FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode three



She woke up and saw her only Uncle, Bob, sitting beside her, holding her hand. He was bent, resting his head on the bed probably sleeping. She looked around the room, her eyes settling on the wall clock which had ‘BE HEALTHY’ engraved in it. She couldn’t believe she’d slept for eight good hours at a stretch. Taking the exclusively furnished room into cognizance, she didn’t expect less as her name always evoked the best treatment for her. As she looked around the room, the event that had brought her to the hospital flashed through her mind. This was the first time an attempt was been made on her life since she came back to the country to take over her father’s business. She couldn’t think of any reason why someone would want to kill her.

As her thoughts roamed around the incident, the note she tucked under the pillow when they brought her into the ICU came to her mind. Adjusting quietly, trying not to disturb her uncle, she picked the note and unfolded it. Written on the paper in bold letters with a red ink were three words ‘TRUST NO ONE’

She remembered how horrified she’d been when the door to her side of the car opened. She had thought that he came to finish her up. She’d been so shocked and afraid that she couldn’t get a view of the guy. Though he was very fast and had half of his face covered by the hood of his sweat shirt, she could have made out something from his face if she had herself under control. She shifted to relax back to the bed when her uncle stirred and woke up.

“Thank goodness. How are you Princess?” he asked surprised at seeing her up.

“I’m fine uncle, sorry for waking you.” She replied with a smile. “I know you must have been here for long.”

“I came as soon as I was contacted by the police.” He replied waving off her apology. “What happened?”

“How is Anthony?” she asked ignoring her uncle’s question.

“I don’t know, the cops didn’t say much about him.”

The image of Anthony slumped over the steering wheel settled on her mind as she prayed silently for a miracle that he survives. She’d heard as two shots shattered the windscreen just as Anthony slumped over the steering.


Her thoughts were disrupted by the entrance of the doctor, nurse and two men; one carrying her handbag, the other she recognized vividly from the crime scene.

“Oh!! I see, you are awake,” the doctor said with a smile walking towards her bed, “Gentle men” he said turning to the two men behind him, “This is Mr. Bob, uncle to the victim and Mr. Bob these are men from the Police SCD.”

The men nodded in salutation to Bob who also did same. The one with the handbag handed it over to Bob who in turn placed it beside Claire.

Without waiting for further pleasantries, the doctor turned to Claire.

“How are you feeling?” he asked with a smile feeling her pulse from her hand.

She nodded without a word. The doctor with the smile not leaving his lips used his stethoscope on her chest. After that, he checked the readings on the EKG which was connected to some parts of Claire’s body. Taking the file from the nurse, he jotted down something before handing it back to her.

“Do you feel anyhow, weird or pressure on any part of your body?” he asked still with smiles.

“No, not at all. I feel like myself. When am I leaving here?” she asked trying her best not to sound rude.

“That’s good to hear that you are fine. We will watch you again for this night and maybe by tomorrow you will be discharged.”

“Ok, thank you.” She muttered, not pleased that she won’t be discharged immediately.

“Well then, these gentlemen will like to talk to you,” he said and turning to the SCD men, he said “Don’t pressure her, she still needs time.”

The leading officer nodded and shook hands with the doctor before he left. While all these happened, Bob rested on the seat observing without words.

“Miss like you already know, I’m Inspector Owel from the state SCD (Special Crimes Department) and this is my colleague Donald, hope you don’t mind if we ask you a couple of questions pertaining to the event of today?”

“No problem.” Claire replied.

Bob waved them to a double sitter beside where he sat asking them to sit. They thanked him and sank into the seat pulling out their note pads.

“Do you mind telling us what happened at the scene?” Owel asked.


Claire narrated how all she could remember was how a car pulled up in front blocking them off beside the road. How the driver got shot by the guy on face cap and him coming around to her window when she heard two shots while the guy slumped.

“Did you by any chance get to see the face of the guy that fired the shots at the guy on cap?”

“Yes. After he slumped, another guy on hood who I believe fired the shot came around to my side of the car and opened the door. He looked in as if to confirm that I was ok before banging the door.”

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“Can you describe him?”

“No…. I don’t know… I can’t. It had happened so fast, all I can remember was seeing a car zoom pass not long after he banged the door.”

“Did you get a view of the car?” Owel asked with little frustration.


“Did he say anything when he opened the door?”


“Ok, that will be all for now,” Owel said standing with his colleague, “In case there is anything you think we need to know, don’t hesitate to let us know.” He continued stretching forth his complimentary card to her.

Claire collected the card just in time for Agent Donald to ask,

“Is there anybody that you think is capable of doing this?”

“No, not at all.” Claire replied tiredly.

“Ok then, we will keep in touch if anything comes up and remember to give us a call if you find anything that could be helpful to this case.” Owel said as they shook hands with Bob and made for the door.

“Ummm!! Officer, what about my driver, is he ok?” she asked stopping them on their track.

“We can’t say anything for now,” Owel started with a deflated look, “the doctors are attending to him in another hospital and once we get anything positive, we will keep you posted.”

“Ok, thank you.”

“You are welcome and have a quick recovery too.” Owel said with a smile and turning to Bob who has just been listening to the whole interrogatory session, he requested to have a word with him outside.

“Sure, no problem.” Bob replied and patting Claire on the shoulder, he left with the detectives.

“We are sorry Mr …” Owel trailed off outside the room.

“Bob.” Bob said with a smile.

“Yes, Mr. Bob, pardon me,” he resumed smiling. “We are sorry the driver didn’t make it, he died on the spot.”

Bob brooded heavily before asking,

“Do you have anything on the dead guy who I presumed wanted her dead?”

“Investigations are still ongoing and we are trying to piece our findings together.” Owel replied.

“Ok, just keep us posted about any development.” He said handing out his complimentary card.

“Sure we will, sorry once again for the death of the driver.”

“Thanks.” Bob replied nodding.

“Mr. Bob, is there anybody you suspect of wanting your cousin dead?” Donald asked.

“No, not at all. Her late father had enemies which mostly I don’t know of but, I don’t see why any of them should come for her daughter.”

“Ok, we will keep in touch.” Owel said as they shook hands once again and left while Bob went back inside.




Sly is an A grade assassin who has carried out high level political assassinations. He was always contacted whenever someone with a means wants someone dead without a trace. He’d built a good reputation among the few mighty men at the top of the political cadre who always sorted for his help in eliminating opponents.

He is always very good and cautious leaving no traces behind. Most times, the bodies of his victims are never found. His charges are so high that only the well to do minority could afford him.

Once contacted, he never meets with his clients. A ‘drop off‘ is always done by two different people at any location of his choosing. The client provides someone masked who drops off information about the job to be done and a hundred percent of his charge in the currency and denomination of his choosing. He wasn’t paid through any other means apart from ‘drop off’; this way, he doesn’t get to know his client and vice versa.

It’s a well known fact amongst those whoever chooses to contact him that any attempt at trying to breach the terms of the agreement makes one a target.



On a particular day after he just got off an operation and was planning on taking a vacation, a number contacted him for a job. He could have waved it off but for some reason he didn’t. First, the voice sounded familiar and not so often does he get contacted by familiar voices. Again, the price attached to the job made it impossible to walk over.

This particular contract was clearly away from what he involved himself in; his operations never exceeded two weeks; one week of surveillance and another for execution but, on the contrary, this case involved surveillance for one month, finding a classified document before execution

He had set everything in motion after the drop off was made. At first he had thought that the target was a high ranking politician or an oil man for such a bounty to have been placed, only to realize that the target was a young girl more or less in her early or mid twenties. He’d thought that she was a spoilt brat daughter of a politician but from the picture he had, she didn’t strike him as one but, that has never been his concern.

With his mind set, he had started following the target, monitoring every of her move. The first few days were hitch free as he followed her around from a distance. The target had posed no threat to his operation as she walked freely, no guards; a thing of surprise to him.

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After two weeks of following the target, for the very first time, he questioned the rationale behind the execution of such an innocent and carefree girl as he termed her. Apart from the simple nature of the girl, he strongly believed that there were forces surrounding her.


It had all started the first night he made an entrance into her apartment. If not for his expertise, he would have been caught and probably shot by the girl. He’d gained entrance into the apartment altering the security system. After confirming that the girl was deep asleep, he had proceeded to her study in search of a document which was part of the operation. The document as detailed was marked with triple X which signified top secret

He’d been engrossed in the search when his ears picked a sound tiptoeing towards the study. He had stopped and got himself perfectly hidden just in time for the ‘supposed to be sleeping’ girl walk into the study armed like she had been notified about his presence. After checking around, the girl had left. He’d already readied himself for defense should the girl find him but luckily she didn’t. As she left, he’d followed suit escaping from where he came in.

This particular sequence had repeated itself the following week before he decided to give up on the operation. He had found himself getting attached to the girl. Seeing the look on her face each morning after a disturbed night always gave him a guilty conscience; a guilt that never left.

After the third week on the target, for the very first time in his career, he decided to terminate the contract but not without having in mind that if he couldn’t do it, some other person was going to do it and it was just a matter of time before the girl gets killed.

After much contemplation, he contacted his client and notified him of the termination of the contract. The man had been disappointed and ran curses on him before going off the phone. Sly had requested for a drop off of the bounty that had been paid but his client had directed him to the road that led to hell and told him to go and rot in it after he made it clear to him that he wasn’t the only best hand in the job and since he couldn’t do it, someone else was going to do it, only just a matter of time.

Sly couldn’t believe that for the first time in his life that he was developing feelings for a target. He couldn’t believe himself but could he help it? He was the Sly known for his ruthlessness that never gave emotions and sentiments a chance, but following the innocent target, who obviously had offended nobody, for three weeks had got him attached to her and he had decided to protect her.

He had continued following the girl but this time was for her protection. While following the girl, he had tried to find out who wanted her dead but it had all led to a dead end. The only lead he had was that the voice that ordered the hit sounded familiar to that which ordered for the elimination of four suspected assassins two years ago.


It was one month later while following the young lady that he noticed another assassin stalking her and just then he knew that the chips were down. Two days after he noticed the stalker, the girl had travelled for what he had information to be a seminar and then he decided to tail the assassin.

The guy had been cautious enough but was no match for him. He had on two occasions made him out by following him and had shook him off or so he thought but, on those occasions, Sly had played like a normal motorist going about his business.

Sly had waited for a perfect opportunity for the dude to make a slip but that never happened till the day the girl came back from the seminar. He had tracked the guy to the airport and waited till the girl arrived.

Sly’s motive had been to kidnap the dude and get information out from him but that never happened as he shot him before he could eliminate the girl. Before he left the scene, he had picked the assassin’s phone to get more clues but it had all led to a dead end.

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