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I woke up that morning feeling like I was almost going to be sacked from work. I hurriedly ran to the bathroom and started bathing with my undies on.


“Oh no” I exclaimed as I pulled it down before turning on the shower.


“Damn… jezz” I screamed as I ran out of the bathroom naked and southing around. I totally forgot I had switched on the heater for a while and I turned the shower to the hot side. The pains subsided and I went back this time around, of the next direction to turn it.


“Oh…” I moaned in pleasure as the cold water gradually turned to something warm. I took my time to bath places I have always neglected. I live in a 2-room self-contain and the house is well furnished. Not because I have all the money, but because I engaged in lots of things. I once acted as a house agent just because I wanted to buy a washer machine. “Do you know how much washing makes me fall sick” I replied mum who was complaining of me being lazy


“But there is nothing else in this house apart from the washer machine” She yelled back.


“I have a chair” I replied almost immediately. That night, mum slept on the floor and I managed the ground. “I actually hate sleeping on bed, they make me wake up late” I continued saying to encourage myself that night.


“Sweety…This chair is too hard” Mummy kept repeating “If I don’t sleep this night, you won’t sleep” She finalized.


“Can you manage on top of the washer machine” I suggested to her


“Don’t let god to punish your mum…idiot” She said with her voice almost loud. It was that kinda curse that binds mum and child together.


“But you are my mum” I repeated severally “yea… I just remembered sweety” god won’t punish her again


“Amen” I shouted on top of my voice. Only God knew how we passed that night. So you could actually see I woke up late that morning. Mummy argued she must shower first so as to follow the first bus to the east.


“Oya na” I kept saying and murmuring all over the house


“This is my house, and whatever you have is mine” She kept shouting from inside the bathroom. I look at the time, it was almost after 4:am. Believe me; in Lagos by that time you are already late. I work at the island so I always leave by 4:30 to get to my place of work by 8:00am.


“I am bathing inside the sink in the kitchen” I shouted. That was when mum knew she would get out of the bathroom.


“You can now enter” she said with a commanding tone and went inside her room to dress up.


I kept moaning in pleasure and was almost forgetting the time.


“Sweety come and give me money to enter bus” Mummy shouted. That was when I remembered I was actually going to work. I quickly jumped out and wore my undies and ran out


“I love the design of the undies” mama said sarcastically “Thanks” I replied as I found a sharp corner to rearrange it.


“How much is the money?” I asked mummy to be sure of what I was giving out.


“10,000 naira” she replied with a motherly smile.


“The last time I went to the east, it was 5,000naira na” I said with a disappointing face


“Buhari increased it” She replied. I hurriedly counted 8,000 and gave to her before she now started pouring upon me spiritual blessings.


“Amen mum… but I am late for work” I reminded her in between the prayers.


“Are you a devil?” She cut the prayers immediately. I knew it was gonna be a long sermon for cutting short her prayer, and I started apologizing even before she started.


“I am a devil… please don’t be angry” I said “I am very sorry, we can now pray” I added


“”Don’t worry, God will see you through” She said before leaving the house. I couldn’t believe Mum’s prayer was as short as that. I quickly smiled, followed her gently behind and once she acted like she was going to turn around, I maintained a serious face.


“I love you” She said before going. I was about locking the gate and jumping into the house “One more thing” she said as I paused and hoped in my mind that it wasn’t going to be another prayer. The mummy I know can stand in the middle of the road and give you about 3hrs prayers.


“Make sure you buy a bed. I know you are still a small boy, but buy a bed” She repeated before she left. I quickly gave out a big smile before jumping back to the house and dressing up for work.

I didn’t bother putting on my tie well and my suit. I only wore my trouser and tucked in my shirt before packing my workbag and suit and tie hanging around my neck as I dashed out.


“Oshodi… Oshodi” The papa of the moule bus around my area kept shouting. I quickly ran like flash and hustled the remaining seat with a fat old woman that wanted to take the space. The bus started immediately and I remembered RESPECT!!


Episode 2 is Read Episode 2 by clicking HERE     


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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