The Story of Me, My Landlady, and her Daughters

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I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I didn’t make any move to stop her. That was a sign that I was glad she did. She stroked it and then knelt and freed it from my boxer’s entrapment. She made an “oh!” and i guessed she must be satisfied with what she saw. She put my “Strong JT” in her mouth and rolled her tongue over the tip. Mehn…..she’s got the digs. Abi no be so fans?
With that first impressive touch, i started wondering if her husband is crazy. she started kissing it as if her life depends on it. I reached a hand down and fondled her breasts. She was so good to it that she almost made me cum and i’ve never cum before while being sucked. I stood her and took off her wrapper, her boobs were nice but not as nice as her hips.

I turned her around and stepped back a bit, staring at the most beautiful naked round buttocks my eyes have ever seen. She smiled and put her hands akimbo and shook her buttocks. She must have seen the hunger in my eyes cos she asked
“you like am abi?”. I didn’t need to reply her cos I rushed over, bent her over and gently slid in my “Mr JT”. It was tighter than i had expected from a

mother of two. As the cap of my d*ck slid inside her cunt, she gasped in pleasure and gently moved her ass back to swallow me whole (Just by writing this story
makes me want to b.ang her again). She was wet but not too wet. Just wet in the right way to enable my d*ck slide in well enough to also feel her vaginal walls massage it all the way.

She made my landlady and her daughter seem like amateurs. She started grinding her ass against my
waist slowly, then moved it up and down in the same slow movement. As i stared at her buttock’s movement, the only thing that came to my mind was t-pain’s voice singing “up, down, up, down,
up, down” from the chorus of “all i do is win’. she’ld make the sound “shhhhhh……aaaarrrgh” very softly that they were barely audible.
I moved my waist and began thrusting slowly. She made the slow pace seem like the best pace for
banging in doggy style. I moved her closer to the wall and made her stand up, she bent a little to give me good access from behind. She stood on her toes to enable her bounce and meet my thrusts. I seem to be hitting her spot real good. The kitchen wall seemed to be helping me out with her breasts as she rubbed them against it. I pulled her away from the wall, held the two cute breasts in both hands and squeezed them as i banged her. Her body was soft, and the way her buttocks lapped against my groin was threatening a quick cum. I stopped thrusting and rotated my hips, she loved it and encouraged me with a smile. I was making single deep thrusts when suddenly……….a voice called out her name. What the bang? The voice sounds familiar… hmmm

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Her husband it was. The way i disengaged and dived into my sitting room seemed like i was auditioning in a police training exercise. She answered him and quickly tied her wrapper, opened the kitchen exit door and went out to meet him. I pulled up my boxer and was waiting to hear any sign or noise that might indicate her husband knew what was going on when she re-entered.
Luckily, he had come back to retrieve something he had forgotten and was in a haste to go and pick up a client. She smiled and walked back to me, took off her wrapper and bent her ass, twerking. Her bold move must have impressed me more than it did earlier cos “my homie” got so hard that I wondered if it’s still a part of my body. I took her to the sitting room, sat her on a single couch, made her lie back a little, held her legs up high and was rubbing her between her
thighs when she started saying “bros your big. Kai! bang me weeeeeellll. Please No go bang madam and Joy again. I go dey bang you well brooooos. I like you. I like the way you dey bang me. I like your big prick……”.

I looked down on her with appreciation but her eyes were still closed. I got up, wore my boxer and sat down. After a while, she got up, smiled at me and tied her wrapper, took her fish and said “see you later bros”. I decided it was about time that i saved myself from her so I told her that it was a mistake and that it wouldn’t happen again. She looked at me disappointedly and asked “but you go dey bang madam and Joy? Them sabi bang pass me?” She sighed and left, and i didn’t bang her again until……… One fateful day, couple of months later, Joy has gone back to school, her mum seems to have notice that i was avoiding her and she seemed to respect my choices. I later learnt she’s got someone else), my seductive tenant didn’t need my refrigerator assistance again because theirs has been fixed. While all these has been going on, i had become friends with Joy’s elder sister called Sisi. Sisi is a witty girl, she takes no nonsense from anyone but she is respectful. She has a beautiful body like her sister but she’s slimmer than them all. She also likes to keep to herself mostly but in Joy’s absence (since we’re already friends), she seemed to enjoy my company. I decided that i would have nothing to do with her cos I’m not on a revenge quest regarding her family. She’s through with school and is looking for a job. So most
evening when i’m back from work, she’d come over to browse with my laptop. She has a smart phone as i once pointed out to her but because of MB issues, she sometimes needs my assistance.

One saturday morning, i was still in my bed having an erotic chat (with photos) with her sister, Joy when she knocked on my door. I dropped my phone on the bed and went to get the door. I let her in and knew as usual the thing she needed to make use of the laptop so I simply told her that it was in the room, she smiled and went to get it while i went into the kitchen to get some juice. I went back to the bedroom and as soon as i stepped in, she hurriedly dropped my phone. I offered her some juice but she declined.
I picked up my phone and looked at it and it happened that the last picture message that I sent was that of my d*ck, long and erect d*ck.
I shouted “chei! see f*ck up”. She bursted into laughter and asked ….

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