Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler(Episode 6)

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Episode 6.


“Hello” I shouted as I adjusted the camera of my phone


“Show me round the house” She requested through the phone. I quickly went with my camera showing round the parlor before I moved to the kitchen, bathroom and finally to the bedroom.


“Can you see it?” I kept shouting as I moved around the house.


“Wait…wait, go back to the cupboard and show me there again” She repeated. I quickly obeyed and showed her, opening all the cloths and everything there.


“Baby; your clothes are old ooo” She said. I smiled immediately “The conditions of things are getting harder baby” I said with a sorrowful voice


“After this call, send me your house address” She said “Before that, what is your shirt size and trouser size?” She asked. She wasn’t even through before I started vomiting everything relating to my size to her. I was almost tempted to tell her about my condom size, if it actually had.


“Make sure you stay at home, somebody will deliver something to you” She said before she started doing the things I loved most.


“Now go to the room and lie down on the floor” She ordered. I only obeyed the last command and made sure I never argued with her. A new set of clothes might arrive tomorrow and didn’t want to risk it.


“Remove everything you are wearing” She said as I quickly pulled down all of them and was standing the way I was when I was given birth to.


“Stroke it for me and make sure that those white things come out” She ordered again. I quickly sat down and positioned the camera to my side before I started stroking it. She already removed just her upper wear and the sizes of her melons were mind bugling. She kept twisting the tips of her melons and at some point she squeezed it hard. At every point, my heartbeat kept increasing faster than normal. She carried her own camera down towards her waist and all I saw were black shades of hair covering everything


“Open it up baby” I pleaded as I was already sweating form the excessive stroking going on


“You have to earn it” She said with a smile over the video call. I kept stroking hard and it wasn’t long before a call terminated the video calling. ‘Who the hell is this?” I shouted as I picked up the call and shouted “Hello!”


“Why shouting darling?” She asked with a low voice


“Who is this?” I asked angrily


“Jenny” She said and I quickly adjusted the tone of my voice.


“What were you doing?” She asked “I was…” I murmured without knowing what to say “I was doing… sleeping” I said.


“So why were you thinking about it?” She kept asking. I was thinking of a reply to give before a video call entered again.


“Can I call you back?” I asked


“What do you want to do?” She asked


“I want to pick my mother’s call” I said with a smile in my voice…


“By this time of the day?” She asked like she was already suspecting something. I didn’t talk much than to just terminate the call and answered the video call that was incoming into my phone.


“What happened?” She queried


“Sorry dear, I went to answer my dad’s call because it has been long we spoke” I pleaded with her.


“Are you sure it is your dad’s call?” She asked


“Yes love… that was my dad’s call I went to answer” I responded sharply. She quickly smiled over the whole thing and we went back to the fun we were catching just before.


Seating down on the sofa and watching a romantic movie that night, I remembered how much I had achieved just almost a week after I met the woman in the car. I wondered how it came to be and something struck me that I even don’t know the name of the woman I have been chatting with and enjoying from all these while. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal; after all there is no big deal in getting to know her name. Early hours of the next day, I was busy indoors but doing absolutely nothing. I heard a knock on the door and ran to checkout who was that. It was a middle aged man holding some paper documents on his hand


“Is this flat 3?” He asked


“Yes” I replied almost cutting him short.


“Can you please sign here?” He requested. I quickly collected the paper from his hand and glanced through it and realized that he was from a manufacturing company.


“What is this for?” I asked while looking around the paper


“You requested delivery of a bed stand and foam, so we have brought it for you. Everything he said right there was like he was performing an illusion and I stood looking at him with my mouth agape.


“Did I?” I asked again before I took over someone’s property.


“Please call this number to verify” He said before handing out the invoice to me and I quickly gazed at the number and realized it was actually her that made the order. I almost shouted out of excitement but decided to hold my peace before it becomes obvious. While I directed them on how to put it inside my house, other neighbors stood outside and wondering what was happening. They hadn’t completed the bed stand before I saw a car packing in front of the compound.


“I am looking for no 18” He asked me politely. I pointed our compound to him and asked him for the flat he was looking for


“Flat 3” He responded.


“Today is gonna be a good day” I whispered right within me


“That is my house” I said with a faint smile on my face. While the furniture guys were almost rounding up and leaving the house, I was welcoming in a new set of orders again. This time around it was filled with clothes. I received and signed on the designated portion before packing it right into the house.

I immediately locked the door and headed straight to see the new look of my room. It wasn’t long before I received a call


“Hi love” I shouted out of excitement

“You like it” She asked


“I love it” I shouted before giving out those online kisses over the phone.


“If you continue being a good guy and faithful to me, I will do more for you.” She said “Maybe very soon I can get you a house on the Island” She added.


“What?” I asked confused “Get me a house?” I asked again. Okay; getting me a bed and some clothes is quite great, but a house? “I don’t believe that” I whispered inside of me.


“Alright baby, trust me and I will never disappoint you” I shouted. We then had some little chat and some romantic plays before I finally terminated the call. Power supply was restored and lying on that bed and feeling the coldness of the air-conditioner moving round the house reminded me of slang “Heaven on earth”. I was still feeling the royalty of my new house before another call disrupted the calm environment.


“Hello who is this?” I asked upon seeing an unknown number


“How are you?” The voice asked


“I am fine” I responded but what trying to figure out who owns the matured feminine voice that would be calling me at this point in time at night. “Who is this?” I asked carefully and waited patiently to hear the voice.


“It’s Ms. Juliet” She responded. I paused a little bit to actually remember the Juliet because the only one I could remember was my …

“Are You …?” I asked shocked

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