FATE (What will be will be)

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Episode twelve



Driving into the office complex his heart skipped when he looked at Claire’s parking space and couldn’t see her car. Picking his phone from the tray board he dialed her number.

Confirmed that she was in the office, he pulled up in his space and picking his briefcase he exited the car and headed into the complex.

“Good morning sweetheart, how was your night?” he responded to Claire’s greetings as he entered her office.

“My night was ok uncle,” she replied. “How about yours?”

“Mine wasn’t cool. I saw a dream.” He’d replied.

She had urged him on as he narrated the dream to her. After narrating his dream, he looked intently at her as she seemed lost in thought.

“Are you ok?” he asked breaking into her thought

“Ye..yes,” she replied snapping out from her thought.

“I am of the strong opinion that we should…” he started but stopped as Claire stretched out a piece of paper to him.

“What is that?” he asked collecting the piece of paper from her.

“I saw it in front of my gate this morning.”

“Same pattern of writing, who is this guy?” Bob asked rhetorically. “I think we should get back your orderlies.”

“Uncle no.” she protested immediately. “I’m not going through that life again.

“Sweetheart this is the only available option left for us. We will get the police involved and while they are at it investigating, your body guards will be doing their job, protecting you. I don’t want to take chances with this guy. I can’t leave with myself should anything happen to you.” He persisted.

“Nothing is going to happen to me. If this guy hasn’t killed me till this moment then, I think he is not out to harm me.” She said defensively surprised at herself.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right? It’s only a matter of time before he executes his plans and that’s a risk I can’t take.”

“But uncle what if this guy knows something? What if he is right about an enemy leaving within?” she asked.

“Then he should provide us with concrete evidence or go to the SCD with it and spare everybody this feeling of physical and emotional insecurity and harm.” Bob retorted.

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“Uncle please, I know you want the best for me but, I think we should handle this discretely. If this guy knows something or is unto something, getting the SCD and private security might scare him off thereby leaving the actual treat walking freely to orchestrate his plans.” She explained.

“I can’t believe you are buying into this guy’s ideology already.” Bob said with a countenance of disappointment.

“I’m not buying into any of his Ideology. I just think we should be discrete. That way, we can get more information from him if he has any but if this is a wolf’s cry, we can set him up and get him apprehended.”

“Getting the SCD involved is the best discretion we can give to this now.” Bob persisted.

“No Uncle, no private security or SCD. I have a plan.” She started.

“Ok, I’m listening.” He said relaxing back to his seat.

“Actually I was with Lizzy this morning when I saw the note. She knows a private investigator who can be able to watch me from a distance and also investigate to know who actually is a bad egg in the company. I’m just going to keep to my normal routine like nothing changed. This might spur him to try another tip off or ask for a meet and then we can get him there.” She explained.

“And you think he’d be careless enough not to see through this plan of yours?” Bob asked with a note of resignation. “I’m still of the strong opinion that we should get the authorities involved. With them around you, I can sleep easy.”

She chuckled “If we play this right, I don’t see him noticing a foul play or suspecting anything. She said reassuringly.

“In as much as I am not in full support of this your idea, don’t keep anything away from me. I want to be kept in the loop every step on the way.”

“C’mon Uncle, have I ever kept anything from you? I can’t start now.” Claire said.

“I know sweetheart, just trying to remind you before he convinces you otherwise.” He said smiling.

“Nooo,” she protested. “Nobody can do that.”

“And what do you know about this guy that Lizzy is contacting?” he asked.

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“Nothing for now uncle but, it seems she knows him and is sure of his works. I’ll still meet with him.”

“Before any step is taken, I will want to meet with him too. I can’t hand your life and security to someone I don’t know of his credibility so, tell Lizzy to set up a meeting.” Bob said with a note of finality.

“Yes sir!” she replied laughing.

They had discussed further before he decided to leave for a meeting he had scheduled. Standing from his sit he made for the door before turning, “ Your car is not parked outside.” He said more like a question.

“Yes, Lizzy left with it. She will pick me up for lunch.” She explained.

“Ok then, see you when I get back and do have a nice day.”

“You too uncle.” She replied behind him as he left her office.






She hadn’t anticipated that convincing her uncle not to get the authorities involved would’ve been that easy. She had always known him to be staunch on everything concerning her security and wouldn’t spare anything getting her protected.

As she saw him leave her office, she was so happy for having convinced him otherwise. As he left, he placed a call to Lizzy and told her to make the call as well as set up a meeting between them.

After the call, she’d cancelled all her appointments for the day. Standing from her table, she went around and laid on the sofa as her mind wandered away.

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