Episode twenty-four


“Sir, there is a problem.” He said into the phone parked beside the road where he saw their car.

“I lost them.” He repeated

“Yes, a guy, I couldn’t see his face. He helped her escape.”

“Ok, on it.”



Gerald paced the length of his sitting room confused. How could everything that was already in place start going wrong all of a sudden. Gulping the last content of his cup, he picked his phone from the table and dialed Bob to inform him of the latest development; they need to device another plan.

“We need to see.” He said as the phone connected.

“It wasn’t successful. She escaped with the help of someone.” He repeated.

“What’s the next step?” He asked impatiently.

“Ok, I’m waiting.” He said and threw the phone on the couch.

Pouring another shot, he gulped it down before sending the cup flying against the wall shouting.





“Damn it.” He cursed loudly after the call. “What’s the force behind this girl?”

Suddenly everything was taking a new dimension and they need to come up with a plan as fast as they could before they are caught off guard.




“Sir you have two men down here asking to see you.” The receptionist said into the phone.

“Detective Owel and a colleague.”

“Ok thank you.” He said again replacing the phone.

Room 305, last room on the left after the second stairs.” She directed Agent Owel and another officer on mufti.





I don’t need to be here when they arrive.” Sly said dropping the phone.

She looked up at him pleadingly, “I can’t do this alone please, don’t go.”

“I need to go, they can handle it from here. I don’t need to be in their way and you know what I do.” He said looking at her. She understood what he meant.

“Please,” she tried for the last time. She knows there was no way he was going to stay. “I beg you; don’t go now, maybe after all these.” She persisted placing her hand on his.

“I need to. I will be around waiting for the trailer or whoever will show up, ok.” He explained covering her hand in his.


She had wanted him to stay by her through it all, but that seemed not to be possible as he needed to leave before the SCD men she’d contacted arrived. They had set out every plan before she contacted Owel. Moving closer, she threw her hands around his neck and pressed her body tightly to him in a hug. She felt at peace and safe just hugging him. He’d reciprocated before gently disengaging. Planting a kiss on his lips, she looked into his eyes and said, “Please be careful.”

“I will.” He mustered a smile. “I have my eyes on you, don’t be afraid ok?” he encouraged her.

She nodded and smiled through tears.

“Also remember to show them everything, and the plans ok?” He said heading to the door.

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“I will.” She replied before he opened the door and left.

She immediately felt lonely and afraid as the door closed behind him. She couldn’t believe everything that had happened, again, she owes him her life.

She was still with her thought when she heard a knock on the door. Walking to the door, she opened it and stood face to face with the officers.




Gerald sat uncomfortable thinking of the next step to take. It has been over an hour that he called Bob but he was nowhere to be seen and to cap it all, he wasn’t answering his phone again. He’d dialed the hired killer who told him that he was still on the lookout for Claire. He’d told him to still be on the lookout while awaiting further instruction.

This time around, he used someone he knows to avoid a case of ‘bailing’ or sudden disappearance. He tried to get in touch with Bob for the last time and just when he thought that he’d bailed on him, he answered his phone.

“Thank goodness Bob, where are you?” he asked impatiently.

“I’m on my way to you now, had to attend to something.” He replied calmly.

“Ok, have you heard from her?” he repeated.

“I will be with you shortly.” Bob replied and ended the call.


Another twenty minutes saw Bob stepping out from a taxi a short distance away from Gerald’s house. He paid off the cabbie and waited for him to drive off before walking down the short distance to 24 Presidential Avenue. As he walked, he kept looking back to know if he was followed. As he got close to Gerald’s gate, he pulled out his phone and dialed his number asking him to come and open his gate. He’d wonder for the umpteenth time why Gerald sent his wife and child abroad and had refused to use a gateman only to be leaving as a bachelor. Few seconds as he dropped the call, he heard the gate unlock as Gerald held it open for him to enter.

“Have you heard from her?” he asked immediately Bob stepped into the compound.

“Calm down, let take each step carefully.” Bob admonished as they walked into Gerald’s sitting room.

“What would you prefer?” Gerald asked walking to the bar as Bob settled on the couch.

“I can use anything hard.” Bob replied calmly.

Pulling out a bottle of scotch with two glass cups, he walked back and placed it on a side stool beside Bob and also took a seat. He poured two cups and handed one to him before gulping his own down.

Taking a sip, Bob surveyed the tip of the cup as the drink burned its way down his throat. Putting down the cup, he started.

“The person that broke into your house, what did he take?”

“Nothing; I guess it’s a petty thief. He couldn’t gain entrance.” He replied pouring another shot for himself.

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“I have told you to get yourself a security man around here.” Bob said taking a deep breath. He took another sip placing the cup back on the stool.

“Have you heard from her?” Gerald asked for the umpteenth time.

“No.” he replied calmly.

Gerald stared at him confused. His calmness was beginning to upset him. He wondered if he has a sinister plan. “Then call her let’s know her location and finish up with this once and for all.”  He said with wide eyes.

“Gerald calm down,” he started. “We need to be cautious about this. For now it’s assumed that I don’t know anything that is happening. So let’s wait till she contacts me before we can take any action.”

“Why? Why wait for her to contact you?”

“Am I supposed to know about this? Calm down man. You are panicking and that’s not good at all.” Bob said calmly once more.

“Damn!!” He cursed hitting the couch. “Killing her father wasn’t even this hard.”

“Calm down,” Bob started throwing him a glance, “we will wrap this up very soon.”

He was about saying something when Bob’s phone starting ringing. Picking it up from the armrest, he nodded and cleared his voice, “It’s Claire.” He said and pressed the receiver button before turning it to speak out.

“Hello sweetheart.”

“Uncle I’m in trouble,” Claire cried. “Someone is after my life. He tried to kill me…. he tried to kill me.” She cried.

“What? Who? How? Where are you?” he asked with faked seriousness.

Claire kept crying without a word.

“Sweatheart calm down, I’m on my way to you now but I need to know where you are.”

“I’m in Paradise hotel.” She said crying.

“Ok, I want you to stay there. I’m on my way with the SCD ok?” he said

She was still crying before he dropped the call. They both heaved big sighs of relieve as Gerald poured another round of shot for them.

“Now call your guy and tell him to move as fast as he could to Paradise hotel. Tell him that incase they demand for a name, he should tell them that it’s Bob.”

Picking his phone Gerald placed a call to the hired killer and gave him the piece of information.

To Be Continued..!!

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