Simple Methods I use to Earn 1000 Naira Daily – 100% Working!!!

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Simple and Easy Ways to Earn 1000 Naira Daily

This post will shock you when you see the opportunities you’ve been missing. Whether employed or unemployed, nothing disputes the plausible idea to earn 1000 naira daily or even more. Just like how to make money in Nigeria, you can also make money bit by bit every single day with these ideas I will drop.

For instance, if an unemployed earn at least a thousand naira daily, multiply this earning by the total number of days in a month. Now, let’s keep the total number of days in a month at 30. After the calculation, you’d realize that the person in question pockets nothing less than ₦30,000 at the end of a month.


how to earn 1000 naira daily blog post image

Earning 1000 Naira daily for 30 days


The possibilities that the earning could even come bigger are undoubted because some days could chip in amounts higher than a thousand naira.

For this lovely reason, you’ll be shown how to earn 1000 daily. This post is not just about how to make 1000 daily, but also to ensure your financial independence! Won’t you love to be financially independent?

As an employed individual, whether self-employed or otherwise, the advantage of this idea could equally benefit your personality. Imagine having extra income at the end of the month; you’d have to care less about your bank alert. Whichever way, after reading this post guiding you on how to earn 1000 daily, you’ll so love your new story.



These are the Simple Ways to Earn 1000 Naira Daily

Although there are lots of rewarding ways on how to earn 1000 daily, some can be burdening. The compensable ways highlighted here are very unburdening and are recommended to you.

You could drop in at any time, do tiny while ₦1000 or more passes over to your pocket. Instead of sitting on the fence every morning and be calling people, “My Oga!”, take up these ideas and start making money asap.


Shearing Flowers for Homes

This is the most ignored idea concerning how to earn 1000 daily stress-free. People do not love their buildings being messed up by untrimmed flowers. Entering someone’s apartment with flower tools alone means money because they’ll compensate for your effort with nothing less than a thousand naira.

This pattern on how to earn 1000 daily is as easy as strolling around a beach. Just take a walk into any estate or rich area with your shears or flower-trimming tools and walk back out with ₦1000. You don’t even need a laptop or money for data!


Disposing Trash Around Neighbourhoods

If care is not taken here, you might end up booting waste dumping companies out of business.

Helping neighbors to dispose of their specks of dirt is another particular way on how to earn 1000 Naira daily is a way that will never run dry. Daily, homes have waste to dispose of, but the stress of doing this forces them to retain, rather dump their wastes. Because these homes would want their environments to be neat, you as an individual can cease this chance and charge as much as you think is right.


Sharpening Knives

This is one activity patronized daily, especially by women; the mothers. Interestingly, you need not own a filing machine before making at least a thousand naira daily. You could hang around busy places, like markets or any other busy center where people are most likely going to bring their knives for sharpening.

All you have to do is to rapport with the owner of the filing machine, bring in customers, service them, and settle the owner with the agreed sum at the end of your working period. So easy!


How About Sweeping?

Oh yes, how about it?  By this, I’m not referring to the States and Local Government-sponsored daily road Sweeping because the pay does not come daily.

Places become dirty daily; this you would agree with me. Also, sweeping is one thing that neither the rich nor the poor can escape doing in their lifetime. It’s something that we all do, especially when our rooms look untidy.

Sweeping can be taken to another level. Sweeping can take you to another level! How can this be? Concerning how to earn 1000 daily, the same sweeping you carry out at home can earn you nothing less than a thousand naira per outing. Now, won’t this be enough to make your financial freedom? Apart from the financial freedom that sweeping daily will offer, it’ll equally expel your daily attitude of hailing people from the top of a fence every blessed morning.


Daily Car Washing Jobs are Daily Diets

I have at least two different car wash near my home.  It’s enjoyable having them around because I top up my wallet from there, although not daily due to my tight money-making schedules.


car washing to make money daily

A Car Washer


Car owners don’t fancy cruising on dirty cars, this I know. Again, not all the people you find at the car wash serve there; they only make that place their ATM gallery, just like I occasionally do.

Using this method to earn 1000 Naira daily is even more comfortable at a car wash. For instance, washing a single car tire goes for ₦50. Assuming that 20 tires are cleaned, that would amount to ₦1000. This is very easy and smart to do because some vehicles have four tires while others could boast of more tires.


Offloading at Timber Depots

Daily earning tricks such as this are what the internet will never tell you. The internet is fully aware that this is part of how to earn 1000 Naira daily but refuses to inform you!

Well, not all earning ideas are shared; most are kept for personal usages. On my side, I don’t think it’s nice to hide from others, especially skills on how to earn 1000 daily.

Here in Nigeria, there are lots of timber depots. The booming nature of these depots makes it even easier to earn 1000 Naira daily at least.

When the trucks arrive, offloading it becomes another business. This is because negotiations will take place, and the charges agreed upon. For this medium of how to earn 1000 daily, all you require is your hand — no need for costly operating tools.



Masked Products and Services Agent

I couldn’t help including this one. You may be perceiving this as being tasking, but I have something different from what you think. Masked product sales are not about going from one business premises to another with attempts to convince them to sign up for any deal. This is about making not less than a thousand Naira in just a few hours of one day. This is done by entering someone’s store with a customer and going out with money!

If you decide to play well on this idea, you’ll most likely make more profits than the owner of the business.

I will show you how this is done. Before then, I recommend stationing yourself at big markets or booming business areas for this to work. On how to earn 1000 daily with this idea, you only have to attract a customer to a store that sells what he needs. On getting to the store, attend to him as though you work there, or own the store. Interestingly, store owners are already aware of this and will not interfere until you’re done with the transaction. If it’s successful, some percentage would be yours. Try this once or more than once a day and see if you’ll not be able to raise capital for your establishment.


Daily Cash from Paperwork and Printing Plaza

This is one of the regular earning means out there. All you have to do is leave the house with your hands stuck right in your empty pockets. Sounds cool, right?

Again, this medium does not tie you down to anybody or apprenticeship. Simply reach an agreement with the owner of the paperwork machines, viola, you’ll be singing “the money!”. I can attest wholly to this mean of how to earn 1000 daily because I once did it as a college boy.

Having seen these few ways of becoming more luxurious than a government worker, you have no reason to think that earning at least ₦1,000 daily is not possible.

Most persons may not find those ways on how to earn 1000 daily very convenient. However, there are few other smart ways you could earn 1000 Naira daily and at convenience.


Driving People to Work

If you have a car, then luckily you can even earn more than 1000 Naira daily. I have written a comprehensive guide on how I make money with my car every day. It won’t cost much for you to pick people while going to work – just about 3 of them. Then while coming back, you will pick about 3 of them again.

Doing this will make you enough money to maintain your car and fuel the car without having to get money from your savings. Exploiting opportunities like this one I mentioned will allow you to have extra money to yourself.


Freelance Daily and Earn Daily

Employed or not, there is no excuse in this mode of daily earning.

There are indeed professions or jobs that limit people’s time but my dear; no job will so tightly prevent you from making 1000 Naira daily.


freelancing can make you earn 1000 naira daily

A Freelancer


Traditionally, ₦1000-based freelancing doesn’t take many hours to complete. For instance, writing or graphics design freelance will not take a whole day to complete. While in office or back from office, you could kill some time for it and then pocket your thousand. It requires gadgets like a personal computer or a tablet.

Either you are deciding to start publishing on Amazon, or you are registering on Fiverr to start freelancing. Whichever method you feel is convenient, please contact me if you need a mentor.




Social Media Page Management

At the end of it all, this one can’t be escaped. At least, it’s a quite easy and doable job that easily earns a thousand naira. Seemingly with freelance, how to earn 1000 Naira daily is also less stressful here. Many businesses require social media pages to make occasional updates about them.

Mostly, page managers are paid daily. With a way of earning such as this, you could conveniently make nothing less than ₦1000 daily. You don’t have to leave your own business or workplace to accomplish this. So, think about it, isn’t this a reliable way to earn a thousand daily?


More Recommended Ways to Earn 1000 Daily

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Looking after cars at parking lots

  • Completing online surveys

  • Making referrals to online banking and other commercial schemes

Sincerely, there’s just nothing more to ask concerning how to earn 1000 Naira daily without school certificate.

The slightest move you take from here would be inarguably earning you more but will demand more energy and time. I will recommend keeping it low at this level, but any intent to go farther would be a great plus and may attract more profits.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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