from an AT&T store or ask a picker to pick up the phone from the store and ship it to you. Or, you can select the shipping option and AT&T will ship the phone to your specified address. Then the picker will collect and send the phone to you.

What to Do with Bank Account Details

In this section, I will expose the things you can do with the bank account, AT&T, and Verizon account of your client.

format to collect bank account from client

Below are the top things to do after collecting bank details-Verizon AT&T from your client:

Shop Online

You can use the bank details, AT&T, and Verizon details to shop online. You can buy phones or anything that AT&T or Verizon puts up for sale.

If you collect the bank details, precisely the credit card details, you can shop online without OTP. You can buy clothes at e-commerce stores, phones, jewelry, etc.

Sell on Dark Web

When you have the bank details of your client, you can sell the account to your client. Note that bank account will be costlier than the AT&T or Verizon account on the black market.

You can simply go to forums, create a thread that you have account details for sale, get an escrow, and sell the details. If you have the credit details of up to 10 clients, you can make close to $1,000 within 24 hours.


For carding to work, you require the credit card details of your client. So, you have to collect not just the CVV, card number, and expiry date, but the address and Gmail. But for some carding websites, it does not matter. So, CVV, card number, and card expiry date will be enough.

You can use the bank details to card for iPhones, clothes, computer, gaming console, gold/silver, etc.


The purpose of this article is to educate the general public of the various scamming formats. You are responsible for the consequences when caught.

Final Thought

In this guide, I have disclosed the format to collect bank account from client. It is now left for you to decide whether to welcome this guide as an eye-opener or to search for clients to scam.

Over 75% of hustlers have tested this format to be working in the last few weeks. So, you can seize the opportunity to cash out. But be prepared to face the consequence when caught.

When you collect the Verizon and AT&T details, endeavor to use a VPN. At some point, the website of Verizon might prevent you from accessing the site for not using a VPN that points to the US.


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