Top 4 reasons not to give up yet

Feeling Suicidal or Depressed- Top 4 reasons not to give up Yet

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I know how it feels being depressed. I have been there, and I have no intention of going back to that state called depression. You might say “I am depressed, what should I do next?” or “How do I overcome depression?’ You might be looking for reasons to stay strong, but ideas aren’t coming forth. No jobs, you have been sacked, not enough money to feed the family, excessive debts, and so on. In this article, I will give you top 4 reasons never to give up yet despite early failures.

Top 4 reasons not to give up yet

A lot of people want you to fail; don’t let them win

You might not know this, but it is the plain truth. There are people who wake up every morning hoping and praying that you just fail in life. This caliber of people might be your colleagues at work who wants to be more successful than you, Childhood friends who you were better than, Cousins, Siblings, and etc. There are lots of them hanging around and wanting to hear how bad you later turned out in life. Don’t let them win! You have to just keep going!


People who believe in you; don’t disappoint them

Just like heroes in most movies we watch, there are people hoping, wishing and praying that you become what you are supposed to be in life. Giving up means disappointing these set of people. They see you as someone who can do it. They use you to strengthen themselves. They believe that if you can, they themselves too can! You don’t need to disappoint them. They believe in you, in your abilities, never disappoint them; just keep going!


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No matter your condition, you are better than about 10 million people in the world

This might sound so untrue, but that is a fact. I have attached a video below to show you a man you may know about. His video inspired me never to give up, and I believe it can also inspire. If your condition is not worse than his, then you have no reason to give.


Giving up is Cowardice

Nobody loves being a coward, so why run away from challenges instead of giving up. Every challenge is there to make you stronger. No matter what challenges you are facing now, a lot of people have passed through worse scenarios and came out strong. I will list them for you to see.

  • Albert Einstein was diagnosed with Dyslexia right from childhood, couldn’t even speak correctly as at the age of 3 and still went on to become one of the greatest scientists in the history of mankind.


  • Tom Cruise was diagnosed with Dyslexia at age 7, struggled hard to complete his academics, was almost a failure before he found his calling in acting.


  • Steve Jobs learning disabilities didn’t stop him from attending college from where he met Steve Wozniak. The duo late went on to establish the famous Apple Company.


  • Thomas Edison teachers said, “He was too stupid to learn anything.” He was fired from his first two jobs for being non-productive. As an inventor, he infamously failed about 1000 times before he came up with a life changing invention “The Electric Bulb.”
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  • Fanny Crosby despite her sight disability, she became one of the most famous hymn writers. Her song is being sung almost everywhere in the world in most churches.


  • Christy Brown despite suffering from cerebral palsy right from the age of 5, with only his left foot found functional. He still went ahead to author his award-winning biography book titled “My Left Foot”.


  • Cobhams Asuquo is a visually impaired Nigerian musician, producer, and songwriter. Despite his sight, he has managed to carve out a name as one of the influential people in the Nigerian music industry.

You have your sight, brains, body parts are complete and yet you want to give up just like that? Even if you are disabled, take a look at those I mentioned. They were in that same category, but giving up was never an option. A positive mindset, willingness to strive harder and the zeal to keep pushing is what you need. Thanks so much for reading.

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    • Hello Sir.

      Thanks for stopping by. It all begins with a positive mindset. Depression comes as a result of the fact that you think all is not going the way you wanted it to go. But let me ask you…

      Do you know that some people are wishing to be in the position you are right now? They are seriously praying and hoping just to get to where you are.

      Once you have this positive mindset and know that there are better days ahead (If you work and pray hard towards it… all of it will gradually disappear)

      Also you need to have people you can talk to. Friends… Siblings… Pastor… Immans and anyone you can confide in.

      You should also find out something that will keep you busy and set your mind at ease whenever you do it. Gyming… Singing… watching comedy movies. One of the sole cause of depression is being alone. You tend to think and imagine things that are not actually the way they are.

      I hope I helped you a bit.

      Cheers. Look at the positive side of life.


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