Excuses to Get Money from your Parents

Are you trying to collect money from parents, friends, relatives, strangers, or siblings? Maybe you’re searching for excuses to get money from your parents while in school or not. Either way, collecting money from your parents means you will not go broke.

Sincerely, getting money from your parents is dependent on your parent or the person’s reaction to providing money, your connection with them, and their financial position at the time. These great excuses will work regardless of the reasons mentioned.

For instance, your parents may think you want to address a serious issue, but we both know you want that $100 outfit from the mall.

Depending on the situation, these excuses to get money from your parents also work on siblings, relatives, strangers, and friends. As a girl, you can learn how to get guys to send you money if you cannot collect it from your parents.

Continue reading to know other excuses to get money from your parents.


Excuses to Get Money from your Parents

Here are the common excuses to get money from your parents with less or no regret:

School Tasks

Not surprisingly, this is one of the easiest excuses to get money from your parents. Students have consistently used and will seek to exploit the pretext of having a school project to obtain money from their parents.

Frankly, it’s the perfect excuse if you’re away at university or any higher educational level. However, while using this excuse, it is important always to use caution. Your parents will be suspicious if you ask for too much, so ask for as little as possible.

Begin by asking a certain sum and a deadline for a task. Come up with a plausible task that won’t make your parents suspicious. Remember that they will be curious about the task’s progress, so be prepared with a great explanation.

You can say something like this:


“Hi, mum,

We have a school project that will help us with examinations. To build it, my colleagues and I will need to invest about $30. Would you please help me with the money?

Thank you, Mum; I love you.”


Skillset Tutorials 

Every parent enjoys seeing their kid strive to better their lives and learn new skills. That is precisely what you are attempting to accomplish with one of these excuses to get money from your parent. If they want you to take a course, that’s a great reason to ask for money.

Once the training starts, you will need money before you can enroll. Furthermore, explain the pricing and subjects covered. You might give them a course outline as well.

I recommend starting with a low-cost course that won’t raise questions when you tell your parents about it. This step is one of the easiest excuses to get money from your parents without being detected.

Here’s how to go about this:

“Hello, Dad,

I’ve been struggling with time management for increased productivity. Jim recommended a time management master class.

I wanted to take the program to improve my time management. Why am I telling you? Because I need money to attend the class. It’s just $100 for a month’s course, Dad.

I appreciate Dad,


Money to buy things

Depending on your age and your parents’ views on independence, you may be entitled to a shopping allowance. This explanation also works well for college students. Also, shopping excuses to get money from your parent are easy to employ. Meanwhile, the excuse may backfire if your parents took you to buy things themselves.

If you wish to spend the money on anything other than shopping, you’ll need to think of ways to acquire enough clothing to persuade them you spent it well. If you can obtain up to $100 for shopping, you may set aside the appropriate amount for the real reason you need the money and make up lies and stories to salvage the situation.

Most parents will let you get away with it if you buy enough clothing to hide it. That doesn’t imply you should just shop for clothing. Groceries, toiletries, and other essentials may be on your shopping list, allowing you to slip in a fair amount for miscellaneous.

The issue with extending your shopping list is that you will wind up asking for a lot. Most parents are wary of giving their children large sums of money, so start small to get money from them easily.



Your parents may give you cash, presents, or both on your birthday, but in this instance, it won’t apply during your birthday. You may even persuade your parents to buy you a vehicle or help you pay for one for school or work.

This excuse to get money is as simple as the others, but it has a flaw. You’d have to remember your birthday every year, so your parents don’t surprise you.

You might start by informing your parents that you want to buy your new buddy something special for their birthday. The excuse given for birthdays can lie within friends, roommates, or family members.



How frequently do you cut your hair? In most cases, it is irrelevant if you do so. If you don’t live with your parents, this is one of the best excuses to get money from your parent. Depending on the type of hairstyle you have, you’ll need a trim in a few weeks, so use this as an excuse to have your hair cut or trimmed often.

Remember to moderate your demands, or you risk blowing the reason and having your parents pick when you have your hair cut.


Lost money to gambling

If your parents are not harsh and do not frown upon vices like gambling, this is one of the best excuses to get money from your parents. You might use a gift they purchased recently for you as a catch.

Informing them that something valuable (which they purchased for you) is in jeopardy due to a foolish gamble. Then you tell your parents you need money to get it back.

Please remember that you should have prepared for your parents’ inquiry.


Loan Excuses

In order to utilize a loan for anything significant, you must first:

  • Taking a self-improvement master class
  • Finishing a school project
  • I purchased a textbook since I couldn’t contact home.

Note: Using a loan for something important increases your chances of obtaining money from your parents.


No Assignment Materials

You may say you don’t have any content for your school tasks. It’s one of the excellent excuses to get money from your parents without them rejecting it.

Your parents want the best for you and will make sure you have money to purchase school supplies. Tell your parents you plan to purchase textbooks or pay for internet resources to complete tasks.

You may also inform your parents that you want to spend the money on anything other than books, like a friend’s birthday party.


Tips to make excuses to get money from your parents

Don’t reveal why you need the money

I’m guessing you need money for drinks, parties, movies, etc. and you are convinced you’re your parents may not give you the money for such reasons.

When your parents pressurize you for money, keep offering them the following justifications.



Your parents will give you money quickly if you appear to be sad. So, try to appear emotional to obtain money from them.

Promise to Repay

Tell your parents you will pay back but do not inform them of the exact date. Some parents will set reminders for you. If your parents question why you didn’t return their money, say you would in the future.

For instance, you can say:

“Hi Mom or Dad”

I would love to loan some money from you for one important purpose (reveal a cooked up story), and you promise to pay back when you can.”



It is essential not to ask your parents for money or makeup stories like being robbed, losing money to a pickpocket, misplacing money, or assisting a stranger.

Additionally, you may utilize a friend’s birthday to sneak away from your home and buy affordable things. If, after all these excuses to get money from your parents and your parents claim they don’t have money, it means they don’t have it right now.

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