FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode five




A wealthy business man who had made a name for himself in the world of business. His business empire spreads out from oil to Real Estates, hotels and resorts. He also had a fair share in the world of construction.

He had lost his wife to cancer at the early stage of their marriage; two years after the birth of his only child Claire.

The death of his wife had broken him down to the point of seclusion and confinement to a team of medical and psychiatrist experts not excluding counselors who fought to restore his sanity. He mourned his wife like someone that lost everything he owned in the world.

His recovery came on a day and time when hope was lost. People who thought he was beyond help and had given up on him were shocked to the marrow.

From the point of his recovery, he devoted his life to loving and raising his only daughter. He had only two people he could call his own in the whole world; his only daughter and a brother who was languishing in prison in China for drug related offences.

He had used his business contacts and connections in china to secure the release and deportation of his brother but not without parting with a fortune. After the release and rehabilitation of his brother, he’d quickly incorporated him into his empire. And he was neither disappointed nor regretted ever bringing him in as Bob impressed him beyond his imagination.

He made sure everything was provided for her daughter; from the best nanny to the best schools. From his point of recovery, he rebuilt the foundation of his business and settled it around his daughter. He’d stood his ground against taking in another woman, a promise he made to his wife the night of their wedding; that alive or dead, he will never take in another woman.

He’d written his life will and sent to three of his lawyers in three different parts of the world unknown to each other. Contained in the will are details of the benefactors and formula for sharing his properties should he die before his daughter turned twenty five. Also contained in the will is what happens should his daughter die before clocking twenty five.

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Growing and becoming successful in the world of business involves stepping on toes at every stage. As he created a name for himself in business, he also made a whole lot of enemies and friends. Just like he had people in his bad books, he also was in the bad books of others.

His death had shocked the whole country. As narrated by his personal driver and security and also as released by the press and SCD, he was assassinated. His car had been ambushed by four men as they only came for his life and when they made sure that he was dead, left without touching his driver or the security escort.

His death had attracted concern from far and wide and that had put the SCD on their toes as they used all their resources and best hands in investigating his death. Every perceived opponent of Mr. Williams was drilled, monitored and investigated but nothing came out.

One day, a breakthrough came from a call made to the SCD. The caller had reported the discovery of a grave carelessly dug with a hand sticking out. The SCD had swung into action and had discovered four decomposed bodies in the said grave. After the autopsy and identification, it was confirmed that the four dead bodies were that of those responsible for the death of Mr. William.

Witnesses and material evidences to the murder of the four were sort but whoever did the job did a good one not to have left any atom of evidence.

After what was a long year of thorough investigation, the case was gradually laid to rest.





Settled in the comfort of his car which overlooked Claire’s gate, his mind went back to what was among the most difficult contract he ever handled; two years ago. How he was contacted to execute the contract and provided with all necessary information after the drop off. He had recorded the contract on his note pad (contract book) and went into action.

It had involved the execution of four men which had taken him two months to locate. It had been tough as every one of them seemed meticulous and hiding. He had reconciled all the information he had on each of them and realized that they were a gang.

Gathering them together had been the easiest part of the job as capturing one of them had led to that of the other three. After killing them, he had transported their bodies to a remote village and buried them. After burying them, he retraced his step making sure not to leave any evidence.

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One month after, the news of the discovery of four dead bodies hit every nook and cranny but died off under one year which was sooner than he’d expected. It was thenthat he realized that the four guys he killed were connected to the death of a very wealthy man.


The buzzing of his phone jolted him back to reality. Picking it up, he saw a message notification and clicked it open. ‘They are connected to the death of Mr. Williams; a famous business man. He has a daughter Claire and a brother Bob. That’s all I could lay my hands on’

After reading the text message, flashes started coming to his mind. Why had he not connected Claire to Mr. Williams? He remembered the face of Mr. Williams all over the news and just then it occurred to him that he had seen that same face on Claire’s study. Hitting himself hard, he cursed under his breath ‘damn!! Why didn’t I connect this before now?”

Clicking on the reply option under the text message, a clear sheet appeared and he typed a message, ‘I need all the names and details of every suspect on that case. I’m expecting it within an hour, thanks’

When the message delivered, he slipped the phone back into his pocket. ‘Whoever ordered the hit on those four guys was responsible for the death of Mr. Williams and is also responsible for that of Claire’s.’ He concluded.

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