FATE (What will be will be)

Episode nineteen


She laid on the bed her mind occupied with the thought of him. She had been like that from the previous night when Bob drove her home till that morning. His image as he walked out drenched in his own blood had etched on her memory. He took the bullet for me, she’d kept repeating in her mind like she wanted to believe otherwise.

Everything had happened so fast that she didn’t get a clear view of the shooter. She’d been in shock and speechless since the incident.

“What happened?” Lizzy who’d been seated staring at her all morning asked for the umpteenth time.

“He took the bullets that were meant for me.” She muttered.

Heaving a big sigh that finally she’d decided to talk to her, she edged closer and took her hand. The previous night when she was led home by Bob, she’d seen patches of blood on her and had feared the worse. It was when she confirmed from Bob that she wasn’t shot that her mind was relieved.

“Who took what bullets for you?” she persisted.

“He covered me and got shot.” She repeated.

“Talk to me hun.” I can’t make a head or tail out of what you are saying Lizzy pushed on.

She was about to narrate what happened when her phone started ring from the dressing table. With a sigh, lizzy stood up and headed to silence the phone when she saw the caller ID; Unknown.

“It’s from an unknown number.” She announced.

Jerking from her state and down from the bed, she took quick strides and collected the phone from Lizzy. Lizzy was surprised at the sudden change in her behavior and watched on.

“Hello?” she said impatiently into the phone.

“Yes, how are you, where are you, are you ok?” she asked without catching a breath.

“Can I meet you? I need to see you please.”

“No please don’t, I just want to see you; to know that you are ok.” She cried.

“Hello…? Helloo….?  She repeated as tears rolled down her eye.

Realizing that he had dropped the call, she removed the phone from her ear and stared at the screen clutching it tightly. Turning around she saw Lizzy staring at her blankly. She knew what was next as she walked back to the bed dabbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

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Since Bob drove her home the previous night, she had not said a word to anybody,keeping mute wouldn’t be possible anymore which she already knows because Lizzy would rather beat it out from her than plead again.

“Now I think we’ve had enough of this drama, can you now tell me what happened last night?” Lizzy said dragging a seat close to the bed.

Letting out a sigh, she looked at Lizzy apologetically. She knew what she must have put her through since the night. A lot had happened and she could see emotional stress written all over her.

“I was nearly shot.” She started quietly.

“By who, the guy?” she asked impatiently urging her on.

“I don’t know, by another guy on hood.”

“Another guy on hood? What does that mean?” she asked.

“I had gotten to the Garden and waited for him. He called immediately I walked in and started asking if I told anybody about the meeting and other things. I thought he must have noticed or seen something but, I denied telling anybody. After a little over fifteen minutes, he came around to the table and repeated the same question to which I nodded in affirmation. He had started to talk when suddenly he stopped and sprang to his feet pulling a gun and running around the table.” She stopped and let out another sigh. “Everything had happened so fast but, when I turned, I saw a guy on hood with his gun pointing at me. I heard shots as soon as I turned but the other guy was fast enough as he had me covered already taking the bullets.”

“Wait! Wait! Let me get this. This guy on hood is he not the same guy that had been dropping you warning notes.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. I think he is an impersonator. Whoever pulled that must know something about me and the other guy.”

“What about your uncle and the SCD?”

“I don’t know. There was no SCD around when it all happened. Bob came in few minutes after it all happened and we left before the SCD patrol team arrived.”

“Why, thought they were supposed to be there before you even got there?” Lizzy asked surprised.

“I didn’t see anybody, I was left alone to myself if it hadn’t been for him maybe I would be dead by now.” She said as her eyes gloomed.

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“Did you get a look at the shooter?”

“No, I just saw him running off with the crowd after the shots.” She said looking lost.

“Did your uncle give you any reason as to what happened to the plan you had with him before going for the meeting?” Lizzy asked.

“I didn’t ask and he didn’t say also.”

Silence hovered around as they both went into their thoughts.

“He was badly wounded and lost a lot of blood.” She said jolting Lizzy out from her thought

“I think you should talk to your uncle and the SCD, maybe they can contacts hospitals for any presence of someone with a gunshot wound.” Lizzy suggested.

“I will do no such thing. I want to meet with him first. I’m going to search through all the hospitals around till I locate him.” Claire said determined.

“You nearly got shot and you want to meet again? I can’t believe you.” Lizzy said surprised.

“I think he knows something. I would rather find out what he knows before talking to anybody.” She concluded with a note of finality.



He’d not expected her to react the way she did on the phone. She’d acted so concerned and wanted to meet. Instincts told him that it was a set up. He also suspected that the call might be monitored and rang off before she could continue. Turning off the phone, he pulled out the SIM card and placed the phone on the table beside the bed.

He was weak and in pain but knowing that she was in good condition had been a relief. His mind retraced the events of the previous night. He’d caught an obscure view of the shooter as he mixed up escaping through the crowd. He wasn’t sure if it was really who he had in mind but, that had sure given him a lead to follow. Whoever had planned the attack either knows about him and must be close to Claire.

Relaxing back on the bed, he allowed his mind to wander. He knew that security would be tight around Claire and the authorities would be on the lookout for him. He wasn’t worried about the authorities looking for him but about Claire’s safety.

To Be Continued…



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