Flipkart Carding Method and Cashout

The Flipkart carding method is one of the country-specific carding methods. It is a carding method for Indians, but residents in other countries can access it and cashout CC fast.

flipkart carding method

To card Flipkart.com is easy when you have your CC, a third-party Shoppree.com account, and an Indian VPN. The good news is that any CC can card Flipkart, but it is better to buy an Indian CC for a 100% guaranteed cashout.

Meanwhile, unlike Amazon.com carding and cashout, and Wish.com cashout, Flipkart does not use strict policies. You can even instruct the seller to ship faster while you pick up or use a picker.

I have received emails asking it is safe to card Indian sites. Yes, any site is cardable, so far, the shipping policy is not strict. Flipkart is nothing special, but you have to be careful as a carder to succeed and get away with carding Flipkart.com.

Background of Flipkart Carding

Flipkart started in 2007 but carding started on Flipkart.com started in 2010 because Flipkart was a bookseller site. The truth is that not many carders were interested in carding books and reselling since it reduced their interest.

As a carder, you would not want to card for a book because it has a low sell value. People of this generation do not read books, not to mention buying. Since Flipkart had excellent vision, they switched to selling phones, electronics, furniture, gaming consoles, etc.

The major problem with Flipkart is that they do not ship internationally. There is also no sign regarding when they will go international, but it does not stop carding from taking place though.

It is just that you have to go through a third-party site that charges a service commission to allow you to shop on Flipkart.com regardless of your country.

Honestly, shopping via a third-party site makes more sense as it is easy to get away with carding Flipkart.com. meanwhile, the third-party site I discovered is Shoppree.com and I have made two purchases so far on Flipkart from my country.

Flipkart Carding Requirements

In the section of the Flipkart carding tutorial, I will disclose every tool you need to card Flipkart.com.

Below are the requirements to card Flipkart.com:

Third-Party Payment Site

You need a third-party site if you do not stay in India. I recommend Shoppree.com, at least, I have used to make purchases multiples now.

It is easy to go through the site, simply signup and follow the instructions to complete what they require for the payment. Note that Shoppree.com charges 10%.


You need a CC with a high balance to card on Flipkart. By high balance, I mean the balance that is enough to pay for your orders on Flipkart.

Moreover, you can use any CC to card Flipkart, but if you have an Indian CC, it works even better.

Also, you can card with a non-verified Visa CC, but you must have access to the OTP that would be sent to the cardholder’s phone number.


You need a picker if you reside in India, but if you use a third-party such as Shoppree.com, you do not need a picker since the transaction is not processed by Flipkart.

Note that you must give the picker some money, usually 10% of the cost of the carded item.

Typically, I do not use pickers because I purchase with my CC legally. If you want to get back your money from someone that refuses to pay you back, you can use their CC and you do not need a picker because you are getting your money back.


The drop is the place the item will be shipped to, it is the shipping address that you select for the order.

If you are carding from India, you need to use a drop location so that the order is not traced to you.

However, if you are carding legally you may not need a drop location. Of course, legal carding does not attract government agencies.

Flipkart Account

You can buy a Flipkart account or create one. I recommend creating one if you stay in India to avoid being traced with the account cookies.

Note that the Flipkart account must match the CC details. Otherwise, your carding will be flagged by the systems. And if you proceed with checking out the order, it will be denied.

Fake ID

You need a fake ID for whatever country that your CC is registered in. For example, if your CC is the UK CC, you need a fake UK ID similar to the CC details. The ID information would include the name of the CC, address, and state.

You can use any software to generate a fake ID. If you are on mobile, I recommend PicsArt. For a more professional design, go to Canva.com or use Photoshop. To ease the stress, you can pay a Photoshop expert to handle the design.

Fake Phone Number

Well, the phone number is not important. I used a non-Indian phone number, which you may also use to card items on Flipkart.com.

Operational Security

OPSEC means operational security and it is important for carding to be done anonymously. I use a premium VPN most of the time, regardless of what I do online.

You may download a VPN or get Socks or RDP. If you are using RDP, get a Firefox browser for PC. You also need CCleaner to clear cookies permanently. Note that you are to run the carding process via incognito mode.

How to Do the Flipkart Carding Method

In this section, I teach you how to card Flipkart.com. It is easy, especially if you follow this article and understand what you are doing.

Below are the steps regarding the Flipkart carding method and cashout:

  • Create an Account
  • Add Items to cart
  • Log Out and log in to Account
  • Order an Item
  • Set the Billing Address
  • Make Payment
  • Contact the Seller

Flipkart Carding tutorial

Create an Account

Navigate to flipkart.com to create an account. You can purchase a used account, but it is not necessary. Next, confirm your email address and, maybe your phone number.

Add Items to cart

When you finish creating an account, go to the market place search button, and start adding items to the cart. You can add random items or the items you want to card with CC on Flipkart.

Note that you can add any number of items, but I recommend you do not exceed $1,000. Besides, you would not order the items in your cart in the next stage.

Log Out and Log in to Account

After carting items successfully, log out of the account. If you are using CCleaner, clear cache and cookies. If possible, switch to another computer or mobile phone to log into the Flipkart account for the Flipkart carding.

After about 30 minutes, log into the account again. Like I mentioned, you may need a new device if you want to be completely anonymous.

Order an Item

While in the account, remove all the items you added to the cart and add a new item that you want to cart. If you add multiple items, the fees shipping increases, and the picker (if you are using a picker) will charge more.

To card the item, select the credit card payment option, and supply the credit card information in the required fields.

Set the Billing Address

Note that the billing address may not be changed to a location outside India. But if you use the third-party site I mentioned, you can set the billing address to any location.

Make Payment

Navigate to www.shopper.com/personal-shopper-shopping-coincierge-from-india and click Order to checkout the carded item. Note that it applies best if you are using a CC that is not registered in India.

After checking out through the third-party site, you will be charged 10% for the services.

Contact the Seller

After completing the payment, tell the seller to move the items faster because you will be traveling out of the state soon. They may request an additional fee, which you have to pay for the shipping to be faster.

Final Thoughts

So, guys, there is all you need in this Flipkart carding tutorial. Carding Flipkart is not difficult, especially when you know what you are doing.

It should take about 3-5 days for the item to be shipped, depending on the drop location.

If you use a third-party site to card the item, it becomes impossible to trace you since the third-party site is a middleman.


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