Diary Of A Heartbroken Hustler (Episode 7/8)

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It was actually Ms. Juliet form my work place. I was right about my guess!

“When did he ask you to resume work?” She asked


“I still have two weeks left Ma” I responded innocently. Come to Obalende tomorrow by 4pm. I just spoke to my boss at the office. Not the one that gave me the suspension, but my direct superior in our marketing department. A young woman probably in her early thirties, beautiful, tall and had this kind of charming look that could melt the heart of any man. I always wondered why she wasn’t married despite her possessions and her beauty. I always heard that men are scared of well-established ladies and that might be the reason she was still unmarried. The next day, I did some few house chores and waited patiently for 4:00pm to come around. I quickly had my bath and ran out of the house in full force. I was determined to get there before her, at least to show how good a subordinate I am.


I got to the venue she gave me and waited patiently before she arrived. I saw a red Toyota Camry arriving and I could easily predict that it was hers.


“Let’s move in” She said as I quickly opened the door for her as if we were on a date. She looked at me surprised and with my eyes wide open, I gave a little smile. I didn’t need to act up just to create a good impression; we already had good rapport back at work. Even when I did something bad, she was always watching my back. She was this kind of woman that got an elegant shape and moves with style. No wonder everyone turned around to have a good look at her especially the backside as we made way for a seat in the eatery.


“What can I get Ma” I asked like a good Subordinate once more.


“Will you pay?” She asked back jokingly. I giggled a bit and looked around without focusing on anywhere in particular.


“Come on…I was joking” She said slowly as I quickly brought back my gaze at her. I was staring at her and so she was at me too. Right there I was trying to figure out what exactly was trying to happen but I wouldn’t want to be the first to remove my gaze from her. I maintained with a smile till she was acting like she was coming for my lips, I had to snap out of my imagination.


“Are you okay?” She asked


“Yes I am” I replied with a smile.


“I would love just a cup of Ice-cream and some sausage” She said as she dropped some notes on the table and I picked it up and went straight for the eatery counter.


“Hello beautiful” I said to the cashier who turned around and greeted with a smile.


“How are you doing today sir?” She asked


“Fine fine” I responded. “I would love two cups of ice-cream and two sausages” I said before waiting for her to process my orders. Within few minutes, she was done and handed over me a tray filled with all I requested for. I quickly matched like a boss over to our table and kept everything down on the table. I hyperventilated and was ready for the next series of actions to follow.


“I have spoken to the boss and he has given me a go ahead to recall you back” She said with a smile. I stared at her looking like I was lost and like someone who had no pre-knowledge about what she was talking about.


“Recall back from where?” I asked putting on a confused face


“Are you not on suspension?” She asked surprised. That was when I got to realize what she was actually talking about.


“Oh yea” I exclaimed “I get it now” I added


“Thank you so much Ma” I said as I was forcing myself to put on a real smile. I was almost collecting money that was quite bigger than my salary in a month and the thought of waking up every day by 4:30 to go to work was something I was beginning to dread.


“Everyone especially I missed you so much” Madam Juliet said to me and she stretched forth her hand and held on to mine.


“What is trying to do?” I asked myself. I kept on smiling when she was holding my hand with practically nothing to say. I was looking at her like a little kid who was just handed a gun to handle for the first time. I knew she was expecting me to say something, but I had no idea of what to say. It wasn’t as if I don’t know how to speak with a woman but right now, I am seated face to face with my superior in the office.


“Thank you so much Ma, I appreciate” I said as I kept on smiling


“You have said that before, you should probably say something else” She reminded me.


“Like what?” I enquired


“Are you naïve?” She asked with a surprise tone “Say something” She added.


“Ma, seriously I don’t know what to say” I chipped in


“You have a girlfriend?” She asked subtly. Wow… I knew that was where she was heading too, but I was carefully waiting for it. I kept thinking that she wanted me to ask her out and my thoughts have been justified. I knew this game and I was prepared to also play along.


“Whatever will be should just be!” I echoed within myself.


“No Ma, I don’t have a girlfriend” I said while maintaining a clear face to avoid suspicion. I needed all the rich women I could see and I was prepared to manage all of them at once.


She smiled when I gave her the negative answer and I knew that I just said her mind.


“Why?” She asked “You are very handsome and I always felt you had something with some of the female staff back at the office


“No…not at all” I cut in “I am just being friendly with them all”


There was a certain kind of smile she expressed and I knew I was doing a good Job.


The ringtone of my phone came on and I knew someone was calling. I saved all suspicious contacts with weird names to avoid being exposed. “I need to take this call” I collected the permission before taking some steps outside the eatery.
“Where are you?” The caller asked “It is kind of noisy”


“I went to get something from a store and the music is very loud” I replied


“Nice. Missing you and decided to hear your voice. Please be safe for me.” Were all she said before I terminated the call and returned back to my table.


“Who called?” Was the first question I got as I was about to sit


“Ermm… a friend” I replied


“Can I see?”



To Be Continued…

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