FATE (What will be will be)


He noticed Claire’s left trafficator beeping from the distance, he kept behind her as the car slowed down and pulled over to the side walk. He pulled over and watched on. He’d seen a girl step down from the other side of the car walking around to the driver’s side.

As the car went back into the road, he also followed suit. A long truck had found its way between his car and two other vehicles ahead keeping him five cars behind Claire. Just as he managed to overtake the two vehicles before him, the truck took to the center of the road not giving him a chance to get ahead of it even after trying from both sides. He had stopped trying when the traffic light ahead turned red just as Claire’s car crossed.

He didn’t need to rush anymore as he relaxed back waiting on the traffic light knowing that he was still going to meet Claire at her work place.

As the traffic light ticked on slowly, he noticed through the rear view a car driving up behind him but was suddenly blocked off by an old man who had suddenly made a lane switch. He couldn’t help but laugh at the frustrated guy who kept blasting his horn at the old man who didn’t seem to care. The scene behind him had been amusing as he remembered his frustration at trying to overtake the long truck before him.

He was looking still looking through the rear view at the guy who had resigned in frustration as the light turned green. Turning his ignition, he eased the car into motion. Stepping hard on the accelerator he overtook the long truck which seemed to be gathering up speed.

Short distance away, he noticed through the side view the same car speeding carelessly, overtaking cars from both sides. His sense became alert as he didn’t know whether the guy was on an emergency or trailing him.

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Not wanting to take chances, he pressed down hard on the accelerator gaining some distance ahead. Having gained some distance, he turned his trafficator and took a bend off the highway. Covering another short distance, he parked and came down moving away as fast as he could from the car, his gun readily tucked into his trouser covered by his sweat shirt.


From where he stood away from his car, he saw the car come into view at a high speed stopping a little distance away. Immediately, he confirmed that he was being followed. He watched the car park for a while contemplating whether to approach it or not. Just as he made up his mind and was approaching the car, it zoomed off leaving a cloud of dust behind. Running back to his car, he penned down the registration number of the car. Pulling the car out from where he parked, he dialed a number on his phone….





Settled in the comfort of her office she thought deeply about what she discussed with Lizzy. Lizzy had been of the strong opinion that they keep the information and handle it discreetly. Before Lizzy left with her car she’d admonished her to be careful and talk to no one while she contacts her private investigator friend.

Claire had told her to stand down till she thinks things through. Since Lizzy was going to come back to her house later, she had persuaded her to take her car against taking a taxi. She was strongly contemplating on telling her uncle or not when her phone started ringing. “Talking of the devil”, she muttered picking the phone from the table. As she answered the call, she knew she couldn’t keep such information away from him. He was going to insist on getting the authorities involved but she was going to make sure he didn’t go down that lane.

“Good morning uncle.” She greeted as the line connected.

“I’m fine and you?”

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“Yes I just came in.”


She dropped the cell on the table as the line disconnected and relaxed back waiting for the arrival of Bob who told her that he was on his way to her office.






*****  *****

It wasn’t long before the traffic light turned green and cars started moving. He couldn’t wait and just when he saw the little chance he needed he overtook the old man cursing.

He’d kept stepping on the accelerator in other to cover up the distance between him and the guy on hood who seemed not aware of being followed.

As he covered some distance, few cars away from his target, he noticed the sudden increase in the car’s acceleration. Cursing, knowing that he has blown his cover, he increased the speed of the car.

The guy seemed good as he has given him much distance that he barely managed to still have a faint view of his tail light. Suddenly he noticed the cars trafficator blinking as the car swerved off the road taking a bend. He pressed down on his accelerator not to miss him.

Pulling off the high way taking the same bend he couldn’t see the car anymore.“Damn it!!” He cursed hitting the steering hard. Pulling out his phone, he pressed down again on number one and the phone speed dialed a number. This wasn’t the way he ran his operation but with ten million naira bounty; five million already paid, his contractor had requested to be updated with every development.

“I lost him.” He said as the line connected.

“I think he picked me out before I could get to him.”

He kept mute as the voice from the other end cursed and bemoaned his incompetence after which he ordered him to go back and keep an eye on the young lady. Easing the car into motion cursing he failed to notice the guy on hood approaching him…


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