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I placed my CV in front of the Human Resource Officer, and she shouted “3 Jobs in 2 years, and you about taking the fourth one?” “Is this how you change jobs because someone promised you a better pay?” She fumed.

I looked at her and smile and was ready to tell her my story. I wasn’t telling the story because I was nervous about not landing the job, I wanted to let her know who she was about to hire.

I got this job some few months back, though it had the lowest payment option among my options. It was like I should take a trumpet and shout the gospel to the whole world. I was already keying into the vision of the company, and the career prospects that were on the horizon.

After speaking with the M.D of the firm, I assumed I had gotten what I wanted. It was time to stop my career prostitution (according to the H.R).

I started off my duty diligently; I started breaking all existing records within my first month. I guess you could see the zeal and fire that resided inside of me. It got to a point that my superiors were fired because I outperformed all of them.

I became the Acting HOD of my dept. I didn’t stop; I was still on fire, fighting for my monthly paycheck with all vigour. People were hired and people were fired, just because they couldn’t match the pace I executed projects. We were a small group of determined people, who sent shivers down the spine of our competitors.

We had little or no supervision, but we did our job. We improvised means to execute projects, and we were all flying high.

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I was truly living my dream, till…

“We will be hiring a Manager that would coordinate activities and bring out the best out of everyone” so said the CEO. It sounded like a good idea, but was it needed at that particular time?

After one month of the Center Manager’s resumptions, morale started dropping. People were now confined to certain laws and instructions. I was called in one day, and I was asked.

“What is your qualifications again?”

Well, I had just my bachelors and a few certifications. I wasn’t fit to manage a department because I had no MBA.

So they recruited another Business/Marketing Manager and he had this to say on resumption.

“You guys have been working in a very silly way, henceforth; you will do things my way”

Two months later, sales dropped to the lowest ebb. Nobody was willing to stick their neck out just to show hard work. It wasn’t a revolution, it was a failed strategy. I had been in the industry for years, but I had no say because I didn’t have an MBA, and I was relatively very young (which means I had no ideas to deliver).

Our bubbling workplace was now like a funeral home. Everyone now works under fear. Those who are masters of eye service stepped up their game.

We that always countered certain decisions became the enemies of the masters. I woke up from my bed every morning having fears about what the day would bring. I even took several roles to improve revenue, but it was worth nothing to my masters who wanted to prove I was unproductive.

I was already suffering from emotional trauma. Everything made me angry, whether good or bad. My relationship with people dwindled. Every negative thing at the workplace became my fault.

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I wasn’t going to take it for too long. I had already prepared my resignation letter, with no job in view.

“How was I going to survive?”

It doesn’t matter at this point. All that mattered was I wanted to be happy.

It was just a week break till calls started rolling in, with several firms asking if I would want to resume with them.

I think right now, there is nothing like a dream job. Which makes me want to ask…?



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