How to Do a Fake Bank Alert in Nigeria

How to Do a Fake Bank Alert Fast!

Sup, hustler? You can buy anything for free if you know how to do a fake bank alert. If you lack financially, then this trick is for you. When you learn to do the fake transfer alert successfully, you will be able to buy iPhones, clothes, gold jewelry, etc. without paying.

how to do a fake bank alert in Nigeria


To do a fake bank alert, you need the fake bank transfer app and a fake alert message. First, you have to approach any store that sells the items you wish to buy. The reason why the fake bank alert is simple to do is that you do not require too many tools as in yahoo formats.

Moreover, some successful yahoo boys use the fake bank alert format to buy costly drinks and pop champagnes during nightclubs.

So, instead of doing blood money rituals or yahoo plus, you can simply use your smartphone to do a fake bank alert in Nigeria.

In this article, I will teach you how to make a fake bank transaction for buying items. The sections below expose the ways to do a fake bank alert.

What is Fake Bank Alert Scam

A fake bank alert is a scam format where you send a fake bank transfer alert to a seller, and pack the items. The seller will think that the bank alert is coming from his bank, whereas it is coming from the fake bank alert app you are using. This scam works in so many offline stores across Nigeria, and both G boys and ordinary citizens are using it to cash out.

The fake alert does not work online. So, you do not require the internet to connect to clients abroad. All you need is a store that sells the latest iPhones, clothes, jewelry, etc. Simply enter the store, pack your items, and activate the fake bank alert to convince the seller that the transfer is successful.


  • fake bank transfer app
  • fake alert message
  • Stores
  • Smartness

Additionally, dress like a rich person, and tell the storekeeper that you are in a hurry. You can even leave some tips (money) with the storekeeper to pass the impression that you are rich.

Steps to Create Fake Bank Alert with Apps

We have several working methods for doing a fake bank alert in Nigeria and any part of the world. I will teach you how to do the fake bank transaction and the apps for the fake bank alert to work.

how to do a fake bank alert

Below are the ways to do a fake bank alert:

  • Get a fake bank alert app
  • Dress like a rich person
  • Find a crowded store
  • Select your items
  • Appear to be in a hurry
  • Activate the fake bank alert

Get a Fake Bank Alert App

To do a fake bank alert, first, you have to get a fake bank alert app and fake alert message that work. As you read on, you will find the apps to use for fake bank alerts. Do note that some of the fake bank alert apps are for sale. For example, the pro Flash Funds tool does not arrive for free. Also, you must be extremely careful not to but a fake bank alert tool or get scammed.

We also have free fake bank alert software that has limited features. You can even download them on popular app stores such as the play store and Appl app store.

Once you have the fake bank alert app ready, everything regarding how to do a fake bank alert becomes easy. If your fake alert app is set up, move to the next step.

Appear Like a Rich Person

Nowadays, when you visit any store, shopping mall, or supermarket, the attendants will monitor you closely. However, if you appear to be rich, they will not be suspicious. Instead, they will accord you respect, and even careless whether you steal their item.

The reason is that sellers believe that rich people do not steal. So, you have to take advantage of the fake bank alert scam to work.

Find a Crowded Store

The only challenging aspect of this hustle is finding a suitable store. If you enter a store with fewer customers, you are less likely to succeed in the scam. The reason is that the business owner will want you to wait until his/her credit balance increases. And as you already know, fake bank alert apps do not increase the credit balance of the bank account of a client.

Meanwhile, the advisable place to use to do fake bank alert in Nigeria is the market places. Avoid stores that use POS unless you have to explain that you do not have your credit card with you.

Getting a POS in Nigeria is not cheap. As a result, so many stores prefer mobile banking. And you have to locate such stores, especially the store with ill-educated attendants.

Select Your Items

While selecting items, pretend to be on a phone call. Once in a while, you can raise your voice and say things like:

  • “I told you 1.2 million Naira couldn’t afford that property.”
  • “Young man, if 250,000 will not settle the issue, forget it.”
  • “You know I am a busy man, and I hate to waste time on stupid issues.” Etc.

The essence of these expressions is for the storekeepers/attendants to hear and conclude that you can afford the items. Lastly, make to select the things you can easily carry about so that you won’t have difficulties.

Leave the attendants with a tip

Store attendants love to be patted with some money in Nigeria. So, you have to carry extra cash between 3k to 5k to give to the attendants.

Also, tell them that you buy things a lot and that you admire how they treat their customers. Words like this make them smile and forget the tendency that you could be lying. But whatever you do, do not spend up to 30 minutes because the fake bank alert hustle must be hasty.

Activate the Fake Bank Alert

The hardest part is when you activate the fake bank alert app and fake bank alert messages. Do, however, note that if you are using fake bank alert tools like LoftySMS, you have to enter the fake alert message manually.

First, tell the attendant that you want to use mobile transfers to pay for the items. Of course, he/she will accept, then request for the name of their bank. Now, go online and search for the SMS bank alert format that the bank uses. For example, if the store uses Wema bank, the fake alert message will be:

Wema Credit

NGN20,000.00 [your amount]

Acct No:1234****90 [your account number]

Desc.: NIP: [your (fake) name] NIP USSD Transfer from

23-08-2020 06:54 [the date and time of transaction]

As you can see, I have omitted the section that states the account balance. Do not use any amount so that you do not raise the suspicion of the store. You can even use ***** in place of the account balance of the store.

Websites and Apps for Fake Bank Alert

In this section, I will expose the working apps for a fake bank alert to work. Regarding how to do a fake bank alert, below are the tested and trusted apps to use:

  • Flash Funds Pro
  • EBulkSMS
  • Fake SMS
  • Millionaire fake bank account Pro
  • Fake Alert Maker

How to Use Flash Funds to Send Fake Alert

The most recommended app for a fake bank alert is the flash funds tool. But this flash fund tool is no longer in existence.

When you make a fake bank transaction using flash funds software, the seller will not be suspicious for any reason. With flash funds, the fake bank alert will appear the same way a Nigerian bank will send alerts.

Also, you do not have to enter the fake messages bank alert because the flash funds tool already has the correct bank message.

Another reason why the flash funds tool is the best is that you do not have to subscribe to the premium plan once you have the app. You will simply enter the account details (account name, number, and bank name) of the client. Then enter the amount you want to transfer and the client will receive the fake bank alert.

Of course, the client will not check his ban balance because he/she already has a fake bank alert message.

How to Activate Flash Funds App for Fake Bank Alert

Download and Install Flash Funds Tool

To find the Flash Funds tool is quite challenging, and I do not advise you to deal with the fake websites you see all over the internet. They do not have the tool and you will not hear from them once they collect your money.

The best place to get the flash funds tool is the dark web. However, I do advise you to understand how the dark web functions before you go and expose your data to hackers.

Sign Up and Activate Your Account

After signing up, you have the option to unlock the advanced modes. One of the features with the advanced modes is that it allows you to increase the bank account balance of the client temporarily.

Note that this feature will collapse within 24 hours. So, make sure not to give the store any of your details. If they ask for your phone number, you can give them a fake phone number, which is why I advise G boys to have fake phone numbers.

Send the Funds

All you require from the client is their bank name, account name, account number, and phone number. Enter the details in the flash funds field and send it. Within 2 minutes, the client will receive the fake ban alert and hand over the goods.

Like I mentioned earlier, tell the client that you are in a hurry and leave the store before they realize the scam.

How to Use EBulkSMS to Do Fake Bank Alert

EBulkSMS is perfect for sending a fake bank alert. However, it has some setbacks. For example, to send a fake bank alert with EBulkSMS, you need the phone number of the client registered to the bank.

how to make a fake bank transaction

Another disadvantage is that you have to buy the EBulkSMS units and upgrade your account to be able to use a customized message sender name. For instance, if the client uses the first bank, you need the premium account to set your sender name to First Bank.

You will also require a fake alert message. Simply search online for the various formats used by various banks in Nigeria.

Before you use the EBulkSMS app or website, tell the client that you want to make mobile transfers.

Below are the steps to use EBulkSMS to do a fake bank alert in Nigeria.

Install the App

You can install the app on the play store or visit the website directly. But it is advisable to download the mobile app from the play store to show that you are using a real bank app.

fake bank transfer app

After installing the app, click “Allow” on the screen prompt to proceed.

Sign Up

To use the EBulkSMS app for a fake bank alert, you must sign up with an active email address and a fake phone number.

how to make a fake bank transaction

You can buy a fake SIM or use the temporary number of services online. Click ‘Register’ after supplying the details.


Confirm Signup and Login

Go to the fake email address and click the confirmation URL to confirm and activate your EBulkSMS account.

how to do a fake bank alert

Finally, return to the EBulkSMS app and log in with your email and password.

You will also find your account status reading “Verified.”

Click SMS

Now, click Send SMS.

how to do a fake bank alert

Fill the Details and Send

As you can see below, complete the form with the relevant information. In the field you have “To [Recipients] (up to 10,000)”, add the phone number of the client.

how to make a fake bank transaction

Finally, scroll down and click Send SMS. If you have enough units, the fake alert message will be sent instantly, and the client will receive the fake ban alert message.


The fake bank alert fraud is real, and I am glad to expose the act to the general public. If you decide to do a fake bank alert and buy items without paying, prepare for the consequences when caught.

How to do Fake Bank Alert with Fake SMS

Fake bank alert

Fake SMS

Android users can get the Fake SMS app by navigating to Google Play Store, while iOS users should anticipate the release on Apple App Store.

Fake bank alert

Although this app may not be as efficient as the ones listed above, people still boast that they have recently utilized it to dupe unsuspecting victims.


How to do Fake Bank Alert with Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro

Fake bank alert

This app lets people perceive that you are an honest and confirmed millionaire through your account balance. Android users can visit Google Play Store to download and install the app before using it.

With this app, you are assured of increasing your account details, sending fake funds, access fake debit and credit card details, make a fake online payment, and settings.

Fake bank alert

Here is a breakdown of what to expect when you download this app:

Fund Transfer

This section allows you to pretend to transfer money with your family and friends.

Fake bank alert

Fund Transfer

Account Details

This particular section allows you to view your fake account details, as well as your last deposit, current account balance, last amount withdrawn.


Pay Online Bills

Fake bank alert

Pay Online Bills

In here, you are permitted to make fake payments for online bills like cable, phone, electricity, betting, and other bills.


Debit Card or Credit Card Details

Fake bank alert

Card information

You can access your fake debit and credit card details, card expiry date, card CVV, card number, and card holder’s name.


Perform a general setting of the app.

How to Create a Fake Bank Alert with Fake Alert Maker

This fake alert app is specifically made for Android devices, and it can be downloaded and installed by visiting Google Play Store. One good thing about this app is that it is highly rated, it is free, and it works effectively for sending fake bank alerts to people you want to scam.

What to do after sending the Fake Bank Alert?

Now, you have successfully sent the fake bank alert to your client from whom you want to purchase something.

Here’s what you should then do next:

  • Act like you have something to attend to immediately and inform them that you cannot wait any longer.
  • Guarantee and reassure the seller that they will get an alert in a few minutes.
  • Find your way and do not return to that particular shop anymore.


Somehow, it is better to do a fake ban alert than to sell your soul to a god eternally. If you do not have a phone to download the app, do not steal another person’s phone. But if you have a stolen phone, you should read how a bad boy can use a stolen phone.

Sometimes, your financial condition forces you into things you would not want to do. Honestly, you can’t justify the fake ban alert scam in any way. If you are thinking of an alternative form of making money, I recommend sending text messages to people for help. You should read see the asking for money messages to use and collect money from people.

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