Sex Stories: My Dirty sex story Secret with My Landlord's Family

The Story of Me, My Landlady, and her Daughters

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I live in a compound of 5 tenants minus the landlord and his family, and there are several sex stories I intend to tell everyone who cares to read. My landlady is a half-caste; I heard her mother is an American but the woman married a Nigerian man. She is this voluptuous average bodied woman with a nice set of racks. She has 1 boy and 3 girls. All are grown. This woman seems to be the heart of our problem in the compound. Her husband is a cool man who overlooks simple things but this woman will fight for everything to make sure everyone understands that it is her compound. Everything…..water, parking space, light bill, etc.

I never really found myself in such a situation with her cos I have heard several stories about her and how she loves doing things to young boys. I always tried to keep to myself. And she’s got pretty daughters that benefitted generously of her body type but I do not talk to them other than the regular greetings. Though I know that they like greeting me, after all, I’m a young guy living in their compound but I seem not to want to be chatty with them. I like two of the daughters especially the eldest who’s a couple of years older than I am, then the last daughter as well. I know they like me too cos I’ve seen their glances and the way they linger around when they greet me or come to my house for something, hoping we might strike a conversation. One day, I parked my car in the landlady’s parking spot and travelled cos it came up suddenly. I was away for 5 days before I went back home. I just got back that afternoon and met an empty and quiet compound. I put on the tv, took off my clothes and was about to hit the shower when a knock on the door redirected my route. I opened it and saw the last person I expected to see…… (you guessed right),

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My landlady. She wore a blue blouse and a wrapper around her waist. Surprised, I greeted her and she greeted me back and asked simply “why did you park your car in my space when you knew you were travelling?” I apologized and explained that the journey came up abruptly, and that I was in such a, rush to even think.

I could see how furious she was, and I continued to apologize until she suddenly became calm

“Phewww,” I said deep within me at the amount of trouble I tactically avoided right now”. She seemed satisfied with my apology and smiled.

“How was your trip?” She asked me as she stared at me lustfully.

“It was fine ma’am” I responded to her question. I was about moving a step forward when I realized an important question

“Can I get you something Ma?” I asked with a very soothing voice. I actually bought something for you ma’am.

“Hmmm” Seh hummed. “Now tell me what is that?” She asked with a deep smile.

“Some fruits I bought” I replied with a smile. I wasn’t still convinced on why she was at home.

“Just don’t bother dearie” She responded with a smile

“Oh my!” I exclaimed within me. That was the first time I saw her smile and she meant it. I told her that the trip was fine and that I did (even though I didn’t have anyone in mind when I bought the fruits and other stuff

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“Just tell me about things that happened during the journey,” She asked as she tried to get comfortable with the sofa in my house. I quickly rushed and removed the obstacle that was on the chair, before she would use her large a$$ and destroy it right there. I headed straight to the kitchen while she waited in the sitting room. I had just come back with some of the items in my hand when she smiled and said “you boys and bad films. just look at the movie you are seeing”. I turned and stared at the tv, they were showing an erotic scene where the guy was applying saliva right into the a$$hole of the young lady with a huge a$$.

“Aww, my bad Ma” I quickly rushed, then smiled and apologized, then walked towards the tv to
turn it off when she asked surprised

“Are you a kid? come on! you can watch anything you want”. I paused and had a second rethink the question she just posed for me before I replied: “No I am not a kid Ma, but I don’t wanna get all charged later”. She laughed so loud that I almost became embarrassed and asked me how it could be when I have a lot


“But you have lots of girlfriends?” She asked

“Yes I do, but…”

“But what?” She hastily interrupted. Then she went on to say

“Do you know how many times I have heard them screaming so loud right from my room? And I always wondered what you use to make them scream like that. ” She added as she stood from the chair and started walking towards me. I just realized that she wasn’t putting on a bra, and the sight of the point point I saw drove me haywire.

I couldn’t believe what is happening. I couldn’t believe that I am having this conversation with this woman. She’s hitting on me right??

I started to walk back unconsciously as she geared towards me.

“Are you running?” She asked.

“Not at all” I responded


I continued moving back till I reached the wall before I paused. She walked majestically towards me, as I held on to the wall and watched as she smiled her way forward. She had gotten closer, placed her hand around the wall, just then…

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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