FATE (What will be will be)

Episode four



Bob Williams is the only brother of late Mr. Ralph Williams. Since the death of his brother, he had taken charge of running his company pending when Claire was ready to take over.

He had run the company with his life for the legacy of his brother not to crumble as it was already moving towards that end after his death with some individuals at the top echelon of the company orchestrating plans for a hostile takeover.

He was on his way for a contract meeting when he got a call from the state SCD office about the attack on Claire. Immediately he made a detour and headed straight to the hospital.




As the officers left, he’d gone back into the room to Claire’s searching gaze.

“Is everything alright?” Claire had asked noticing the look on his face.

“Yea everything is fine.” He replied settling on the couch beside Claire’s bed.

“Any news about Anthony?”

“Anthony? No … not yet.” He stammered and that gave him up.

Claire knew that whenever Bob stammers something was amiss. They’ve been so close right from when she was a kid and became closer since the death of her father. After he had assumed the role of a father, always wanting and giving her the best of everything.

She remembered when her father died. How Bob had stepped in to make sure that her father’s business empire didn’t crumble.

“Uncle what is it?” she asked staring at Bob who tried to avoid her piercing gaze, “Is Anthony ok?”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, he didn’t make it. He died on the spot.” He blurted out holding her hand comfortingly.


Claire had silently been praying for a miracle about Anthony’s survival. She’d seen him slump over the steering wheel when the shots shattered the windscreen.

Anthony was a hardworking young man though in his early forties. He was her personal driver before she left for the states. She never had much friends growing up and Anthony had turned out to be her best friend. They had created a bond that Claire could tell him anything and everything. She confided in him, seek his opinion and advice which he never failed to give.

When she left for the States, she had pleaded with her late dad to give Anthony another job pending when she comes back. That request had been granted by her father and when she came back, though she moved out from her father’s house because of the memories it gave her, she was happy reuniting with Anthony who doubled as her official and personal driver.

She had mourned him till the next morning that she was discharged. Bob had stayed with her not taking a step out till she was discharged and they left together.








He was relieved seeing Claire discharged the following day. He stayed in the hospital the previous day till his presence started becoming suspicious before he left.

The next morning as early as 5am, he was already parked at the hospital premises waiting for her to be discharged.


He didn’t sleep a wink the previous night as the thought of Claire never left his mind. The look of horror she had when he opened the car door etched on his heart. As he thought about Claire, he also tried to put the links he had together but couldn’t make out anything from them. After so much thought, he’d decided to create a list of potential suspects and investigate them. First on, the list was the current acting CEO of Williams Holdings, Bob, but before that, he needed to find a connection between two years ago and his current task since the voice that ordered for the hit on the four assassins sounded similar to that which ordered for the hit on Claire, he needed to find a link.




“I have made provision for some body guards from a security firm. They’ll be here any moment.” Bob said as they got home from the hospital.

“Body guards? When, how?” Claire asked surprised.

“A friend of mine heads a security service so I contacted him last night while you were sleeping.”

“Uncle I don’t think that’s necessary,” she said deflated.

“Sweetheart it has become compulsory that you have some physical protection, at least till we know what we are dealing with and possibly get things under control.” Bob said firmly.

“Uncle but I’m fine. Seriously, I don’t need some tough, mean looking guy around me. I am going to be miserable I swear to God.” She whined.

“You are going to be just fine,” Bob said with assurance, laughing. “It’s just a matter of few months.”

“Months?” she shouted, “you can as well confine me to a prison or under house arrest.”

“I am going to use my influence and your father’s name to get the SCD to speed up their investigation and I promise you, before you know it, all these will be over for good.” Bob said with utmost reassurance.

“And what about you? I might not be the only person they are after.”

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

“If I need some body guards then you need some too. I’m not going through this misery of body guards alone.” She said with a smile.

“Ok, if that is going to make you accept them then I will get one for myself too.” Bob started laughing. “That reminds me, I got in contact with Anthony’s family too. I told them to keep us in the loop about everything concerning his burial arrangements.”


Relaxing on the couch, tears gathered in her eyes. Even after the confirmation of Anthony’s death, she’d still prayed for a miracle but, was that still possible?

“I will contact his family myself; his wife especially.” She said with teary eyes.

“Ok, that would be fine. I know this is hard for you but, you have got to handle it with courage. We all mourn him. It’s not just a loss for you, it’s for all of us.” Bob said patting her on the shoulder gently.


Claire’s mind drifted to when Tony as she fondly called him had called her in the States to tell her that he was getting married. She remembered how they had joked that day. How she’d accused him of breaking her heart by marrying another woman. Tony’s response that day never left her mind. He’d told her that nothing, not even the woman he was getting married to was going to come between them. That he would always be there for her any time and any day she needed him. She had actually felt jealous of the girl Anthony was going o marry.

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She also remembered on many occasions she’d called him her husband but he had always been quick to object telling her that she wasn’t meant for a guy like him. That they belonged to two different worlds but that notwithstanding, he was always be at her service.

She was still in her thoughts when the door alarm rang. Bob who was also with his own thoughts stood up to answer the door. After confirming the identity of the men outside through the door camera,he opened the door and in came four stern looking men. He ushered them to the sitting room and waved them to a seat before they went down to discuss security business.

Claire at a point had lost interest and asked Bob to take care of everything and show them around before heading up to her room. She had never in her life been a fan of rugged, all macho, strong faced guys, but as the situation has left her with no choice. She knew that she just had to deal with it. She would try her possible to keep her sanity till it was all over.







Sly parked a distance away from Claire’s gate, talking with someone on the phone.

“I need you to get me all the information you have concerning the death of four assassin found dead and buried together two years ago.”

“Classified? Then make it unclassified. I need everything you’ve got on it; no details should be left out within the hour, thanks.” He concluded and ended the call.

Pulling out a note pad from the glove compartment of his car. On the cover of the book is an inscription ‘Field work’, this is the book where he records his works. Flipping through the pages, he got to a page and traced his finger down before it rested on a number. Picking his phone from the dashboard he typed a message before adding the number and sending it to Kunle.

He was about to make another call when a block SUV zoomed pass and stopped in front of Claire’s gate. He saw an inscription ‘Assured Security’ scribbled on the car. He knew the security firm as most popular people picked their body guards from them. Four men had stepped down from the car.

He was relieved when he saw the men. For one, he knew the director of the security service who was among the four men. He heaved a sigh of relief for that was going to give him the needed time to investigate whoever it is that wants the innocent girl dead.


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