Episode twenty-one



The familiar fragrance wafted through her nose and just as she turned trying to know who was wearing it she heard his voice. Unmistaken, it was his. Her heart thumbed hard against her ribs as she felt goose bumps cover her skin. He’d told her to keep straight and not look at him but after all the while of thinking about him; she wasn’t going to allow that.

Having a look at his face had sent shivers down her spine. The feeling she had was unfamiliar, not one she could remember ever having. As he talked, her mind held a picture of him. She couldn’t hear a word of what he was saying being lost in the thought of him in her head.

As he walked around her she noticedhe dropped a parcel in her cart. She called out to him but he’d disappeared through the shelves. Pushing her cart along, she walked fast to catch up with him but as she took the same bend he did, she couldn’t see him anymore. She looked around but he was gone.

Pushing her good to the counter, she unpacked, paid and took her receipt heading out in quick strides. Outside, she surveyed but couldn’t see any sign of him.

Settled in the comfort of her car, she opened the parcel and dipped her hand in skeptically. She felt some thick papers with sharp edges before pulling them out.

The first picture has a picture of Bob in his car with his phone on his ear. The second had Gerald the company’s attorney stepping out from his car. The third had Gerald entering Bob’s car. The fourth Picture had Bob’s driver standing outside the vehicle and the car glasses gone dark.

She couldn’t make out anything from the pictures as she held them; deep in thought. Is he suspecting Bob? She asked herself. “No, that can’t be,” she muttered putting the pictures back into the envelope.

She was deep in thought as she drove back home trying to remember the words he’d said to her. She thought deep and hard but came out void. She tried to figure out the message he was trying to pass through with that; the pictures. Is he in any way trying to tell her that those two has something connected to what she was passing through? She scoffed at the thought. Even the mere thought of it made her laugh. If not for anything, those are the two men she can trust with her life though she was skeptical about everybody at that moment. They had been the pillar behind her in the company; their support has not wavered one bit. But, what is with those pictures?

She would have called her uncle immediately she got off the mall to inform him about the recent development but, after the last incident, she’d decided to keep any and every information to herself and she felt very comfortable with her decision.

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Again her new found feeling was strange to her; nothing that she had felt before. He’d thrown himself before the bullet to save her life, so much of someone that everyone perceives to want her dead. She couldn’t explain the reaction she had when she heard his voice and saw his face. It wasn’t of fear, wasn’t a feeling of wanting to escape. Could she even describe it? She’d felt numb struck. She’d wanted to go into his arms. It would have felt safe for her. Those feelings, she had no words for them.

As she held out the last item she was unpacking into the kitchen cabinet, it struck her, the word St Agnes church. She remembered hearing him say that, but what he said afterwards she couldn’t remember. What’s with St Agnes Church? She asked rhetorically. Does he want to meet, if so why the church of all places?Closing the overhead cupboard, she walked off the kitchen and headed to her room.







He wasn’t sure if she was going to come. A part of him was telling him that she was going to involve the authorities while the other urged him to wait a little more. Sitting in the closed confessional, he watched every movement inside the church checking his time intermittently. When his time struck 5pm, he concluded that she wasn’t going to come again and walked out from confessional. Taking the left isle, he walked quietly towards the exit.

He was about walk out when the sound of a shoe heel hitting the tiled floor stopped him on his track. Turning to the main entrance, he saw her walking skeptically towards the altar.

From where he stood, it would be a bit difficult for someone from her position to see him. Dashing out from the church, he walked around the building to the main entrance. He looked around the church premises from a pillar which had him covered from other eyes. Satisfied of no strange movement, he walked back and entered the church from where he came out. He walked quietly through the left isle which would lead him behind her before walking through the central isle and settled behind her on the pew.

“Don’t look back.” He said softly kneeling behind her his head close to her ears.

She stiffened as he saw the muscles around her neck tighten.

“I can’t, I want to see your face.” She retorted and turned before he could stop her. Their eyes met and locked as they stared at each other strangely. They felt a current pass through their eyes touching the depth of their souls.

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Shaking himself off from the enchantment of her eyes, he gently turned her face around.

“How are you healing?” she asked before he could utter a word.

“What can you tell me about the pictures?” he asked ignoring her question.

“No… nothing.” She stammered. “What has these got to do with them?” she asked with a quivering tone.

“The man in the picture, the second guy, who is he?” He pushed on ignoring her question again.

“The company’s attorney, why?” she replied.

“Is there any connection between the three of you apart from the company?”

“Of course.” She replied. She was getting herself under control and wasn’t going to tell him anything again if he isn’t going to answer her questions. “Who are you and why are you doing all these?” she asked unexpectedly.

“Tell me the connection.” Sly said trying to brush off her question.

“Damn it,” she swore under her breath, “Answer me for once. Why are you doing all this?” she said through her teeth.

He caught the anger and frustration in her voice. From the way he was going, he knew that she wasn’t going to give her anything if he doesn’t answer her questions.

“Because I was hired to kill you.” He said softly.

She went still as goose bump spread over her skin before she relaxed herself.

“By who?” she asked calmly.

“I don’t know. I guess by someone who still wants you dead.”

“Why are you protecting me now?” She repeated calmly with a tone laced with emotions.

He knew that once he’d started answering her question she wasn’t going to stop asking. He didn’t need to remind himself that he wasn’t there for a question and answer session.

“There is something I believe you possess; maybe unknowingly. It is a classified document marked with triple X. search for it. When you have it, beep me through this line.” He said and dropped a phone and a pack of SIM card together with a piece of paper containing a mobile number. “And again, be careful, your phone might have been tapped.” He concluded and left before she could say another word.

To Be Continued…

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