Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset – Which one do you have?

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So recently I interacted with Grant Cardone and he sent me a couple of ideas about how to think and become rich. In the materials he sent to me (a free book), he specifically highlighted that the difference between rich and poor mindset is what separates the guests from the rests.

There is a whole lot of difference between the rich mindset and the poor mindset. You may be rich or poor, or probably you’ve experienced both at a certain point of your life. But if you haven’t figured out any of them yet, you should know that being rich isn’t all about the money. It is all about the MINDSET.

The mindset is what creates the pathway to riches. The mindset is what connects all the dots for you and gives you the leverage. Most people read most of these articles online but fail to implement any of them. That is exactly what they by having a poor mindset. I am going to briefly highlight the difference between rich and poor mindset; so it is up to you to know where you belong.

The Common Difference between Rich and Poor Mindset

 differences between rich and poor mindsets

The Rich ask “How” while the Poor say “Not Possible”

When I was having a conversation with a certain guy who was already doing so well for himself, I told him I have discovered a system that can make us $2,000 in a single month. The boy was so quick to say “show me.” I pitched the idea to another hustling guy who’s probably earning about peanuts as salary; I had barely finished when he laughed out loud and called me a “joker.” I smiled at his ignorance and left him with his peanut pay.

A few months later while we were upgrading our lives (I and the first guy); the other was calling to borrow some cash – trust me that I gave him the money he asked for. That clearly showed the difference between the rich and poor mentality that both parties had.

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The question “how” doesn’t kill, it only increases your ability to know more. More opinions, options, and ideas are what make you rich!

The Rich take calculated risks; while the poor wait for proof

The poor mindset would always wait for people to start first – to know if they will be successful or not. It might sound like a good idea if it doesn’t end up successful – but what if it ends successfully?

Most times, it has been observed that first investors carry the lion share back home. This theory has been proven to be true times without number. No one is asking you to take just any risk; taking calculated risks is what actually differentiates the rich and poor mindset.

Love Mistakes vs Hates Mistakes

The rich mindset knows that mistakes only make you wiser, so they actually love it. They prefer making those mistakes quite early in life because they know that they would have a good time to bounce back if things don’t work out well.

The poor mindset hates mistakes. They just want a perfect scenario that would end up not coming into reality. They forget that life isn’t a straight line curve that can be plotted without mistakes.

Quality Friends vs. Any Friend

When you see someone with a poor mentality, he believes that friends are crucial to success in life. The irony is just the fact that most of those friends are on the same level as him – roaming around the average zone financially.

You don’t need “friends” to become successful; you need “Quality Friends.” Understanding this principle has helped to put a difference between the rich and poor mindset. When you want to achieve something higher in life, you need those who are already above you; not those on the same level as you, struggling for the same opportunity.

The Rich Mindset needs help; while the poor mindset thinks all alone

Inferiority complex is another key difference between rich and poor mindset. You can never be an island of knowledge; your best knowledge is someone’s starting. No matter what you do; you must interact with people in the same field and other fields where you intend to penetrate.

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When you see someone better than you, don’t hesitate to request for help – if what they have is of interest to you. YES! Most successful are proud when you come close to them; prolly because they never got what they have now on a platter of gold. So most times they are excited to show off their achievements.

Success isn’t only when you are recognized globally; if you live on $100 per month and see someone who earns about $1000 monthly, don’t hesitate to ask for help – even if the fellow is proud. Not asking means not knowing; not knowing means not earning. While not earning that kind of figure means that you remain confined in your average zone.

Whichever mindset you intend on having is personal and solely your business – after all, not everyone would be rich. If you want to make more money in life, then you need to improve your mindset. A shift from the poor mindset to the rich mindset is what you need.

the difference between the poor mindset and rich mindset

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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