FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode sixteen



“I know you are going to object to this but I think it’s now obvious that we need to get you a personal guard again.” He said coming back into the room after the men from SCD left.

“Not again.” She muttered with a dispassionate look.

“Come on, we are not going to let our guards down until we are sure the SCD has him behind bars and prosecuted.”

“Then why don’t we wait. They just got a tip off.” She protested.

“What if it’s a sham.” He asked annoyed?

“And what if it’s not? Uncle I’m sorry. I know you mean well for me and want my safety but, I can’t leave with those guys around me again. I don’t even feel safe with them.”

Bob gave up frustrated. He knew there is no way he was going to change her mind. Picking his cell from the armrest, he stood up to go.

“I will see you tomorrow at the office.” He said heading to the door.

“Ok, goodnight.” Claire said walking behind him to the door.

After his exit, she walked back into the room and went over to Lizzy who was still sobbing lightly. Gathering her into an embrace she consoled him.

“I know you feel bad honey, we all do. Don’t make it hard on yourself.”

“I killed him,” Lizzy cried. “If I’d not gotten him involved in all this he would have been alive.”

“C’mon hun you didn’t kill him. You didn’t know it was going to turn out like this.” Claire consoled patting her gently.

They were stilled, and snuggled together when her cell started ringing. She allowed it to ring out but when the caller wasn’t giving up she left Lizzy and went for the phone. Sighing, she dropped the phone as unknown number displayed on the screen. She was about walking back to Lizzy when it started ringing again. Picking the phone she pressed on the receiver placing the phone on her ear without saying a word. She heard some crack sound from the callers end but no word, more like the caller was waiting on her. Tapping on the speaker button she dropped the phone and as she took a step, a voice came through the phone.

“I didn’t kill him.”

She was taken aback as her eyes met Lizzy’s who was also looking at her. That was the least of what she expected from an unknown caller. Lizzy had stopped cryingand had her attention focused on Claire and the phone.

“Who are you?” Claire asked with mixed feeling of fear and confusion.

“Let’s meet, I will explain everything then.”

“Meet? Why you I won’t do that?” she asked forcing some confidence into her tone.

“Because your life is in danger. Jesson Garden, 9pm, Today. Don’t tell anyone about this and make sure to come alone.” The caller said with a note of finality before the call ended.


Standing put where she’d been, confused, she stared at Lizzy who was sitting up on the couch looking confused too. Turning her face, she looked at the wall clock; 7:30pm.

“I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” Lizzy started. “You are not thinking of going to meet that lunatic are you?”

“I don’t know. I want all these cleared once and for all. I want to have my life back.” She replied confused.

“And you think going to meet with someone who will definitely send you to the grave is going to solve all this?” Lizzy asked with a flat tone.

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“Lizzy, if this guy wanted me dead, I would have been dead long ago. If he is unto something as he claims then, we need to know what that is. You even said that yourself.”

“Hey! Don’t use my words against me and yes I said that but, that was before. Before he killed an innocent man; a friend of mine.”

“Lizzy,” Claire cried, “But you heard him. He said he didn’t do it.”

“Seriously?  I can’t believe we are debating this Claire. You want to walk into your own death with your eyes wide open?” Lizzy shouted annoyed.

“Lizzy listen to me,” Claire started calmly. “I’m not going there alone. I’m going to contact my uncle who’d get the SCD involved. That way we will wrap this whole thing up once and for all.”

“Claire I’m afraid. We can’t just inform your uncle and the SCD. They can go and arrest him there.” Lizzy said sitting back on the couch.

“And you think he will show up without me? C’mon hun you can think better than this.” Claire retorted.

“I know. I just don’t want anything to happen to you”. Lizzy said walking up to her.

“I know. I’m afraid myself but, if he has an evil intention, he wouldn’t have’chosen a public place.”

“You have to call your uncle and tell him about this”, Lizzy advised.

“Yes.” Claire said picking up her phone and placing a call to Bob.




It wasn’t long after he watched Nellisa leave that Greg’s phone started ringing. Staring at the phone, he allowed it to ring out contemplating on taking the call or not. The phone started ringing again before he decided to pick it. The caller had remained silent after he picked the call waiting for him to talk. After a while, he heard a click and the call went dead. Sly knew immediately that the caller must have found out that something was wrong. Picking his phone, he typed a message to Kunle to trace the number and the origination of the last call.

Contemplating on his next move, he decided to place a call to Claire and schedule for a meet. He needed to ask her some questions and know if there is any valuable lead she could give to him.



*****  *****  ******

Parked a distance away from the Jesson Garden, he walked down and secured a seat for himself at the ‘suya’ spot overlooking the entrance of the garden. Taking a look at his time, it was fifteen 8:45pm; he still had some time before she arrives. He ordered for some sticks of ‘suya’ to while away time.As he picked the pieces of meat into his mouth, he checked his time intermittently.

It was fifteen minutes past when he saw her car pull up at the parking lot of the garden. As she stepped down from the vehicle, his breath seized. He watched as she walked elegantly into the bar wallowing in her beauty. No woman had ever had such effect on him; not even Nellisa.

He watched as she looked around the bar settling in an empty table. Pulling out his phone he dialed her number.

“You are late.” He said as the line connected.

“Where are you?” She’d asked looking around the bar.

“Did you tell anybody about this meeting?” he asked looking around for any suspicious movement.

“No, I came alone. Where are you?”

“Will be with you shortly.” He said and dropped the call.




She had placed a call to Bob informing him of the call she just received. Just like Lizzy, he had also strongly advised her against the meeting but after she told him of her plan, he’d skeptically agreed. They had agreed on the plan to get the SCD involved. The plan was for the SCD to move in and hang around before her arrival and swoop in to arrest the guy if he approaches her.

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At the point of leaving her house for the meeting, a great fear had fallen on her. She’d decided not to go again but Lizzy who had been advising her against going urged her on since she’d already involved the SCD.


Pulling up the Garden’s parking lot, she’d dragged herself down from the car heading into the bar. She was barely settled when a call came through her phone; the hidden number.



He didn’t want her to freak out but also didn’t want to risk it if she came with anybody or had contacted the authorities. Dialing her number, he decided to shake her a little more.

“I told you to come alone.” He said as the she picked the call. He noticed a tensed silence before the girl spoke with a shaking voice.

“I came alone, I didn’t talk to anybody.”

“But I can see the authorities around here.” He lied pushing it harder.

“I didn’t talk to anybody and I’m sure I wasn’t followed. Maybe…….”

He didn’t allow her to drop her last words before dropping the call. He’d been busy watching her reaction from where he sat that he didn’t notice a car pulling up quietly not far away from him.

He wanted to make sure that she didn’t come with anybody but her reaction had been somewhat suspicious. He looked around again to know if he could pick up any suspicious movement but everything thing seemed normal as people walked by about their business.

Having spent twenty minutes after she arrived, he saw how restless she was becoming. Crossing over, he walked into the garden straight to her position. He wanted to wrap the meeting within the shortest time frame as the weather was rumbling and threatening a heavy down pour.

“Are you sure that you told nobody about this meeting?” he asked settling opposite her on the table.

He watched her as she stared at him without words. He was also enchanted by her beauty as his eyes held hers. He’d recovered himself on time and tapped on the table drawing her attention back.

“Ye….yes I wasn’t.” she stammered.

“I want you to listen to me carefully. Your life is in danger and whoever wants you dead is buried deep either in your father’s company. I want you to…………” his voice trailed off as he saw a guy on hood walking straight to their table with gun pointing at Claire.

To Be Continued

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