Diary of a Heartbroken Hustler(Episode 4)

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I quickly paused and looked around, and went closer to the girl and said in a low voice “I don’t like meat, so just put ordinary fufu and plenty soup with crayfish if you have any.” She stared at me like someone with a terrible disease, but I don’t care. This money was given to me by a good Samaritan and nothing would take it away from me just like that. I quickly finished my food and thanked everyone including God and made my way to the park. I quietly entered the front seat of the rickety bus that always go our route and started playing a sweet music to keep body and soul together. I immediately brought my phone and decided to do what I love best “Nairaland”. As usual I entered romance section and saw a post that caught my attention.


“I love this” was the reply I wrote back to the owner of the post. I waited for a response like someone who went for a HIV test and was waiting for the result.


“Thanks a lot” her reply came few minutes later. We continued the quoting and made ourselves become friends before I popped out the question “Can I send you a private message?”


“Sure you can” Was her reply and I kept smiling like someone who just won a lottery of 2,000naira. I know 2,000naira is small but right then, it was like a million naira to me. I immediate took action and few minutes later we were discussing on phone…like voice to voice.


I was feeling heaven on earth; I was live on cloud 9. I have always heard about cloud9 and always dreamt to go there. With the way I was speaking and laughing with her, I knew I was already at cloud9. Nothing could stop this feeling anytime I spoke to her. We spent most nights talking about our previous lives and how it really affected us.  Every minute I spoke with her proved that true love was still in existence and it was never killed in the Nigeria/Biafra war. Honest, beautiful, sincere and loving are some of the few adjectives I can remember to qualify her. I knew I felt something for her, but couldn’t find a name for it. “Could this be love?” I kept asking myself.


“I don’t know too, but I still feel the same way” She responded when I asked her if she feels what I feel.


“But we can just take things slowly from here” She replied in her typical way of saying “not yet time”. I didn’t argue because I knew that I have found something real.


“When can we get to see babe” I asked her. We were already discussing about getting to meet each other, I could no longer contain the excitement inside of me.


“What if you see me and don’t like me” She asked.


“Wow… I like you already and moreover you look great” I replied with a smile. I was done chatting with her for the day when I got a call from who I never expected to call.


“Goodevening Ma” I greeted with so much respect and fear.


“Where are you?” She asked without even replying the greeting. I was thinking if I had committed a crime and was about getting arrested.


“At home Ma” I responded


“Is your girlfriend with you?” She asked back. At this junction, I didn’t know if I should answer a yes or a no.


“I didn’t hear Ma” I replied with the intention of buying enough time to reason it out.


“But Jenny isn’t my girlfriend after all” I thought quickly in my mind.


“I said, is your girlfriend with you in the house?” She asked again. With a smile in my voice and a well relaxed voice “I don’t have a girlfriend Ma” I said.


“How do I believe that?” She asked almost immediately. From the sound of her voice, I could feel the excitement and joy in it but I wasn’t sure why it should be so.


“I wouldn’t lie to someone so caring like you Ma” I replied with a smile in my voice. We were still in the middle of a call, when another call came in and behold it was Jenny. Jenny was actually the girl I met from Nairaland.


“After the day I gave you a lift, I always felt like talking again. So I decided to call you.” She said. I couldn’t believe what I heard with my own ears. Probably I was dreaming and needed to wake up.


“I don’t understand Ma” I chipped in between her speech.


“I like you and would want us to maintain this friendship. Don’t let anyone come between us at all” She explained better. I was tempted to ask about her husband but I needed to calm down because I could see potential in her.


“Alright Ma. I promise not to allow anyone come between us” I replied in a typical Nigerian guy format. I saw potentials in her, and if there was someone to lead me out of recession, she would be the one.


“Alright love sleep tight and dream of me” She said as she gave me a phone kiss and terminated the call. I sat on my chair in the parlor and was staring at my phone wondering what just happened. I was still reminiscing about the current scenario when Jenny’s call came in.


“Hey dear” I shouted with excitement. Well not such a real excitement but the one that would make her believe that all is well.


“I tried calling but you were on a call” She said “Who were you calling for that long?” She asked.


“Errmmm… my mother called me and was asking me to help my younger sister make a choice about the kind of cloth to put on to a wedding” I said while muttering through the words.


“Are they there with you?” She asked


“No, they are over there at home” I responded. I knew I messed up with the stupid excuse I gave and it was just too whack for an experienced guy like me.


“So how can you make the choice over the phone?” Jenny asked with uncertainty in her voice. I coughed and requested I go drink water.


“I know the names of all the clothes, so it wouldn’t be hard making a choice” I replied after I came back from my short break.


“Hmmm… no problems dear” She said “I just wanted to tell you that I now know what I feel for you” She said. I was sincerely praying it wasn’t what I was thinking about. Things were about getting messy, and it shouldn’t be complicated by what she wanted to say now.


“So what is that dearie?” I asked in a very romantic format.


“I love you too she said and I wasn’t us to be together” She added with a mix of excitement and smile in her voice.


“What?” I asked. The phone went silent for a while before she finally broke the deadlock


“What for what?” She asked with a furious voice and I couldn’t just find what next to say…

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