Diary of a Heartbroken Hustler(Episode 5)

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“No, I said wow… and you can believe how much I am smiling now” I replied with my face as hard as a horse balls.


“I am happy baby and I believe no one would come in between us again” She said


“No one will actually come in between us” I reaffirmed. We finally terminated the calls after lots of kisses on phone and lots of love talks.


“Should I quarantine her in the friend-zone?” I asked myself

“Are you stupid?” An inner voice queried “Why should you?” It added


“But I already said I love her” I replied myself.


“Oh Shit” I yelled.


“You can do this bro!” That little small voice that always encourages you to do those bad things was the one that said that to me. I always believed in the little voice and I decided to take the bull by the horn. I have cheated before and to inform you; I am a professional cheat. I once dated about five girls together and they all knew themselves without knowing I was dating them all. I love the psychology and manipulation that comes along with dating more than one girl, and I wanted to start all over again.


I turned on the washer machine as to wash some clothes since I wasn’t going to work again. I heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it immediately.


“Hey” I greeted excitedly “How are you?” I asked


“I am fine” she said with a smile. I was trying to recall what must have led to the visit and she interrupted the thinking


“Don’t you invite people inside your house?” She asked with a face mixed with anger and humor.


“Pardon me dear” I responded as I quickly opened the door and gave her entrance. She quickly walked up and sat on my chair and became relaxed with in the shortest possible time.


“Where were you going before you came around?” I asked while looking at the type of cloth she was putting on. I believed she noticed and had to readjust herself “Are you not comfortable seeing me here?” She asked while looking around, probably suspecting that there was someone around. It wasn’t long before she asked me “is there someone in your house? This one you are not comfortable with me here”. I smiled and closed the door and went to the fridge to get something for her.


“What would you love to take?” I asked


“Anything you are taking” She replied “Sorry I didn’t inform you before coming over” she added. Her name is actually Mary and she lives down my street. I met her one night and we had a little chat before I strolled along with her to show her where I stayed. I finally showed her my house that night and surprisingly we kissed each other good night. That was our first time of seeing each other and after the kiss, I knew something good was going to come out of our friendship.


“You mean you stay alone in this big house and you don’t have a girlfriend?” She asked surprised. I smiled and told her “I have a girlfriend, not just one but two”.


“They must be lucky to have you as a boyfriend” She said with a smile.


“Can you make them three?” I asked with a little humor. She laughed hard and even exposed her legs while laughing. I could see the pink pant she wore that was clearly revealing the lips of the hole between her legs.


“Yes and after I give you the way they can’t give you, I believe you will dump all of them for me” She said after being through with her laughter.


“Wow” I said lightly “Is there a special way you can give it to me?” I asked lustfully. I didn’t even finish with the question before she stood up from her seat and cat-walked her way to my laps.


“Ever since we spoke that night and kissed, I have always dreamed to taste your lips again” She whispered inside of my ears. I am human and very prone to stimulus. All the organs of senses in my body were responding to the tune she was playing. It was getting the mountain between my legs bigger and bigger. She knew it and continued, and not quite long we were all over ourselves right there on the chair. The vibrant nature of the exercise we were partaking in made us at one point land inside the bathroom. I had the shower warm and it was a battle of kings. The intensity that followed the exercise was getting harder and all I could see was a professional fighting another professional. The way she twisted, whined, rotated was enough to generate electricity with her waist.


“Don’t stop please” I kept shouting while following her head-on. It wasn’t long before we both reached our various destinations.


“Wow” She kept yelling while she was still fondling with lots of organs she could lay her hands on. I carefully peeped through the bathroom and discovered that it was almost 7:00am


“Fvck” I repeated as I quickly told her that I needed to go somewhere


“Where?” She kept asking while I was helping her locate all her belongings in the house.


“Hey babe” I called “Yes” She responded


“I will tell you next time to come. Infact, you are now the best thing to happen to me this year” I reassured her. She smiled so hard after I mentioned that and I knew the line worked perfectly. I waited for her to put on her clothes fast

“But I don’t like the way you are sounding as if you didn’t enjoy what I gave to you” She said with a sad face.


“I love it and would even want you to keep giving me all the time” I said as I kept helping her arrange all things for her to leave the house. So as she made way for the door, it wasn’t long before my phone started ringing and I quickly dashed to pick it.


“Shit” I shouted….  To Be Continued.


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