The Story of Me, My Landlady, and her Daughters

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She burst into laughter and asked ….“na new thing?” I told her that seeing mine is a new thing.
Then she said “Joy dey try oo. na this big thing you cari dey bang am?”. I replied “see as you dey
talk like innocenta. you fit dey swallow one wey big pass my own sef”. She replied that she hasn’t.
We were teasing each other when PHCN blessed us so i left her in the bedroom, went into the sitting room and turned on the news channel. When she was done, she left and we didn’t speak of what she saw again.

Time passed. Days turned to weeks. On one unforgettable Saturday, around 4 pm, it started raining heavily. I was at home when she knocked on my door, i let her in. She was drenched all over, she complained that her younger brother had left with the keys to the house. I welcomed her, gave her a towel (cos i had no wrapper) to change into, made a hot tea for her and we sat in the sitting room chatting. Luckily, PHCN brought the light and i turned on the television but because of the cloudy weather, no signal connection was found.
So i turned on my DVD forgetting that Zane’s sex chronicles had been playing and it’s on auto-play.
Immediately the movie started, i felt like disappearing. Out of guilt, i started explaining to her that it’s a series movie about a group of friends…..blah….blah…..blah. Then told her that I could change it if she wants me to. She looked at me and with a little laughter, said “i’m not 12 years old you know”. I said okay and we watched it. We were on an interesting part of the second episode when the sex action was about to kick off then the nonsense PHCN took their light…..well with what happened later, they’re definitely not nonsense PHCN. lol (please don’t laugh oo). The house was quiet for few seconds.

Should i make a move or not? My heart skipped and almost let out of my spirit. I said to myself what if i make the first move and she gives me the dirtiest slap instead?


I turned off everything, it was a bit dark but so I opened my curtains. We talked about the movie and if they actually had real sex…..and so on. Our chat digressed to personal sexual experiences, who was our first, who was our best, our craziest spontaneous sex, and so on. I do not know what it is with cold weathers and sex because with that discussion going on, i knew that i definitely had to bang her. So i hanged the topic and boldly asked her if she’ld slap me if i kissed her. She looked at
me and smiled, then replied “maybe”. I got up and went to her, sat down beside her and hesitated a little when she looked me straight in the eye. I decided that if she did slap me and fell my hand, e no go be the first time. So i kissed her and the way she kissed me back settled my
I pulled her towel down a bit and fondled her breasts. She kissed me some more. I took my hand all the way down but she stopped me when I got to her belly and held my hand steady. I moved my head from her lips to her breasts and she sighed softly as i took a nipple in between my teeth and nibbled softly.

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Then i sucked it like a breastfeeding baby, she put her hands around me and unintentionally freed my imprisoned hand. I immediately moved the hand further down and shifted her pant to one side, then fingered her wet *cookies and caressed her
She closed her legs and imprisoned the hand
there…well it’s safer there shaa.

I dug two fingers in and fingered her a little but she suddenly pushed me away. Surprised,
confused but undeterred, i came at her again and grapped her breasts with a little force and sucked it fiercely. It seemed to weaken her early resolve and she welcomed the act, rewarding it by totally
removing her towel.

Now she’s stark naked. I took off my shirt, shorts and boxers. She grabbed my d*ck on her hand and
the sound “ooww” escaped her lips softly. Final Part I made to slide it inside her but she redirected it, bent her head and sucked my d*ck. She didn’t just suck it, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing the cap round, then put a spit shine on it and gave my shaft a handjob while the cap belonged in her mouth. She had such experience, she’d perfected the art. I lost count of time. I came to myself a bit
and pulled her off, sat her down and made to penetrate her but she refused saying “you’re banging my sister. you can’t bang me too”.
Shooo.. see me see trouble. Is that an excuse? I hope my labour will not be in vain ( i said to

I couldn’t stop now, tried talking some sense into her but she refused. Suggested we have an oral
sex. I’ve had enough, pushed her back on the couch and held her hand while the other immediately assisted the d*ck inside her p*ssy. It happened so fast that i couldn’t believe how I could move her pant aside and my d*ck sensed the entrance of her hole without seeking. I slid in
nicely by going fully length.
She still tried resisting me but i started slamming away. With each thrust, her will to resist faded away. It seemed like i was pounding it out of her…..which i think i was. I banged her and after a
while, her hands were now caressing my back while her legs locked on mine. She moved her waist upwards to enable my thrusts go in deeper. I started a marathon bang on her, non stop, no
pause, just pound in an unstoppable rythmn.

Soon, i felt my whole body feeling lighter as the sweet sensation of ejaculation travels up to my brain. I thrust deeper and she grabbed me tighter and muffled her scream by putting her mouth on my shoulder. She bit me a little (still bear a disappearing mark of it), then with my head exploding with pleasure, i came inside her. I lost my senses as if i spilled them inside her p*ssy.
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We lay together on the couch, holding each other, catching our breath. By now, the rain had slowed
down to a drizzle. After a while, she gently pushed me off her body and said to me “don’t try that again”. I said okay and put on my clothes while she put on the towel round her body. We sat in silence and after a while, she broke the silence
“your d*ck feels nice shaa. It’s soft but it’s…’s okay”. I laughed and thanked her. I Complimented
her that her p*ssy was wet and warm and gives a tingling sensation. It made her smile and we looked at each other in an unspoken understanding way and chuckled.

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I went to my refrigerator, brought out a chocolate flavoured vodka. We drank it and after a while, her
brother came back and she left. I didn’t bang her again but we became closer and talked about anything in a friendly way. Her mum never bothered me again. I’m still getting advances from my neighbour’s wife. And as for Joy, we seem to be comfortable in our unserious relationship but we know we’ll keep on banging until we get tire of each other. Having had all this experience in my landlords compound,I thought over it and think it’s about time i moved on before nemesis catches on with me. In barely three months time, I’ll be moving out,I Said.

I heard a knock that morning, as I didn’t have the chance to go to work due to an excuse I took. I quickly ran to check the door.

“Hi babe” She said with a nice smile

I looked around and scouted everywhere to know if this was actually a setup. “What are you doing here?” I asked confused.

“Just open the door and don’t be silly” She said. It was an order, and I had to take it. As soon as I opened the door, she took hold of my lips with hers, and pushed me inside as our mouth were still glued with each others.

“Hmmm, muuuhhmmedd” I hummed as I was pointing towards the door. She quickly grabbed hold of my little man, and I quickly forgot what I was about to say. I followed up on her sharply, and I was on the bed with her, stark na*ked.

I was already in the middle of the action inside of her sweet warm pvvsssyy, when I felt a sharp pain at my back.

I quickly jerked up in pain and turned around, there I saw a policeman, my landlord, her wife and almost everyone who was around in my compound that morning.

“Oh Sh*it” I screamed as my heart almost jumped out of my mouth!!!

The End…

Part 2 coming!

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