FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode twenty-five


Everything was working according to plan. As Owel and his colleague came in, she had played the audio file and showed them the pictures. She had also handed the file and the CDs to them after explaining the contents. The officers had been shocked but did well to hide it.

After showing them the evidence, she sold them the plan she had orchestrated with Davis (Sly) in other to draw Bob or the killer out to them. They had agreed to the excellent plan and urged her to make the call.

After the call, Owel ordered his subordinate to go down to the reception to keep watch and alert them of any suspicious movement.



Seated at a bar a short distance away from the hotel, Sly sipped from a bottle of beer keeping his eyes constantly on the road. He prayed everything worked according to the plan. No doubt he was in love with her and she was with him but, what worried his mind was her safety.

He was still with his thought when he saw the same car that had rammed into them park a little away from the hotel. He watched as the guy stepped out and headed towards the hotel. His mind skipped as he made to follow him but he calmed himself. If he saw him exit the hotel without cuffs he will kill him, he concluded and relaxed back.



“Ma’am one Mr. Bob is here for you.” The receptionist said into the phone.

“Ok, thank you.” She said and dropped the call before directing him to the room.

As the receptionist made the call to Claire’s room, the agent sitting with his attention murmured,

“I have eyes on the suspect. He is on his way up.”

As she dropped the call, Owel told her to head to the bathroom. She took quick strides into the bathroom without hesitance. Positioning himself beside the door, he waited.




As he took the last stair which led the room, he pulled out his gun and started fixing the silencer. At the door, he knocked and waited for answer. He was focused on the door not aware of the person coming behind him with gun pointed to his head. He was about to knock again when he heard a voice behind him.

“SCD, Drop the gun and raise your hands where I can see them.”

“Damn it.” He cursed raising his hands slowly without dropping the gun planning an escape realizing that he just walked into a trap. As he turned slowly to face the officer, the door opened and Owel came out hitting him on the neck with the butt of his gun. He slumped immediately and became unconscious.

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His phone started ringing just as he came out from consciousness. Pulling the phone from his pocket, Owel pressed the receiver and placed the call on speaker before the assailant. He corked his gun and placed it on his crouch as a voice came through the phone.

“Have you taken care of her?”

He looked at Owel who nodded to him.

“Yes, done and dusted.”

“What of the guy that is with her.”

“He wasn’t with her anymore. But I made it look like he killed her.” He replied and looked again at Owel who gave him a thumbs up.

“Good job, you will get your balance tomorrow ok.”

“Yes sir.” He said as the call ended.

“Call for back up.”Owel commanded his subordinate and also ordered for a unit to be sent over to 24 Presidential Avenue. I need the rear to be secured pending my arrival.

“Yes sir.”



Their joy knew no bounds as they got the supposed good news. They made a toast to a job well done before Bob headed out. Finally everything seemed to have fallen into place for them. He’d called Owel before leaving with Gerald’s car briefing him hastily and telling him to meet him at Paradise hotel as Claire was in trouble just to buy an alibi, if only he knew what awaited him.

He drove into the serene environment of the hotel and practically jumped down from the car rushing towards the entrance. As the door parted for him to enter, he stood awestruck as he saw Officer Owel walking out with Claire with another guy on cuff behind them guarded by another officer.

Owel pulled out his gun immediately and pointed it at Bob who had stepped back dumb struck. Pulling out his cuffs, he secured his hands while reading him his rights.

“Mr. Bob Williams, you are under arrest for the alleged murder of Mr. Williams and the several attempts on the life of Miss Claire Williams. You have the right to remain silent for whatever you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney and if you can’t afford any, one will be provided for you by the state.” He concluded pushing him towards their vehicle as the backup they requested just arrived.




She had just been debriefed and asked if there was anybody she could call to take her home. She had dialed Lizzy but her line was switched off. She’d decided to wait for a moment to see Owel before leaving.

Owel had handed them over to the backup that arrived at the hotel and headed out with his subordinate to Gerald’s house. As the team drove them out, she kept looking through the glass to know if she could see him; Davis and yes she saw him. Their eyes had communicated volumes as the car moved by. He’d given her a smile which melted the remaining part of her heart.

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She was still waiting when Owel led Gerald in cuffs. Gerald avoided her gaze as she stared at him, tears coating her eyes. Everything seemed to stand still as he walked past her into another holding away from where Bob was.

“Have you been debriefed?” Owel asked coming out from the holding.

“Yes.” She nodded.

He called a young agent and told him to drive her home as he promised to handle everything and keep in touch with her every step of the way till they were charged to court.


She walked into her compound and met her gate man who looked shocked. The officer had dropped her in front of her gate and waited till she got inside before driving off.

“Welcome ma.” He greeted

“Thank you Musa.” She replied and walked weakly towards the door. As she pushed the door open, that fragrance wafted through her respiratory system. She stiffened at the door before walking in slowly into the sitting room and behold him standing at the middle of the room, looking towards her direction.

She stood still for a moment before taking quick stride towards him; his opened arms. He enveloped her in a bear hug as she finally let out all the bottled up tears which had been waiting to be released.

When she finally got herself under control, she made to say something but his lips pushed the words back to her throat as they entangled themselves in a bolt of emotional kissing. They kissed for some good minutes before she said that word which she’d forever dreaded saying to any man.

“Take me, make love to me.” She said with an emotional pitched voice before collapsing in his hands.

Without hesitation, he carried her up and headed up to her room.





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