FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode seventeen

Reaching for his gun, he ran fast around the table covering Claire who had sprang to her feet as he stood up. His movement coincided with the shots which rang through the bar throwing up confusion. He covered her in time as he felt sharp piercing and hot pains in his arm and chest. The shot had been so powerful that it pushed him down. He made sure to pull Claire down with himself while falling still covering her. He’d shot twice at the assailant who’d been fast enough to disappear with the crowd but he caught a glimpse of his face as he struggled with his hood which was pulled off by the wind.

Struggling to his feet in deep pain soaked in his own blood, he looked at her as she sat on the floor in great shock. He needed to leave the vicinity as fast as he could.

“Are you ok, are you hit?” he asked through severe pain.

She shook her head in negation without a word.

“Call for help.” He said and with great effort he staggered away through the back alley.

“Wait, I can help you, let me help you.” He heard her call from behind but he walked on. He wouldn’t risk her help.


Setting her eyes on him had taken the breath out of her. He was the opposite of what she’d expected. She had expected a tough mean looking monster but sitting opposite her was a handsome guy who looked harmless. That moment she stared at him, her heart raced a million bits, she felt herself melting in his sight she’d regretted involving the SCD. If he’d as little as given her a chance to talk, she would have tipped him of the supposed presence of the SCD.

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When suddenly he stopped midway into his words and sprang to his feet pulling out a gun, she thought he’d seen the authorities. She’d been afraid only to turn and see a guy on hood holding a gun, pointing at her. Everything had happened in a flash; his covering her, the bang she heard. Everything happened so fast that when she realized it, she was on the floor covered by him; the shooter had escaped with the crowd. For some seconds she thought she’d met her end as she saw blood on her body.

She touched herself places where the patches of blood had formed and when she didn’t feel any pain, it downed on her that the blood wasn’t hers. She was shocked as he struggled to his feet soaked in his own blood. He’d taken the bullet meant for her. The shooter hadn’t come for him, he came for her, and she saw it clearly.

As he struggled to his feet in great pain which she saw in his face, instead of walking away, he’d stayed back to know if she was ok before walking away. As she sat there watching him walk away, she had call out to help him, but he neither turned nor said a word to her.

As she sat on the floor thinking about what happened to her uncle and the SCD who were supposed to be there, she saw Bob rush in calling out for her. She’d waved, drawing his attention. Helping her up to her feet, he barraged her with questions.

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“Are you ok?What happened, did he shoot you?” he asked without catching a breath

She had muttered a word of “I’m fine” to him as he helped her to a seat.

“The SCD will be here soon. We don’t need to be here when they arrive.” He’d said pulling her hand gently.

She looked at him surprised before standing as he led her out. As they drove out, she saw the SCDS driving in…To Be Continued


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