FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode thirteen



Down between his laps, Nellisa knelt giving him a deep throat. She was so good at it that he felt his brain spilling out through his nose with pleasure. Groaning like one possessed, he kept pushing up his waist to get more of himself into her mouth.

Nellisa seemed to have got him under control as she expertly pushed down his waist to avoid him drilling a hole through her throat. Pulling up her head, she released half his shaft before going back deep again having the whole length of him in her mouth. She cupped and squeezed his balls gently sending bolts of pleasure through his being leaving him jerking like a leaf under the rain.

She had been on it so long to know that he was close. Pulling up again, she took in half of his length and started running her lips tight around his shaft slowly, up and down.

She was enjoying the ecstatic countenance over his face as he looked lost in pleasure while she did what she knew how to do best.

He was far beyond lost in the land of pleasure as she worked wonders on his member. Moaning, he kept thrusting up but she’d pinned down his waist restricting his movement. Each time he felt close, she always pulled off pushing back his cum.

After a while, she pulled out and forming her fingers into a tight ring around his shaft started stroking him fast.

Not long she felt him shaking vigorously. His waist became unsteady as he kept pushing up. His whole being shook under her giving her that awesome feeling knowing that he is always a leaf under her. She knew that he was close. Just like she timed it, on getting her mouth over his tip he exploded. She kept gulping down sprouts after sprouts of his cum to the last drop

Standing up, she adjusted her skirt and pulled up her bra to cup her boobs which he’d pulled out during their pre intimacy. She was soaked and dripping but couldn’t help it; it was that time of the month for her. Giving him a naughty smile as he laid wasted on the couch, she wiggled her waist off to the bathroom to clean up.

He laid on the couch recuperating from the awesome blowjob which Nellisa just gave him; just what he needed at the moment. He had needed something to clear his mind off Claire. For whatever reason, he’d been making some little careless mistakes which had never happened. How could he not have picked a stalker till he was so close to him?

After he shook off the guy, he’d decided that he needed to clear his head off Claire so that he could think straight. The whole compassion and missing out bits of vital information and clues have got to stop. Whenever he felt like clearing his mind, he knows who to call; Nellisa.


Nellisa has been his friend right from his final year in the university. She was also in her finals then. They had taken a great liken to each other and had heated it off; what they tagged FWB. No feelings, no emotions, everything was for fun. Nellisa knew that he was a dreaded cultist but never cared. She’d harbored, hid and protected him on some occasions when things really got bad.

Their affair had continued till after graduation and they still kept in touch. He’d never given NYSC a thought, so, as Nelly as he fondly calls her went for the NYSC, he concentrated on building his career; hit man/assassin.

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One year after NYSC Nelly was finding it hard getting a job. Sly had pulled a few strings and gotten her a job with the FLC (federal licensing commission). He knows that there, she was going to be very useful to him and never has she disappointed him.


He had called her up that morning asking for her presence. She already knew the game and had told him that she was feeling ‘crampy’ as it was that time of the month for her. He had opted to send her a message but she’d waved it off telling him that she was on her way.


“Hey! I gats roll.” Nelly say coming into the sitting room bringing him back from his reminiscence.

“Ok, let me change and dropped you off.” He said sitting up from the couch.

“Nah don’t worry. I’ve got places to go before heading home.” She said corking her eyes at him.

“Ok then, gimme a min.” he said walking up the stairs.


Coming back to the room, “This is for your Tfare and I need every detail to this number, nothing should be left out.” He said handing two wads of five hundred naira notes and a piece of paper containing the registration number of the trailer who was on him.

“Ok boss.” Nelly replied throwing him a mock salute. “See you when I see you.” She continued heading towards the exit.

“I need everything asap.” He said behind her.

“I know, as always.” She said turning around to face him. “And I’m sorry about this,” placing a hand on her bikini line, “I will make it up to you.”

“No probs.” He replied.

“Ok hun, see ya.”……




Not like him anymore. He’d thought that inviting Nelly over would help clear his head off Claire but, that seemed not to be the case as his mind was still glued to her.

As he laid on his couch after a short nap, he thought deeply on the next action to take. He thought hard to find what it was that he was missing but he couldn’t place it. After much thought, he sprang up, threw his shirt over and headed out.

Taking a bike he directed him to Claire’s office complex. For one he didn’t want to go with any of his cars as parked cars always draw attentions. Again, the guy tailing him must have seen his face and no doubt could recognize his car, so, ditching his cars was the only option left for him.


Dropping some poles away, he paid off the bike man and trekked the short distance down. It was almost close of work time but, as he walked, Claire’s car zoomed pass entering the complex. He slowed down his step watching the car as two people; the girl who he seen with her in the morning and a guy he couldn’t recognize stepped out from it.

Walking off the road a short distance away from where he had a good view of what goes on in the complex he called  a mobile cobbler, an ‘aboki’ to attend to his slippers. He monitored the surrounding looking for anything suspicious but couldn’t find any.

Not long after he paid off the cobbler that he saw Claire walk out with the girl. They had entered her car and drove off without the guy. He had an inkling to wait a little and that he did. Some minutes later, the young man stepped through the automatic door and headed towards the road. As he watched the young man walk away, an instinct told him that he wasn’t just an office acquaintance. The way he looked around as he walked had something to it. To be on a safer side, he had to assume that a private investigator or security guard has been hired.

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From a distance he followed the guy till he boarded a taxi. Jumping another cab, he instructed him to keep an eye on the third cab ahead of them which was the one carrying the young man.

He had followed him till the guy took a bend heading towards Claire’s residence. Confirmed, he instructed the cabbie to move on heading to his house.




He despised insults in discharging his duty but, he has gotten loads of them from his current contractor. The process he was following wasn’t how he worked. He never had to report step by step of his operation to a contractor but that was what he’d found himself doing. When the details of the contract was been discussed over the phone, he’d wanted to call it off and walk away but the monetary offer had been so tempting that posterity wouldn’t have forgiven him if he had rejected the offer. Fifty percent of the operation fee was delivered before he even took a step in the contract, which had spurred his interest. But, over time, his interest in the job was waning.

First, his orders had been to follow the girl and await instructions to eliminate her. He had been asked to report any and every move she made outside her office, who she met, talked to, everything to the contractor daily.

He had already followed the girl for a couple of days and was already tired of it. Albeit, he wasn’t finding the job fun as he presumed it would be. For one, the girl led a simple and boring life from his judgment; not to add her workaholic nature which he had found depressing. He had wondered if the girl had a social life at all, but, since it wasn’t his job to worry about her social life, he stuck to going through the depressing routine of following her to work and back.

Still lost in his thought over a bottle of scotch, his cell rang cutting through his thoughts. He had bought a new line for the job as the contractor requested. Looking at the screen he contemplated on taking the call. He didn’t want to, but, business remained business to him. He was already in and for the sake of his reputation he wasn’t going to back out. Clearing his throat, he relaxed on the couch, a cup of scotch in his hand as he answered the phone.



“Give me a description.” He said putting down the cup and taking up a biro ready to scribe down on a piece of paper.

“Fair, broad chest, late twenties, a mark on the neck.” He repeated as he jotted down.

“Ok, consider it done.”

Gulping the remaining content of his cup, he slammed the cup down on his glass table. Picking up his gun, he headed out leaving the piece of paper behind.

To Be Continued…!!

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